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  1. Got a question here. My current setup is as follows: Front: RF-62ii Center: RC-62ii Surrounds: RB-51ii (no one had any RS62ii at the time.) Sub: SVS PB1000 My question is this. With the great prices on the RF-82ii's right now. Should I pick up a pair and move the RF-62's to the surrounds and the 82's front while making my 51's surround backs? Do ya'll think it's worth the investment?
  2. I have some 3.2's with Crites crossovers and titanium domes in the tweeters and they sound awesome. The have really good bass. I've never sampled 2.5's, so I can't really make a comparison.
  3. Prayers for continued improvement.
  4. Daaang!!!!!!! I never have any of those kind of deals come up on the ole list around my area! Congrats and welcome.
  5. Bruce is a underestimated actor IMO. Cool guy!
  6. I have my Denon 1911 XO set at 80 and I'm having no such problem with my RC 62ii. It sounds fantastic. Best of luck figuring it out.
  7. Nice score on the 30's. I would like to find a pair for myself.
  8. I have a pair that started out in my bedroom setup. They are great little speakers.
  9. This is my current car. I love it!!!!! The car I really miss having! My old weekend fun car! I've had many cars. Some of the more notable ones: 97 Acura CL coupe 06 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab 77 Monte Carlo 08 Mazda 3 GT Hatch
  10. Hey Pinto -- I’m going to the March show at the Hollywood Bowl. Chicago was the closest for me! I would love to make the show in California. Just too damn far to go for a concert!!!! 700 miles vs. 1400. I'll take 700.
  11. I was hoping you would be taking me, right? I'll pay parking and beers! I bought 2 tickets. My buddy I usually go to concerts with is not sure if he's going yet! I'll keep you in mind!
  12. On my third Zeigenbach listening to Eddie Trunk Rocks 104.3 New York on my RF-62's. I'm about to switch over to the KG-3.2's in the bedroom with a fourth beer.
  13. Pintoracer

    Old Age

    It's like I tell people at work all the time, "The older I get, the younger you are."
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