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    System #1

    Bel Canto Black System 2
    Sonictransporter i5 , Linear Power Supply
    Shunyata Triton V3
    Focal Scala Utopia Evo
    Wywire Diamond Power Cables , Speaker Cables

    System #2

    Allnic L7000
    Allnic M3000 mk monoblocks
    PS Audio Direct Stream
    Wywires Platinum Power Cables , Antipodes Reference Speaker Cables , Interconnects

    Vintage Gear

    (2) Pairs 1985 Cornwall II
    JBL L96

    Sansui G-9700
    Sansui G-801
    Sansui G9000DB

    Accuphase T-100
    (2) Accuphase C-200
    Accuphase P-300

    Marantz 2330

    Pioneer SX1250

    Kenwood 700C
    Kenwood 700M
    Kenwood 700T

    TV : Sony XBR75940C

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