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  1. Hello fellow Klipschers. Does anybody has a crossover diagram of RF62II ?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Mind to know which brands do you use if any?
  3. Yea those are nice speakers indeed they served me well for the last 4 years,Im upgrading and I got no use for them now. Sent from my LG-D801 using Tapatalk
  4. I'm selling a set of 5 Klipsch set consisting on 2 Floorstanders (VF-35) 1 Center Channel (VC-25) and 2 surrounds (VS-14) and a JBL10 Sub,all these are used of course but in a very good condition asking $600 for everything I'm located on Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area. Thanks.
  5. Lake I dont think your tweeter is bad I think the problem here lies on the speaker internal crossover network,if you are handy on electronics you can clone the crossover (tweeter side) of your mains and make a custom crossover for the cc I bet your cc will handle the highest frequencies just like yor mains. After all the RC64 is just like a regular tower only built for a cc duties and letting alone that the RC64 is the flagship center of the Reference line.
  6. Thanks both iron & Islander for your recommendations, yes I got my receiver's crossover set at 80Hz (unfortunately the crossover setting is global and I cant set it for speaker individually) Im pretty sure the tweeter is working fine, see there is no a completely lack of high frequencies in the CC the problem is that those high frequencies don't sound the same on the CC and on the towers it is if they were rollout like other poster was saying it is like if in front of the tweeter were a blanket. In a couple of words the towers are bright and the center is dull.
  7. Of course I know that CC is designed to handle the human voice I'm very well aware of that,what I'm telling is that I don't have a seamless sound stage due to a probably difference on the crossover points (even tough Klipsch states that both VF35 & VC25 are crossed over at 1900Hz) I use the Avia disc panning pink noise and I got a muffled sound when it passes through the CC. And yes I got the CC connected right and set the receiver at 80Hz,and I'm also use YPAO (Yamaha's Audyssey) and got no improvement.
  8. My setup is somewhat different than yours (VF35/VC25) and the mismatch is very noticeable Im running the speakers with a Yammy RX-V663,and no matter what I do there is no way I can have a seamless front stage. Last week I spoke with a rep and he told me that the center is for handling human voices and that is its function so they made it to make speech more intelligible,well that is good as long the CC don't handle other sounds but the CC on movies handle more than voices,I think that is a wrong approach from Klipsch because fronstage should sound the same Left Right & Center. I was decided to go the bottom of the issue and opened both CC and one tower and discovered that eventhough both use same drivers the crossover on both speakers is different(diferent values on the components),I called them and order the crossover network that uses the VF35 and Im planning to intall it on the CC to see if the problem of tonal mismatch dissapears.
  9. Hello wboffthelake Did you fix the issue with your center channel? Just curious cause I have similar problem in my setup and I think I know what your problem is.
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