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  1. I can't remember the rules here... I just want to zombie this thread up with this FYI... But maybe CL links not allowed, just move or delete. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/ele/d/urbandale-kochel-300sds-full-range-high/7290580324.html
  2. Jeesh, I I found my email address here was an old one - I've updated it to a working email addy. Maybe it won't take me a freaking year to reply when someone says they have one. Thanks.
  3. New link, new audiofile (the old one had small corruptions in it). Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4TuWQz0RqCNHiXunwtRcxc58g-aWJp4/view?usp=sharing
  4. JP, did you end up with an extra K-1011-KV? If so, I'd like to buy it from you. Thanks. @nimrodmcse
  5. I don't spend as much critical time listening as I used to - but I do have a fully glued\braced set of KLF-20's with Crites XO and Ti tweets. Also have had a couple of sets of H2's, also with Crites XO and Ti tweets. Swapped back'n'forth quite a bit - diff rooms, treatments, amps\pre's. I liked them both, but they were different. The KLF's are more "full" and certainly can pound out the bass. The H2's were "clearer" and yes, more "airy" - but lacking that punch for the most part. And all of the makes sense to me, given the little I know. Sold a nice set of H2's (KP201's), kept one set of not-so-nice (cosmetically) H2 KP201's and of course, keeping the KLF-20's.
  6. Must be gone, I don't see them listed.
  7. As mentioned, prices vary quite a bit, depending on area and demand. I had a beautiful set of WO ChorusII's, with Crites XO and Tweeter diaphragms, original XO and diaphragms included. Couldn't sell them for $1k, ended up at $900 - took MONTHS. Next, beautiful set of WO KP-201's - same with Crites XO and Tweeter diaphragms, original XO and diaphragms included. Sold for $600 in less than a day. Go figure.
  8. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/5447805587.html
  9. Nice score, it's great to have friends like that. I had a friend give me a Marantz 250 amp recently - we love 'em all! Personally, I can't see pushing that Carver amp hard into those Klipsch - for sure it's a great setup (I have a CT-17 also, paired to a TFM-25) but the Klipsch are sensitive enough big power just isn't needed (IMO). And in the boxes??? It just keeps getting better and better!
  10. This is the way I was taught. And I violate that rule all the time, Most of the time I just can't get a great mechanical connection and so rely on the solder. But I do try.
  11. FunnY! "I have carefully calibrated the settings on the stereo to optimize the unique acoustics of the living and sitting-room area of the house, painstakingly adjusting it to the proper settings to maximize the bass response and minimize distortion in the mid-range."
  12. I have had problems with Jriver - Annoying issues with ripping and burning. I'll have to find another solution for those two functions. But I'll keep using it, for sure. For playback and playlists and display - it's great , no problems there at all. And it's incredibly versatile (like the pre-amp settings you mentioned). A little pricey if you want to upgrade each year (I'm in my 5th year with it) compared to some other offerings.
  13. So, near as I can tell, this guy playing the piano started making these videos in his living room. His name is Scott Bradlee and from my point of view, he is a genius at musical arrangements. And whoever is doing the mixing\editing knows what they are doing, it all sounds great to me. I posted a link to their cover of G'N'R's "Child 'o mine" and thought I'd point out that that is just one of many great arrangements they have done over the last few years. Some of this music is ear-worm material - and just keep track of Scott on the piano, man that guy can play. And Puddles the Clown? I love his voice... http://postmodernjukebox.com/
  14. I'd rather hear...
  15. I'm telling you guys.... people are proud around here. Here's a rare set just listed, according to the seller, this is the only set of this condition, color in the country! Whoop! A steal at $1800 http://fortdodge.craigslist.org/ele/5425762544.html
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