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  1. artinaz

    FS Crown XLS2002 and custom subwoofer

    My intention with another sub would be to smooth out the frequency response. I have a single dts-10 subwoofer to cover below 40 hz and the response is a bit ragged. I have a pair of jtr growlers for >40hz. These subs are also fairly efficient being horn designs. I wanted to see the frequency response to understand how this sub might integrate with these- especially below 40. Do you have any predicted and actual responses? Measurements close to the driver would be better to take the room out of the equation.
  2. artinaz

    FS Crown XLS2002 and custom subwoofer

    Hello, where are you in CA? What are the dimensions of the sub enclosure? Do you have any frequency responses- in room or outside to share?
  3. Still available. I also have a pair of the JBL 4647 which has a single 2226 in each if u prefer smaller box.
  4. Yes for both. Will miss their big sound. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Are you looking for the elusive chest slam or for the bass section for your 2-way (or 3-way) or just add warmth and clarity to vocals? Then you need the jbl drivers that I am selling I have a pair of the JBL 4648- dual 15” woofer in each cabinet. Selling for 500$. Located in SF Bay Area. A word about the drivers first. The JBL 2226 woofer is one of JBL’s popular drivers, used in many of its current and older products. Very versatile, and great value for money- I liked them so much i have 6 of them in my media room currently. Wayne Parham offers the 2226 as an woofer upgrade option for his popular pi speakers. You can use them as a sub, MBM or the woofer section in a 2-way build. Noted for its warm and detailed midrange, can be used from 25-1200hz and can handle till 600W. Lots of reviews and comparisons on the web, very popular with the mbm (mid bass module) and the diy speaker builders. Its fairly efficient at 97 db. Below is the raw driver response for a single 2226 in an enclosure- with the two in the cabinet you will better low end coverage and more SPL- it will also take care of some of the room modes. The inroom response below is for the dual woofer after eq with 1/6 smoothing. IMHO, most home theaters suffer in the <200hz region. With all the attention on subwoofers, the lower region <20hz gets a lot of attention these days. However the lack of mid bass (50-200) is still a rampant problem because of room modes and inadequate speakers. I have a dedicated room with room treatments and while the higher and lower end were taken care of- i could never get the chest thump to work. Initially I went with the quarter pies- its a diy mid bass horn, very articulate and lots of power to punch you in the gut. But it was too big (48” radius, quarter of a circle). These JBLs were the speakers that finally got the bass working for me. I am running them with just 200w in my room 16X11X10 and they can easily hit 110 and deliver that super clean body punch. You can use them vertically or horizontally (like the JBL everest). The horizontal config reduces floor bounce but you get a null from the dual woofers. So, if you just want the chest slam effect run these from 40-100 first order crossover and it will get you there. or you can use them in a 2-way. I was using my other 2226 crossed over to a horn at 1200 for a diy 2way. Another interesting use is as flanking subs (Wayne Parham’s idea). Wayne’s assertion is that the 80-200 region can be improved by using multiple sources, however they need to be closer to the mains. If used this way, you would drive your mains full range and use each cabinet rolled off with first order crossover around 100-150. Also you would be running them as a stereo pair. Each cabinet houses 2 of the 15”. So essentially you are getting 4 of these beauties plus the enclosures. . The drivers sell for about 120 up on ebay. Link to JBL spec document for 4648 Link to JBl 2226 driver specs 3 way woofer comparison Using JBL 2226 as an MBM
  6. artinaz

    WTB: 20 watts 2/4 channel amp

    @carlthess40, thank you your offer. I did see the level controls, The adcom 2535 also has the controls for the input sensitivity and what I found is that I have to turn it almost all the way to level match the woofers. As a result, the signal comes closer to the noise floor and I get an audible hiss. I have tried attenuating the signal before the amp, but there again, the signal is so weak that it goes down to the noise floor. Once again, your help is much appreciated, but I think I'll get a 10-20watt amp instead.
  7. artinaz

    WTB: 20 watts 2/4 channel amp

    @carlthess40, thank you for the link and pics but the wattage is too high. I borrowed an adcom 2535 to see how the horns would behave and there is an audible hiss. The adcom 2535 has 2 sections of the 535, 4 channels of 60w/8ohms. So 60watts is too much. With my earlier topping amp, I was using it at the 2 o’clock position, so 10watts max and there was no hiss. Basically I am having a gain problem with higher wattage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. artinaz

    WTB: 20 watts 2/4 channel amp

    I was using a topping tp30 before the power supply blew up. I will be using this to power my compression horns so need very little power- 10W is plenty. The horns are about 110db efficient so I do need an amp that is not too noisy and low distortion. Also I would like the frequency response to extend to 20K. 4 channels would be great if I decide to go 3-way but 2 channels will do too. I considered the lepai but the distortion numbers are high. I am in the SF Bay Area.
  9. Bated breath. I am dying to know too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Wow, somebodies getting an awesome system! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. PM-ed about the DTS-10s
  12. artinaz

    Very Nice EVM12L, One Only

    @LalaWootsI have several of the reconed EVM 15L if that works for you
  13. artinaz

    Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    I am in the SF bay are and would have so loved them, but shipping is going to be a killer.
  14. artinaz

    JBl 2360 horns, altec 511 horns

    @robertg, I tried a quote at the fedex store and it was 300 without packing. because the front of the horn is 31X31, the box size becomes too big. That said- the altecs are gone. The JBL horns are free to anyone who can pick them up by Jun 29th end of day.
  15. JBL 2360 horns with stands for 150$ each in SF Bay AreaAltec 511b horns for 80$ for the pair. The JBL 2360 is a fine sounding horn. Does 500-20Khz, even 350 with the right driver. You could easily build a 2 way with a woofer handling the <500 bandwidth. Ideally your space should be on the bigger side for these to truly sing. They are constant directivity 90X40, and many reviewers speak of the even diffusion of music. They are big though. I have the stands too.