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  1. Just hooked up my new pair of 1989 Forte II's..... Oh how nice. I need recomendation on the best record cleaners? Thanks
  2. Ok, I'm looking for knowledge. Just bought my first Klipsch speakers, 1989 Forte II and I am proud. I am looking for opinions on a budget minded (couple hundred bucks) power unit. This is what I currently have. Harmon Kardon HK870 amp and HK825 pre amp (I have issues with both of these items so I have to bring them out for repair) and HK tuner, Nakamichi CD and Cassette Deck and Music Hall MMF5 turntable. I have the system in a den which is around 20x20. I mostly enjoy classic rock on vinly and some live recordings on cassette, I have a decent amount of CD's also. Do I get the Harmon Kardon stuff fixed or look elsewhere? I have a guy a couple of hours away that has a SET Music Baby Amplifier which is double what I was looking to spend. I got a guy locally who has a a dirt cheap Pioneer SX3900 reciever. I know they are not in the same ballpark but am just looking for something that wil let me enjoy my Forte's. Thanks for any advice or ideas.
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