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  1. Scrappydue's response was right on the money. For a 5.1 system that will be used for movies, the RS 42 or 52 would be great, these are Klipsch WDST speakers. Direct radiator speakers, ie. bookself can also be used. These type of speaker are good for Front Height, Surround Back and surround(not my first choice). The RF 82's can also be used for surrounds. They will not receive as much action and may be overkill. All of these speakers should also work with movies or music in a 5.x or 7.x system. Choice depends on what will fit/work in your room. Heyo, From what you wrote it seems that running 4 RF 82's would be great but its not really worth the the additional cost and size? Thank you Much, Terry
  2. Hello, Thank you for the advise. When you factor in the price difference in the two options do you think there would be enough benefit to justify the added expense and size of the speakers when used 65:35 (music:movies)? Thank you, Terry
  3. Hello Jerrickdj1, Thanks for the response. Could you explain why they are only viable in a 7.x setup? What are your thoughts on Scrappydue's response regarding multichannel music? Thanks, Terry
  4. Hello Good to see you again Scrappydue. I do like to watch a lot of movies but i would say my main focus is music. Currently i only listen to music in stereo, but that is probably because my rear speakers don't ,or cant keep up with everything else. In all honesty i have never really listened to a good multichannel music setup so i am unsure if it would be something i would deem worthy of the extra cost. I would imagine it would be a very powerful full sound in all regards. How would rear speakers compare to surround speakers in functionality? As always Scrappydue, Thank you.
  5. Hello, I am getting ready to replace my quintet satellites currently running as my rear set to better compliment the rest of my system i build earlier this year with much help from this forum. I am trying to decide if i want to invest more for 2 more RF-82's (first gen) and run 4 in total or upgrade the quintets to the rs-52 surrounds? Any thoughts on the matter? Would the speakers be used enough to warrant such a substantial upgrade? (as in the RF-82) Another question i have is, are surround speakers better in a 5.1 system than rear speakers? I ask because, from what ive read surround speakers need to be (ideally) placed to the left and right of where your at. Current setup: Receiver: Denon AVR- 1911 Fronts: RF-82 (first gen) Center: RC-52 II Sub: HSU VTF-15H Rear: Quintets Thank you much, Terry
  6. Heyo, yeah i went with the rc-52, or more accurately the rc-52 II since it seemed difficult to find the first generation. I was able to pick up the sub since HSU is local in southern california. I was stoked since it was 140 in shipping. I ordered the center from Amazon and it shipped from Vegas, lucky me. Terry
  7. Hello all, as promised, a picture of the new speakers I plan to move the sub in the near future to get better sound distribution, but this way all the glorious speakers are seen. I love the new speakers, they sound soo nice. The sub has the power to fill the room wile not overpowering everything. Next on the list might be some new back speakers. Wish me luck. BTW is there an easier way than writing html to get a picture in here? Thank, you all again, Terry
  8. So i ended up getting the HSU RESEARCH VTF-15H, i just placed the order I wanted to go down to Vegas to get that SVS PC13, but i just didn't have the time to dedicate 10 + hours to driving.I was going back and forth between the Epik Empire and the VTF-15H, since they were so similar, the aesthetics sold me on the VTF-15H. I also ordered a RC-52 center. I wanted to get the RC-62, but the place where it goes is only 7" tall, and i had to compromise with my lady who doesn't want to see any more speakers . I tried saying i would wall mount the tv and just put it on the cabinet where the tv currently rests, or i could mount the center above the tv, but both ploys failed. When i get everything in and setup, i will get a picture of all the magical goodness along with a few words (hopefully ecstatic words). I want to thank you all in the community, you were all amazing and very helpful. I know so much more about subs then i ever thought i would without picking up at least one book. Thank you again, Terry
  9. Heyo, I just messaged the guy in Vegas about the SVS PC13. I like how its a cylinder - takes up less room. I will let you know how it goes Thanks, Terry
  10. Hey, Wow, thank you so much. I never even knew about searchtempest. Found my new classified search engine. I have been just going through craigslist directly. Thank you, Terry
  11. Hello, I am just worried about the shipping. From florida, a large sub im sure would cost a bundle. i wish he lived in socal i might have to take you up on your offer one of these weekends i have free. Thanks, Terry
  12. Hello, I live in Long Beach, CA. I am leaning towards something like the Epic Empire or the HSU Research VTF-15H (have to read more on it). I want to invest now and have an amazing system that i can enjoy for years to come. Thank you for all your help, Terry
  13. The sw350 is an 8" sub and is rated to 31hz, this is why your not getting the earthquake vibrations, the klipsch rw12d is usually around 300 as well, id take that first for the 300 dollar mark but its still going to miss out on the real deep bass but hits a budget softly Now the epik empires and other subs 800-1000 really are in a different league than klipsch subs with exception to usually klipschs high end subs, price/prefoermance still favors the id subs however the sw115 is the only one I would give consideration to if sticking to klipsch is a must. If you like used gear plenty of people will help you locate something nearby given your location, otherwise only your budget dictates the end result, theres a velodyne hgs-15 in florida for 350 that would be unbeatable for the price if you live down there Heyo, I seem to keep living in the wrong place . I do fancy used equipment just because of the great deals you can find on things. I also really like Klipsch simply for their product to hold value. I suppose i should have did a bit more research on subs before i got a little to carried away. That way i might already have an awesome sub, oh well, lesson learned Thanks, Terry
  14. Heyo, i took a look and he is located in Wisconsin. Dont think i am willing to commit to that much of a road trip Thank you for the thought though. Terry
  15. well I wrote a comment about satelites vs rf82's but I realized that the OP probably didnt care so I edited it. Unfortunately the biggest bang for your buck is going to be DIY... then IMO it was Elemental designs (now closed down).... perhaps you can find a used ported sub from them? Next I would say the Empire but as sated shipping is $135ish. I would say that stretching from $800 to $935 would be worth it in that case. If you wanted to go cheaper there is a sunfire for sale on here for $825 shipped. I have never heard it but Im sure someone can give you the goods on it. From what I hread it handle music very well. Hello, I normally dont mind DIY projects, but when it comes to something like precision speakers - i try not to invoke the deed. So far i have tracked all of the recommendations for subs and the Epic Empire is winning hands down. I was thinking of finding maybe a used one. I also came across a link to a sub shootout by a couple of guys, Link, the HSU Research VTF-15H caught my eye, any thoughts? Thank you, Terry
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