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  1. the Heresy II is like a Monitor versus a PA speaker , and it's designed for the Best Vocals , detail in the HF , clear as Crystal , if you add too much bass , you ruin the speaker 's Sound , use a Sub -
  2. can you show us what it looks like from the Bottom ........and with the Platter Off , just wondering how the mechanical parts are laid out - tx
  3. -you're not giving it enough juice , the dial has to go all the way up
  4. relatively the same , both are aftermarket parts - I prefer the Klipsch Original part Number 127123 , same cost as Aftermarkets / Klipsch TI diaphragms- Heresy - Forte - Cornwall 3-4 , Klipsch Part Number 127123 You can order the special part no 127123 from Klipsch through the SpeakerExchange - https://reconingspeakers.com/
  5. Good luck with the Sale
  6. I thank you , Have a Great Day , see you later -
  7. @Pete Fowler @Jdwtx85 since the main subject here is speaking of the K28 as a replacement for the K24 or K-22 , you may want to read this post Klipsch Employees 2.8k Klipsch Employees Posted August 12, 2009 11 ohms is about the DCR of the mid. The responce of the 28 is not the same as that of the 22 thus you may not have a hole at all. Even if you do have a hole, over 150 Hz of bandwidth, you may not even hear it. Now if there is a peek there, that could be a different story. I don't have the TLS of either of these drivers, so I have no way to confirm anything. I do have a H3 network somewhere. If I can find it I will run a VT of it to see what the alinement is. That may help some. I have heard the 28 droped in a H2. I thought it worked well. Quote Trey Cannon Klipsch Audio Technologies Sr. System Engineer
  8. the K22 was not a true 8 Ohms woofer , the H1 in 1983-84 used the K-24 rather the K-22 , with 0 changes to the crossover , so swapping the k-28 was naturally done by other forum members. and I quote from klipsch - " 1983-1984: The K-24 woofer is substituted for the K-22, and during the last production of the Heresy-I," , plus dont forget that the earlier H II came out with 8 Ohms round cups instead of 4 Ohms round cups .
  9. no need to look it up , I can vouch for the K-28 to replace the K-22 , this was an old trick I learned from @Daddy Dee on the klipsch Forum .
  10. I purchased a pair of K28-K WOW was my initial reaction , the bass is more prominent than a K-22 or K-24 , the cone is much stiffer , I also own some K42 cast woofers made by Eminence , they are Heaaavy , only difference is the higher power handling .
  11. Wow -How much ? , that's a classic Beauty
  12. call these guys ,https://reconingspeakers.com/ they are Klipsch Authorized , they can check the klipsch inventory , the k-28-E is used in many klipsch speakers
  13. the ideal replacement woofer for the H II is the K-28-E that is used in the Heresy 3-4 , the woofer is an improvement with bass while not affecting the detail , it's also a drop-in with 0 modifications required to the crossover , klipsch even has a kit that transforms the H II into the H III , that kit also includes the K-28-E 4 Ohms woofer .
  14. there are several threads on the forum with the same stated time frame,
  15. did you try doing a FACTORY RESET prior to installing the Firmware ?
  16. the 600$ applies per person or per household ?
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