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  1. Hello everybody. I just moved to my new home, which has a 12ft x 24 ft combined living and dining room. I placed two RF-82s at one end of the 12ft x 24 ft living and dining room. I am looking for an amp to drive those speakers (budget is between 300 and 800 US$). Those tow speakers were formerly drived by a Harman Kardon 3600 AVR on a 5.1 system, and I liked how they sounded. I was looking to the Onkyo A-9010, the Onkyo A-9050, the Marrantz PM6005 and the Marrantz PM6006. Any suggestion or idea ? Also, if you have any suggestion on a decent CD player priced between 200 and 400 US$, I would appreciate ! Thanks
  2. Thanks all, Actually, I am not really looking for more power. I think PSG got the point, saying the 4dB gain would not be significant. Think that for the moment I'll let the system "as is" ... !
  3. Hi there, I own a 5.1 HT system (4 x RF82 + 1 RC62), drived by an Harman Kardon AVR3600 (85 wpc). Also having an Emotiva 12 Sub. I want to improve my system, mainly for stereo music listening. I was wondering what would be the best thing to get the most of my system. I was looking for power amps, actually for Emotiva products (but I am flexible, should you have any suggestion) : XPA-5 - 200W x 5 : 899$ XPA-3 - 200W x 3 : 719$ XPA-2 - 300W x 2 : 799$ XPA-200 - 150W x 2 : 399$ Would any of them would bring a significant amelioration ? Which one would you suggest ? Or any other brand ? Or should I invest in a dedicated CD player (I actually use a Sony BDSP) like the ECR-3 (or any other ?), even if it's passing through the AVR ? Or a DAC ? Thanks !
  4. Thank you everyone for the answers. It is highly appreciated. Seems like I'll wait for the XPA-3 (200 wpc !) to get out (or if I'm lucky, to get a good price on a XPA-5 from Emotiva). Thank you once again.
  5. Thank you everyone for the answers. It is highly appreciated. Seems like I'll wait for the XPA-3 (200 wpc !) to get out (or if I'm lucky, to get a good price on a XPA-5 from Emotiva). Thank you once again.
  6. Actually, there is no more of the older model available from Emotiva. No choice but to wait ! By the way, could you tell me with what kind of amp you would power an Heritage line speakers such as Cornwalls ? I'm looking over it for the future... ! And for what kind of speakers a 1000 watts monoblock would be for ?
  7. Actually, Emotiva just told me that the XPA-3 Generation 2 was going to be available in the next few weeks. I will wait for it, so it might be somewhere around november or december ! I was only wondering if it was too much power for my speakers ?
  8. Yes it has 8 pre-outs (including the sub out). Actually it is a 85 wpc audi-video receiver. Would 300 wpc will give a noticeable improvement ? Or is it simply too much ? Actually I don't know that much about that king of things. Emotiva is selling 1000 watts monoblock amplifiers, what would it be for ?
  9. Hey guys ! I'd like to get your opinion on whether or not it is a good ideo to use my AVR as a preamp for the 3 front channels with an Emotiva XPA-3 (300 wpc) ? Will I notice an improvement on my RF-82 and RC-62 speakers ? The main idea is to get the best from them on music listening. Should you have any suggestion, don't hesitate ! Thanks
  10. Hi there. Thank you for the fast answers and sorry for the late answers. Do you guys think that I would see a significant improvement if I would pre-amp with the AVR and amp my front speakers with an Emotiva XPA-200 ?
  11. Hi there. I'm wondering if I can bi-amp my front speakers using the Zone 2 setting of my Harman Kardon AVR 3600 ? Does it worth the effort ? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone. I'm looking forward to upgrade the stereo part of my audio system. My amp is a Harman Kardon 3600, my source for the moment is a Sony BDSP. I wonder if it would be better for me to buy a DAC (with a bypass, for when I want to go 5.1? which one would you suggest) or to get a dedicated Harman Kardon HD 990 CD player, or any other better CD player for around the same price. My budget is around 300 to 400 dollars. Thank you
  13. And how about driving 4 x RF-82 with an HK AVR 3600 (80 WPC outputs) ?
  14. Hi there. I wonder if using Klipsch AW-400 speakers with an HK 3490 (120 WPC outputs) in a "zone 2" would be dangerous for either the speakers or the amp ?
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