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  1. A leader leads by example, tell the prez to put a mask on instead of shooting up. Mark
  2. W+T Are you referring to the doctor or the man who thinks we should all be shooting up with disinfectant? The nation's foremost infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said in an interview with CNN on Monday that the decision to reopen states across the country amounted to balancing β€œhow many deaths and how much suffering are you willing to accept to get back to what you want to be, some form of normality, sooner rather than later."' I think the doctor might be a little more qualified but that would depend on who you ask Mark
  3. Yes you made yourself clear. You have your hand out looking for IDK what, go start a GoFundMe page to help offset the cost of your beautiful LaScalas And the president answered, did you get you stimulus check? Mark
  4. Why? He's going to have them at 20K firm. And then complain when he doesn't get it Mark
  5. I would like a Diablo for $40K too but I don't think Lamborghini is going to do that for me. They are in business to make money, if you don't like the price don't buy new. You could of had my pair of 2007 AK-5 Khorns for $4100, I sold them a couple months ago. You could just say you're too lazy to shop for anything and hit the BIN button. That's how companies make more money, people hit the BIN button and then realize they could have realized a better price with patience and a little footwork Mark
  6. Being a loyal Klipsch customer can you please give us a partial list of their gear you've owned? Or even listened to? How long have you been a loyal customer? If you look at the gear a lot of these people have, you need to be pretty large to say you're a loyal customer. Mark
  7. It wouldn't be fair to group all AL-5 buyers as idiots, only the ones who buy them and then immediately b+tch about the price. This is probably not the place to piss and moan over your purchase, sympathy is pretty thin here. Mark
  8. If you did an A/B comparison BEFORE you bought them you could tell us. It sounds like you went in wanting the latest and greatest and they probably are. I looked at the video of you ordering and I didn't see anyone holding a gun to your head Mark
  9. I just had a friend get a 30 day timeout on FB, I'm sure with the proper language you too can take some more time off too. Looks like you could use a little time off, maybe the gnats will go away. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ Mark
  10. ZEUS121996

    Food Porn

    OMG , she can take the whole thing? I'm like a 6" tail Who cares as long as she gets the shit out of me.
  11. ZEUS121996

    Food Porn

    I've never had a woman feed me pizza in bed like that before. I asked one young lady if she wanted to go out for pizza and a f+ck She slapped me! So I says "*****, don't you like pizza? Maybe this would be better in Jokes😏😏 Mark
  12. ZEUS121996

    Food Porn

    Just outstanding! Mark
  13. I sent the seller a message asking about the Academy and yes I believe they are from 95 @wvu80Dave, can you tell us what year these are please? I'm not interested in any of it, just trying to help someone looking for version 1s Mark
  14. IMO it's about 700 too high, 800 for black Version 1 seems to be more realistic. Mark
  15. I don't see the previous post but I didn't look that close. Might be worth a shot if they are still asking $1500, they might still have them Mark
  16. In Albion, Indiana $1500 The horn looks grey and the ports look like 5 1/2" , https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/769737356860727/
  17. IDK what the problem is. Jimbo posted them Wednesday at 5:27 PM and I worked some magic (I paid for them) to close the deal on Saturday night. I think 3 days would be long enough to decide if anyone wanted them. When something is for sale more than 24 hours with no commitment, they should be available on a first come, first serve basis. I think 24 hours is a generous amount of time, CL and other markets, the item goes to the person with cash in hand. I think $300 for a seal is a bargain, maybe I need one. Mark
  18. Moray, We already have it worked out. Sorry, I should have posted that. Mark
  19. Jim, I'm interested in those, I have 2 pair of K-42s and I was going to make another pair of Super Heresy. Looks like I need another pair of 55s although I do have push pin K-55Vs and a couple pair of K-55Ms. I almost like the 55Ms over the Vs in the Super Heresy. Mark
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