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  1. Gurnee, Illinois is about 40 minutes from me. Mark
  2. A few choice bottles? A few is 3-4, whatcha bringing? I don't want to bring any of the same bourbon, variety is...….. Although I'm in a lower tax bracket so I really don't have to worry about my selections getting confused with your BTAC and Pappiez Mark
  3. Dave, Can you put a pair away for me to pick up at SWAG in September please? Thank you, Mark
  4. That's nice but exactly how does that help the OP? Mark
  5. I don't see any calligraphy, where is it? Mark
  6. Jackson Brown has it now. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/jackson-browne-tests-positive-coronavirus-972713/?fbclid=IwAR3mbJX0aAE0fXbHL6z7sX2cD82-pWdxwSf5-8MxTREBpqmfnziahGGP-gc Mark
  7. 5000 every 3 days = 600K a year Mark
  8. Remember the solder needs to be 99.9% silver with the other .1% a composition of 28% copper, 56% gold, 11% titanium and 5% zinc. IF you want the finest transfer of signal to noise ratio Mark
  9. Dave, You seem to have an imbalance in your cap distribution. I see 6 black, 5 yellow, 4 red and 1 blue. It's no wonder you can not reach superiority in performance when you have no balance. BUT! BUT! You can correct this simply by adding 5 blue, 2 red, and 1 yellow soldered in series. Now get it done and report back in the morning! You have been given a simple task so get to it! I fully expect The Completion Backwards Principle to be fully deployed upon completion. WTF did I just say? Mark
  10. They were in the KP-600 mid horn. Two firing into one 10" horn. Mark
  11. Turn the heat up! How is the weather by you now? I need to see some solid bronze chaquitas running around Mark
  12. If a Heresy is worth $600, a Forte 2 has to be getting close to 1K Mark
  13. The numbers say SWAG 26 Others 0 🤣🤣🤣 Mark
  14. I'm not sure what version they came off of, it was a couple years ago. I pulled anything that could be used and set them on the side Mark
  15. These feet came off a CF-3 I parted out, Dian picked them up from me Saturday.
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