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  1. right on -----Heineken tastes like medication
  2. ok no inversions -then do wide bar stretching and let the legs dangle and stretch that column --you can also do hanging leg raises -
  3. I stay away from Chiros , never believed in their temporary cures , all they do is soothe the area , but do they cure it , nope , but bio-mechanics in motion , exercise , does - another way to build lower back muscles naturally is riding a mountain bike or a stationary bike for about 1/4 hour twice a day , 2 things are essential ------gears must be on the lowest , so the hardest -----and raising your body off the seat , this will cure a back pain in no time as you are working the lower back muscles when the butt is up in the air , vertical is about as loose as a column can be and the lower back muscles start tightening on their own with the leg motion as the body rocks -
  4. the woofers have been painted with black dye , the dust caps have been replaced ,the black cement glue is not centered -there are brad nails all around the motorboard -
  5. RandyH


    you can but , the amplifier is only 40wpc , so a smaller sub will work and no other speakers at the same time
  6. you can alsopurchase klipsch OEM caps, same factory parts as new klipsch speakers crossovers , the pricing is akin to aftermarket caps --
  7. now that's a deal-wow-------70$--2 lines with 5G phones /unlimited data
  8. 55$ for Satellite Internet is not bad
  9. Yeah , but you need unlimited data ---and a 5G phone is a must
  10. they bill you gear on top ,,,,, great technology mind you , going with a cell phone unlimited ---no gear to pay on top of the service --and cell phones have 5G
  11. 680- 700$ sounds very fair
  12. -- stretching is VIP --this is called an inversion table , it relaxes the column --swimming is also an excellent way to stretch naturally--
  13. dont worry , there are tons of cameras in NYC --plus face recognition , plate scanners that record 24h --they will find them --you can run , but you cant hide -
  14. well , you may have the inside scoop ----he was a very fair guy , great deals on klipsch gear -yeah , one of the good ones is closing shop
  15. making sure the cabinet is properly sealed with Foam for the rear panel and the midrange horn and tweeter helps quite a bit
  16. Good night , pretty cool down here 60 F -
  17. Great speaker , for the klipschheads who like that extra bass Slam
  18. cool enough , a good joke by an author
  19. Great job , wait till you see how heavy these are
  20. Tx For your efforts , I'm gonna order the poster as well , been waiting a few days now , ideally , you can laminate the poster and frame it or mount it with Gatorfoam for a Gallery look
  21. RandyH

    Kids these days

    - in a few days , the ocean will pump the sand right back where it was --layer by layer
  22. Talking about Otis , you're not gonna believe this https://madhousemagazine.com/wv-to-remove-don-knotts-barney-fife-statue-following-complaints/ WV to Remove Don Knotts Barney Fife Statue Following Complaints
  23. he might not shut down , , if things can turn around , at least------- this is what I read ----on facebook - We are shutting the doors in 90 days if acquisitions don’t turn around. Although 2018/19 were AMAZING, we have been unable to regain footing post shutdown. I’ll keep the space for showcasing my vintage hoard …I mean collection. I’m fairly sure that the Rescue effort is cooked. So be it. We did some good with it and that’s enough. Thank You! To ALL who helped, it was meaningful for us and the recipients. A fun ride 4Sho!!!!!!!
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