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  1. It's summer and I need another project. PM sent. F.
  2. I had been running a set of CWII with a Kenwood KA 7100 (completely recapped and I'm only not listening to it since I have been swapping amps) and loved the sound. It also has a very quiet phono section if you listen to vinyl. This is a great bargain near you: http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/3797575763.html If you sell the EQ for $100 then it will only cost you $100. The Pioneer SX 980 would also be a great match for the CW (and there's two available in the KC craiglist). Lots of clean power to run CW. I initially auditioned my CWII on a Pioneer SX 1280. If it's in your budget a Sansui G-9000, http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/3800874533.html, would also be great (nice price since they are going for 1K on that auction site).
  3. Audiovox strikes. Too bad, I wanted to buy a kit. Should of bought one when I had the chance.
  4. Paid 750 for CII last year. Prices are going up and $1000 or more is not unheard of in the last 3 months.
  5. I purchased the box set when it was first released and I cannot recommend it. The pressings are terrible. Every issue that you can think of, voids, warps, noise (lots of noise), off center pressing, can be found on this set. I did file a return and got a second box before I was supposed to return the first box and I was unable to make one good set. The albums that seem to have the most trouble are SGT Pepper, The Beatles (White Album) and Abby Road. So the second set will also be returned. My set up is as follows: DP-47f with new DL-110 and DP-52f with Dynavector 10x4 MkII. Since I was in HS during the 80s, I still have many 80s pressings that I purchased new. It was startling to hear how quiet my 30+ old records were compared to these disasters. It's sad to see that quality is something we cannot get here in the states any more. I do hear the German pressings are perfectly fine and in fact they stopped shipping the US pressings to Japan and have switch to the German pressings for that market. Too bad that won't happen here.
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