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  1. Breathless is one of my favorite flicks. RIP Jean Paul Belmondo. Luckily he will always be immortal thanks to film.
  2. I will say Mr.Crites took care of his customer...make sure a thank you is in order to him.
  3. I wouldn't go that far.... to the builders credit at the least the customer has his project in hand and done in a timely manner.....you'd be surprised the horror stories I have.
  4. When you get custom work done....especially this kind of work,unless the tech agrees and you cross every T and dot all the eyes.....it a crap shoot. Trust me I know. Murphy's Law rules. I always send a instruction sheet and w/specifications.
  5. Does Sonicap make your specified values? I think since you did not specify the brand of cap....it's a grey area. Call him and explain what happened. If i was him I know what I would do. Btw IIRC I called him once and I asked him if I could send him caps and he said "no".
  6. Clarification please....your builder vender is not Crites? or is it. my initial thoughts are a additional $300 is crazy
  7. So my final thoughts. I'm especially glad that I purchased these Heresys and happy that they match up well with the Khorns. The room is some what large and you would think the Khorns will fill it nicely. But with the Heresys at the rear it is a whole new ballgame. Now I don't run the Heresys with equal balance with the Khorns..just overloads the room,I.would expect that. What I do get is the same stereo 2 channel sound...it' s just so much fuller...but still with clarity and not distorted I can hear a difference throughout the house. I have the Marantz volume set at above 9 o'clock below 10. The real test is can I listen without fatigue for let's say 4 hours straight....so far so good 👍 And the nice thing is that I can switch off the Khorns and just listen to the Heresys if I so desire. I can see why Klipsch is such a long running production speaker.. I'm going to spend about a week listening to the Heresys....kinda need to be able to switch off. My original intention was to run all four when I was watching movies
  8. Did I miss a photo of the lascalas? The back only.. A lot of nice pieces Ok I found it
  9. The important thing about the configuration in my speaker setup is getting the right balance between the rear heresy speakers and the khorns. The good thing is the Marantz has a very good balance control to achieve this. I have been adjusting the levels to achieve the best clarity. So far cutting back the heresys is a improvement,which makes sense to me.
  10. Now these Heresys happened to be placed inside of the two khorns.The Heresys are on.the opposite far wall about 20 ft away. So it is interesting as I cannot hear the Heresys and the configuration is L,L and R,R directly across from each other. The music is definitely enhanced almost like a tiny Reverb is created. Although I think there must be some cancelation present. My brother came over and listened and said "don't touch it"...the golden ears in the family. I like it.
  11. Woo hoo talk about filling a room! But the funny thing is the Khorns are certainly the primary speakers. Lots of bass.
  12. Btw I listened to midnight and the volume was up,and I could not hear any hotness or any unpleasentness from the K52 midrange or K77. If anything I would say there was a kind of a "frosting on the cake" to everything. Classical music was wonderful and the human voice had a human quality to it....instead of being just reproduced. More later today when i run these with my Khorns.
  13. Usually when I buy used speakers it works out pretty well.....tube amps are like land mines for me. I never know when they will blow. I now only buy Mac gear (not a lot)because I know I can get it gone through and in a timely matter. Maybe there's a Cornwall or a LaScala is in my future,I have a Mac1500 that needs to grow a pair of speakers for another bedroom system. It's a incurable disease and Klipschitis is a bad one indeed.
  14. If I had switched the speaker wire at the speakers like Randy had suggested instead of switching them at the Marantz I would have saved time and angst. It turned out well though and I learned a lot about how these are put together. I've got a JBL L55 that's dead (really dead) so maybe now I'll tackle that....but not now...in the winter. I have a lot of listening to do.
  15. Just listening...never heard Heresys before. Kind of shocked really; the immediacy a long with the overall balance is really good. Natural is a over used word by audiophiles but these do posses a wonderful realism for a small speaker. Power but nothing over top. More later.
  16. Just listened for a minute...they sound nice....smooth,VG bass,sibilance is really natural. I'm going to make a Manhattan with two cherrys and listen......it only 8 pm PST here.
  17. *************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Son of a Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********** It was the speaker cable. I have never in 45 years doing this stuff ever run in to this. It was about a 25 ft length of monster cable the guy who I bought my Khorns from gave me....it wasn't green. Good thing my time is free! Lesson learned....You guys are great Thanks
  18. All connections tight and I get 8 ohms on my multi meter from the speaker block wires to the E2 I measured the good Heresy for everything as I did for the bad one and it measures the same. I cleaned the speaker block also. Next is another speaker wire. The Marantz is fine as my Khorns run perfect on the main connection. I've swapped the Khorns for the Heresys a couple times....no sound on the Left Heresy.
  19. Well I took the back cover off the good speaker and measured everything....same same...so tomorrow I'll try a different speaker cable and call Crites. This is above my pay grade...but I think it has to be something simple.
  20. Randy, I get good readings at both sides of the barrier strip connections on the K22 and K77. I get zip on the K53...both sides nothing. I take the K53 wires off and measure and I get 11.5 to 11.6.....but when those leads are connected nothing but 0.00 2 2uf and a 33uf 100v ....a choke and autotransformer...pretty simple circuit
  21. Did that at the 4400 connections the right works either way. No on the left both ways.
  22. Ok I hooked them up to my Marantz 4400 and the left speaker has no sound . On my multi meter set to ohms at the inside connection I get 8.1 On the K22 woofer I get about 7.7 On the K53 or 52 I get 11.1 on the K77 I get around 6.1 If I test at the junction board on the E2 the K53 is zero The others measure about what I had at the source connection. I know a little to squat....so I need some help. Thanks
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