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  1. the Serial numbers would help the klipsch Historian @JRH if you own these speakers --------- a picture of the rear tag would be ideal ---for each pair of speakers --if the serial numbers are consecutive
  2. no, tutto ok , non è necessario sostituire l'induttore/autotrasformatore o qualsiasi altra parte del crossover di rete a meno che non ci siano segni molto elevati di corrosione/ruggine e gli avvolgimenti si muovano liberamente
  3. you can view these items on location if you're close enough ,-
  4. 4002 drivers look in excellent condition -
  5. God willing , the gator was captured -that doesn't bring back your Friend , but it will allow for a Burial and for some closure -
  6. it was nothing more than someone copying outright , and cloning a klipsch PWK speaker -
  7. No Affiliation - klipsch offer Factory klipsch capacitors for sale via @JEM Performance, they can troubleshoot your AK-3 Crossovers or repair them with new klipsch capacitors - JEM Performance is The klipsch Certified Heritage crossovers repair center . you can reach JEM via PM @JEM Performance or 412-401-6915 /email theaudioroom@verizon.net
  8. very cloudy in the NE as well - gonna grab the umbrella just in case -
  9. It was @djk Dennis RIP , who created the 1st LS Bass reflex mod - I posted your own technical drawing to demonstrate the concept -
  10. you would need to add a 2 or 3 inch riser with this method , this can be seen on the klipsch AL5 - , the LS is now lifted and decoupled from the floor ( improving the sound )-
  11. like @HDBRbuilder said , this is correct 79-80 was a transition year , but remember that quite a few of your speaker's drivers are stamped R in RED which means Factory replacement drivers on Warranty or Exchanges - imho-- when the replacement was sent out by klipsch , they could have sent out Drivers of either generation if it was in Stock , a k77 was a k77 whether it was the Alnico or the Ferrite and the same with a K55V whether single or dual phase plug - whatever was available , they shipped -
  12. you cannot use the PM------Private messages to reach @dkalsiuntil you have 5 posts , so go ahead , do 3 more posts , once you see a count of 5-6 , place your mouse on this Avatar @dkalsi bottom left corner is the MESSAGE box , click it and send a private message - Welcome to the forum
  13. 4 Months old CWIV speakers , 2 ,100$ savings - in stock -No backorders , no waiting time , ready to enjoy -
  14. Tx Bruce , That's the idea , a routed lip , and a tighter seal of the LS doghouse -
  15. Currently Access to the woofer is from a cover on the bottom of the LaScalas , if you want to do away with that cover ,route 1/2 inch around the opening in order for a smaller cover to screw into the recessed area -
  16. Afendi Ali , the A-S 501 or A-S301 will do -
  17. our tiny Pocket dog Chihuahua , loves the Kirkland brand , he even growls if we touch it , if the Coffee's the same , I would be careful
  18. NO , and jet's be serious , the capacitors used on this set of AA crossovers are not klipsch OEM capacitors
  19. that is a very important detail to know for forum members -tx
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