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  1. Well, I have resisted selling these for several years, but the demands of family life (2 young kids) and needing extra space require shifting of gears. This forum has been great to me and I have enjoyed mostly lurking for a long time. See pics here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskEojoYa, and let me know if you need any specific angles/shots. 1979 BK WO Belles in decent 7 out of 10 condition with AA crossovers. I replaced crossover caps with Crites parts ~2 years ago. They've been great speakers for me, and my wife grew to love them, but it's time to downsize speakers. Powered with a B&K ST-202 amp for a while (sounded great!) and now a Marantz NR-1604 receiver (underpowered, but never played loud because of the kiddos). Matching serial #s. Price is $1825. Downstairs in my man cave, I have 1970s Klipschorns in 7/10 condition with AK crossovers. I will post pics and more details tonight or tomorrow. I split up a pair of Vertical Cornwalls from 1972 to use as a center channel, which was a great LCR. All caps replaced via Crites. Matching serial #s. Price is $1850. A friend is borrowing the other of the pair of Cornwalls to use with a pair of CF-4 I let him borrow. These speakers sounds so great in a 2.1 setup. Powered by an Emotiva XPA-3. The Cornwall single is $400. If you want the pair, I can easily get the matching one from my friend. Will post pics in the next 24 hours. This post is making me realize how many Klipsch speakers I have owned in the last 7 years, mainly because of this amazing forum! I can't really upgrade from here, but am looking at the DIY route with my father in law. I am not looking to ship these speakers. Hoping the Klipsch community is interested so I don't have to go the Craigslist route. : )
  2. Hi Bill, PM sent. I got the job so I can justify the purchase. : ) Cheers, Nate
  3. If I get a job offer by Monday, I'm totally buying this preamp.
  4. Bumping this thread. I have Belles up front in my living room and have the itch for some surrounds, too. Right now, I'm running a 2.1 setup but have looked around at Klipsch surrounds. I was primarily looking at speaker sensitivity because it's a challenge to mix/match with non-Klipsch speakers when your L/R are 100+db efficient and you pair it with a set that's 88db efficient.
  5. Welcome to the DTS-10 club! I agree that these subs really need to be EQ'd before they play nice. I'm using a Behringer EP 2500 and it definitely does the job.
  6. That's a nice find and I agree with Moray James that these are gems! I've heard my CF-4's with a 3 watt/channel tube amp and a 600 watt/channel Lab Gruppen amp... both amps were outstanding! If you don't go the tube route, definitely do your best to get a power amp if your budget allows. Even though these are very efficient, you will find that they really do love more watts (150-300). They will put out prodigous bass and are very versatile. Off of a normal receiver (I have an HK AVR 3600), it just never sounded quite as good. Good luck!
  7. +1. I have this demo disk. Bought it a few months back. As I don't have a blu ray burner, I paid extra for a forum member to make it. It cost $50 but has so many different tracks that are categorized into 3 segments: 1. Visuals 2. Surround 3. Bass They are all wonderful and I would gladly buy the next demo that comes out as it's a great way to show off the system to friends and family.
  8. Anyone who pays retail for that Energy sub is off their rocker. It's $350 on Amazon, too. Not too shabby. You've picked 3 very solid subs in that price range. I'd still stick with Hsu and never look back, but the other two options are not bad options, either. The downfiring seems like it's suited to you better in case you accidentally kick the woofer on the side firing Energy sub.
  9. I agree with the Hsu recommendation. It's heavier which is always good and the form factors are pretty similar. Ported is going to give you more bang for the buck if power is constant so I think that'd be the way to go for your setup. What are you using to power your wb-14's? I've always wondered what a computer system would sound like if it was powered by something like this: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=310-300
  10. Hmm, I have never seen the ohm rating as a selectable option on any Harman Kardon receivers. It's good to know that that might be the source of the problem, despite whether or not this is something I can change on my receiver. Strange!
  11. Yeah, I think those would be perfect! So many great options out there depending on your creativity & taste. Good luck! I've never veneered anything as it seems like a rather daunting task.
  12. I have a 2.1 setup with Belles and I cannot turn the volume up loud or the receiver goes into protect mode. When I set the crossover higher (100hz instead of 60 or 80), I can turn it up a little louder before the Harman Kardon HK 254 goes into protect. I figured an amp would help so I picked up an Adcom GFA-545II which is 100x2) figuring that would solve the problem. Only it didn't, and the receiver still goes into protect mode even though it is only processing sound and not powering anything. I ran cables straight from the amp to my iPad and while it didn't sound great, it was MUCH louder and of course there was no receiver to get in the way. Any idea what could be causing this?
  13. I've built a sonotube subwoofer and the legs were 2-2.5" dowels that I cut to size. No need to go bigger than that in my book.
  14. Could be tired/old capacitors, although they're only ~12 years old. Did you recently toy around with other settings on your receiver that could have affected things? I had some KG 5.2's that I bought off craigslist...upgraded the tweets to Bob Crites diaphragms and the difference was substantial. Best $55 upgrade! He might have replacement diaphragms for you, too. Cheers, Nate
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