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  1. Argentina Anyone has tried 4 speakers combination? like A+B? an alternative is try 4 RP800F instead (I already have a pair)... I'm searching info on the net. Thanks to everybody for your replies/ideas.
  2. Mi budget is from U$3.000/U$5.000 (or euros). But por example, Musical Fidelity at U$7.500 (here in mi country) or TECHNICS R1000 at €7.500 is jawdroping sound, can wait. My room is 8x5 meters. A100 sounds loud, but no the way I wanted, I don't know how can I express in english... it has no impact, and is like a person screaming in my ears, but not deep bass. I want loud without distortion, if it is possible with this speakers of course. It's only when I do partys, 1 or 2 days a month, but that's what I want.
  3. Thanks for your answer. No, I want only stereo in my living room, multichanel in anohter room, that's why I'm selling the 7200WA. I will use A100 as multichanel with RP8000F. I think there are a lot of RF7II users, and some of them tried diferent combinations I could share their experiencies, meanwhile I continue reading posts on the internet.
  4. Hi. I always listen stereo music in a receiver combination, my last two receivers are: DENON AVR-A100 in use, and DENON AVR-7200WA (in use, trying to sell). I'm happy owner of a pair RF7II (RC-64II, RS-62II) but i'm tired when I crank the A100 sound "shouty". Loud but not beefy or feel slam on my chest. At 0db is more like an scream. So now I'm looking for an integrated amplifier, It will be my 1rst integrated, so I have no idea. I was watching reviews about: Musical Fidelity, M6 500, Technics SU R1000, ROTEL 1592II, even McIntosh. but i don't know wich is better. I want power, sound quality. I don't stream. Don't have problems with neighbours, so loud music is not my problem. I wan clean loud volumen and feel bass as loud as possible. By the way, right now can't change speakers, here in my country the offer of Klipsch is very limited, RF7III or La Scala, never came. Thanks in advance!
  5. Well folks, the guy form the electrical store said that more gauge than 4mm won't change anything. I put two 4mm cables (one on each sub) and a copper terminal at the sub's chassis only (one on each sub). Pure cable at the amp's GND. Almost zero noise. I don't know what was the issue, the electrical installation of the house is the same that when I bought the subs... By the way, tested the ground loop isolator after I installed the cables, no difference, it didn't raise the hum, either put the hum to zero. Thanks guys, specially to jason! Regards from Argentina.
  6. 215 "pesos", about U$S 14. Maybe it's defective, I'm gonna call today. I tried with speaker cable (I don't know the gauge) and the noise it's almost to zero. Bought 4mm electricity cable and it's the same, maybe more mm? I don't know.
  7. This: https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=bell+wire&rlz=1C1WPZB_enAR669AR669&espv=2&biw=1745&bih=890&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiPibL7tsnMAhUJlJAKHRziB68QsAQIHA Can I use speaker wire or electricty wire?
  8. I found this: The sound was reduced. There are only 2 pins on the power back of the subwoofer, maybe it could be replaced... I will search more. Thanks jason!
  9. Yes, but I don't think is working, the noise is unbearable. Maybe it's true that model is only for audio car... I'm so sad.
  10. Finally, I bought the gorund loop in Argentina, installed = AWFULL noise, it's 100 times more hum noise... Monday gonna try to replace, maybe defective? I don't know...
  11. The only ground loop isolator in my local crap market is this: http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-611713162-aislador-de-masa-para-potencias-blauline-gl-205-_JM They say it's for car audio... will it be compatible for home audio?
  12. Yes, no rca cable = no noise. RCA cable = noise RCA cable + avr power on = more noise Yesterday I watch some movie, in some scenes, the noise was heard. I'm reading some subwoofer cable's reviews in Amazon, they talk about the "shielded" and "gauge"... maybe I also try replacing the cables.
  13. I connected 1 sub without the Y splitter, same noise. A friend is travelling to USA, is there a subwoofer cable that solve this problem?
  14. Maybe you can recomend me one or two brands? I usually buy in Amazon. Thanks again
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