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  1. Thanks for your help dtel. I believe the 83's are series 1.
  2. I've decided to stick with my Corns. 1 question though, if I decide to sell a pair, is there going to be any benefit in keeping the 1975's over 1983's. For example: Did Klipsch change metals or wood used during that period that would have good or bad results? Did the build quality improve during that time frame, etc.... Sound wise they are more similar than not, and I will be changing out caps, and or crossovers, so sound-wise will not come into play. I know that these might seem like silly questions, but I am curious. Thank you all for your responses.
  3. Thank you for the responses: dtel- I agree with you, but let me tell you, that I have made about 5 moves with two set of Cornwall's, Quartets, and an assortment of other speakers in tow. That's a lot of lifting. Don't get me wrong though, I am not complaining, my back is. It whispers to me at night to sell them all, and have a new set delivered to my new pad. I still don't know who will win the argument. JohnA- Mine do sound a little polite and reserved. Missing that little bit of crispness. I am sure they need new caps Budman- good info If I decide to go new, is there any particular reason out of (Cornwall lll, Forte lll, of La scala ll) that one would stand out with my room dimensions, or my listening habits? what about heresy lll with subs? would they still sound clear and dynamic at low listening levels? Thanks
  4. Good day all, I have a set Cornwall 1. I listen to these speaker at conversation level, or slightly higher 90 plus % of the time. what like is that they have great detail at low levels, very room filling sound, and still sound great off axis/in another room. I am soon to move. New room 12x24, with 8 ft ceilings. The speakers will be on 12x16 portion because of hallway opening breaking the wall up. 1 speaker will be close to corner, and other, only back wall. I have been kicking around the idea of selling my Cornwalls for either NEW Cornwall/ La scala/ Fortes, or used chorus ll. I have a pair of quartets, so I get an idea of the flavor of the rear passive speakers, however I have to crank them louder than I usually like, to get them to open up, but at louder levels I might enjoy them better than the Corwalls at the same level. I am wondering if the quartets (New) bigger siblings can play as well or better at lower levels as my Cornwalls, or would they be similar to quartets? Would the La Scalas need more room to breath even at my normal listening levels? I wonder if it would be worth the change since I listen mostly low to medium low levels with the occasional crank fest? Should I just upgrade the stock Cornwall's? If I do upgrade, who do you think would have the upgrades that would best fit my style of listening. I listen to all music except the screaming metal. I don't know the name of the genre. grateful for responses
  5. Hi Schu. Do you have any problems, or had any with playing Rock or Blues with your unit. If so how did you fix the problem?
  6. Hi everyone. I have a set of Cornwalls that I have a set of Omi (Out of the back of the white van) speakers sitting on top of, set sideways. This added a little something to the music, that makes it more enjoyable for me. Much of the rock, and some blues still dont sound right. I have heard a set of Heresy's play rock awesomely years ago, and am wondering if i could substitute Heresy"s for the Omni's, and still set them up on top, sideways. what I am trying to accomplish is for the Heresy's to pick up what the Cornwalls are lacking for me when it comes to playing rock and blues. Anybody ever heard thes two together stacked this way. Would stacking the Heresy on it's side take anything away from the music, or would it be better to stack upright, and or next to the corns? As of now I am running the speakers with a Hitachi sr-704 reciever 40wpc, which by the way sounds way better, and just as loud than any of the 3, 5.1 systems i used that were rated very high with much higher wpc in front channel. Next week i will be using a Kenwood kr 9G. I know someone will say to get a tube amp. One day, but not now Thank you for your responses
  7. Thanks for the response Ironsave. I do have one tube amp alternative, but i know nothing about it'. Scroll down for rest of info Enlarge Five-Tube EL84/6BQ5 Integrated Tube Stereo Amplifier Niteshade Audio - *SIEMENS Germany Tubes!
  8. which do you think would work best for Cornwalls and or heresy III? Sansui AU-7700 Stereo amplifier OR Onkyo Grand Integra M-508 I know many will say, " neither go with tubes" But i dare say neither can be discounted lightly. That Sansui is one of the best ever in its class, and the Onkyo is very clean sounding very very little distortion and gobs of power. I have neither at this time but can get. What do you think. I will probably buy the Sansui even if not compatible with the Klipsch, and build a system around it, What do you all think Thank you for your responses
  9. thank you for your response. I'm still up in the air, but i will certainly take your advice into consideration
  10. I was at the PX in Ramstein Germany in 1988 When i heard some tchaikovski playing outside. I told my girlfriend that they must have set up an orchestra, while we were shopping, and that I was going to stay and listen. Imagine my surprise when i found out it was 1 set of speakers. La Scalas to be presice. I was in total awe. I knew I Had to have them, so the next day I made the trip from North Point to the PX to pick up my new best friends. I got them back to the Barracks, and me and my buddy Pat went to work setting them up. I already had my Onkyo M-508 Grand Integra amplifier P-308 preamp Teac R-888X cassette player Kenwood GE-1100 EQ, and my Bose 901's with EQ. We added the klipsch to the mix. You want to talk about a loud room! Unfortunately the sound did not mix well. This was long before i knew of break in periods, and placement. We worked for days with the La Scalas but could not come close to the sound i had heard at the PX, so back they went. I realise now the room was to small, and the placement was terrible, but whats a man to do with such limited space. I still had a great system and was happy. When i was in Mannheim a guy who lived down the Hall had what i am sure were heresy II's. I was upset beacause i thought his speakers sounded better than my 901's. Not as loud, but loud enough. His speakers appeared to sound warmer, and had a richer fuller sound. Does that make sense? Those little speakers rocked. I never let him know that. I was in denial. He was using a carver amp with the same Kenwood GE-1100 EQ i had. Flash forward 2011. something got me thinking of those speakers i heard at the PX back in 88. I could not remember Which KLipsch they were, but i remembered what they looked like, and the beautiful sound they produced that sunny day. I got on the computer and saw my old friends the La Scalas. This was 2 moths ago. In the last 2 weeks i have bought one pair of 75 Cornwalls, and 1 set of 81 cornwalls. and might be picking up a set of La Scalas early 80's this week. i only have the 75's hooked up now, and am having a dickens of a time with them. When i listen to Kenny G, Marrion medows. fourplay, and music similar, they sound great. Classical is very good but not great. Rock is kind of dissapointing. They lack that richer, warmer, fuller sound that i remember from the Heresy II's. They are spaced close to 6 ft apart. I have tile floor but the speakers sit on carpet pads They are being pushed with a Onkyo TX-sr603x AV reciever with a Sony CDP-CE 500 CD player. These speakers sound crisp, and clean at all volume levels, but not right. I can not move them to a different location. All i can do is move them closer or further from the wall. TO me they sound best closer to the walls. I still know little of stereos, but i will know the sound i am looking for when i hear it. my bose 10.2's sound better at this time and My Omnis the best. I know my Cornwalls should sound the best. Besides getting a new amp, any suggestions. I would prefer to keep these, But if necessary i will sell my 2 sets of Cornwalls' and buy the Heresy III's. I knoww if i had better placement opportunities That would help, but i have what i have How would my Cornwall 1's not updated compare to the Heresy III's? Thankyou for you quick responses. My ears aint gettin no younger
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