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  1. it is a very good omen that the Burial Mounds have been protected as Sacred Grounds , we know so little about the First Nations that lived on this Land , and sometimes , what we lose from that Heritage can never be recovered , I thank you for sharing this kinship with us -
  2. you obviously like the sound and the thrill of Fighter jets -----and if you did not , you would have moved long ago - some people just cant take the noise....
  3. I would offer 1k$ for the newer pair -- they are really in nice condition , the older pair is more valuable to a collector , I would not restore the older pair -they are original as is -
  4. congratulations , my guess is these got a great new home , these speakers , were the best quality at the time -----BB thicker than 3/4 inch -Figerglass coating -metal trim -V angle metal protection on the dog house , metal terminal cups with fuse holders -sealed back panel --K43 --all very expensive nowadays , these Industrial speakers were built to withstand the harshest conditions , day in , day out ---they'll last another 40 years -
  5. remove the top cover and verify the temp again , does it lower ? - letting the air flow naturally is the idea here , versus adding forced air cooling -
  6. +/- .0005 tolerances. that's extremely humble as far as quality control --
  7. Pictures or a short video from your cell phone of your views --would be great
  8. the Ferrofluid helps to cool the assembly , i doubt it changes the sound as such , that tiny bit up front will ease after the break-in of the diaphragm , give it time , they will settle in --
  9. Ferrofluid can be added , but the Crites titanium diaphragms are not designed for adding ferro fluid , whereas the klipsch OE midrange diapghragms can be used with or without ferro-fluid---
  10. coincidence ---this was the second time the Cavalese cable car cable were severed by tragic events -----1976 and 1988 -
  11. Thank you for the advice - it is very appreciated -
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