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  1. Gilda and Robin, cool! Mark
  2. @wvu80 These are from a CF-3 I parted out. Mark
  3. They are clearly worth more than that. 33% of the asking price for those beauties is an insult Mark
  4. Got it, $2395 is more than fair, I don't know what I was thinking. And the answer usually is "You weren't" Mark
  5. This black is patina? And the shiny spots on top?
  6. They look like they were rolled in mud before stacked for the picture. Mark
  7. This is great! "Ridiculous "offers" are always ignored" $3500 isn't ridiculous? I guess you can ask whatever you want, maybe someone really wants THAT pair. Mark
  8. It wasn't me! This time😁😁😁 Mark
  9. If who's on 1st, who's on 2nd? Mark
  10. Cool setup, where did you find that? Mark
  11. Closed at $304, I wasn't going to bid against someone here. I hope DTO got them. Mark
  12. A very good feel good story. It's too bad this doesn't happen more often. Mark
  13. ZEUS121996


    You have me confused with...….. I know nothing and can prove it. Mark
  14. I sold a mint pair of them 3 years ago for $400 Mark
  15. ZEUS121996


    Is this where I jump in? Mark
  16. We'll be drinking some 919 at SWAG, I picked up 5 bottles along the way. And it's good. Mark
  17. WLW, Pappy 15 and GTS. JC, what was the price for all of it? You can PM me please. And make sure you give me your address, I have some flyware for you Mark
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