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  1. I almost expect the missing HF section to arrive *back* at my doorstep tomorrow...seems UPS can't pull their head out long enough to figure out where it goes. I will be in contact with them tonight to start the claim process. Hope it turns out well Schu, I will pm you later.
  2. Pictures of before, look and weep as they are now..
  3. Sorry I am late to this party, or should I call it a wake? I was away for a professional seminar this weekend and am just now catching up.. .I am just about as sick as Schu and the rest of you . I know I haven't been active on this forum much since joining, but I have been buying and occasionally selling stereo gear online for quite a while. I am shocked..sent in the original boxes, reinforcement and packing..and still arrive like this. I am so sorry Schu, you and I will have some private messaging to do indeed. For the good of the forum, yes absolutely there were many pictures taken while for sale, pictures of the boxes as UPS picked them up..*dateable by my iPhone camera stamp*..and they do include serial #'s for both speakers. Yes, they were insured and I will absolutely fight for restitution. They are in essence, ruined. Period. Schu, a pm will be waiting soon. Pictures of them as they were, before being assaulted by UPS will be posted here.. I am sad, I was waiting for good news and now this. I shudder to think what the HF's will look like upon arrival. How could they not be delivered together anyway??? They were damn sure picked up together ?
  4. Well thank you all again for the nice comments and the thread discussions, didn't hurt my sale at all. Sounds like Schu is going to be happy with these even if he can't leave well enough alone Schu, they will be on the way soon.. Mdud
  5. I heard it was a nice town It is a pretty nice town, grown a lot since I was young of course. Thanks,
  6. Local pick up in Tulsa OK is negotiable, thanks all
  7. Hey all, thanks for the nice comments about my speakers The walnut finish is my favorite on any of the Heritage speakers, just looks good to me. The tiger tapestry is pretty too, sorry it's not for sale but I appreciate the comment!
  8. Thanks for the nice comments on the speakers. I wasn't sure about the walnut finish, seems everyone wants black or cherry. But when they arrived I knew they were the right choice of finish, very nice in pictures and in person. Glad to know at least some other folks like the walnut look too
  9. Thank you all, I think they are very pretty speakers as well.
  10. For sale is my pair of LaScala ll in Walnut finish. They are 2 years old, in excellent condition. They are sequential serial #'s and top and bottom cabinet #'s match.They have been driven by 8 watt tube amps since I purchased them, never abused. There is one tiny corner ding on the left front of one speaker, and one scratch under the top driver cabinet of the other speaker, not visible when assembled. Other than that, they are factory perfect. I have all the boxes and packing they came in, along with the owners manuals. They were purchased from an authorized dealer and were built to order as all the Heritage line are. Reason for sale is that I simply don't have the room to make them sound their best, and have moved on to another set of speakers. No issues with performance at all, no other flaws or concerns. Price is now $2900 for the pair, shipping included. Buyer pays PayPal fees, or buyer can pay with cashiers check. No cash sale. More pictures available on request, serious inquiries only please, thanks.
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