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  1. I can't remember the rules here... I just want to zombie this thread up with this FYI... But maybe CL links not allowed, just move or delete. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/ele/d/urbandale-kochel-300sds-full-range-high/7290580324.html
  2. Jeesh, I I found my email address here was an old one - I've updated it to a working email addy. Maybe it won't take me a freaking year to reply when someone says they have one. Thanks.
  3. New link, new audiofile (the old one had small corruptions in it). Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4TuWQz0RqCNHiXunwtRcxc58g-aWJp4/view?usp=sharing
  4. JP, did you end up with an extra K-1011-KV? If so, I'd like to buy it from you. Thanks. @nimrodmcse
  5. I don't spend as much critical time listening as I used to - but I do have a fully glued\braced set of KLF-20's with Crites XO and Ti tweets. Also have had a couple of sets of H2's, also with Crites XO and Ti tweets. Swapped back'n'forth quite a bit - diff rooms, treatments, amps\pre's. I liked them both, but they were different. The KLF's are more "full" and certainly can pound out the bass. The H2's were "clearer" and yes, more "airy" - but lacking that punch for the most part. And all of the makes sense to me, given the little I know. Sold a nice set of H2's (KP201's), kept one set of not-so-nice (cosmetically) H2 KP201's and of course, keeping the KLF-20's.
  6. Must be gone, I don't see them listed.
  7. As mentioned, prices vary quite a bit, depending on area and demand. I had a beautiful set of WO ChorusII's, with Crites XO and Tweeter diaphragms, original XO and diaphragms included. Couldn't sell them for $1k, ended up at $900 - took MONTHS. Next, beautiful set of WO KP-201's - same with Crites XO and Tweeter diaphragms, original XO and diaphragms included. Sold for $600 in less than a day. Go figure.
  8. http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ele/5447805587.html
  9. Nice score, it's great to have friends like that. I had a friend give me a Marantz 250 amp recently - we love 'em all! Personally, I can't see pushing that Carver amp hard into those Klipsch - for sure it's a great setup (I have a CT-17 also, paired to a TFM-25) but the Klipsch are sensitive enough big power just isn't needed (IMO). And in the boxes??? It just keeps getting better and better!
  10. This is the way I was taught. And I violate that rule all the time, Most of the time I just can't get a great mechanical connection and so rely on the solder. But I do try.
  11. FunnY! "I have carefully calibrated the settings on the stereo to optimize the unique acoustics of the living and sitting-room area of the house, painstakingly adjusting it to the proper settings to maximize the bass response and minimize distortion in the mid-range."
  12. I have had problems with Jriver - Annoying issues with ripping and burning. I'll have to find another solution for those two functions. But I'll keep using it, for sure. For playback and playlists and display - it's great , no problems there at all. And it's incredibly versatile (like the pre-amp settings you mentioned). A little pricey if you want to upgrade each year (I'm in my 5th year with it) compared to some other offerings.
  13. So, near as I can tell, this guy playing the piano started making these videos in his living room. His name is Scott Bradlee and from my point of view, he is a genius at musical arrangements. And whoever is doing the mixing\editing knows what they are doing, it all sounds great to me. I posted a link to their cover of G'N'R's "Child 'o mine" and thought I'd point out that that is just one of many great arrangements they have done over the last few years. Some of this music is ear-worm material - and just keep track of Scott on the piano, man that guy can play. And Puddles the Clown? I love his voice... http://postmodernjukebox.com/
  14. I'd rather hear...
  15. I'm telling you guys.... people are proud around here. Here's a rare set just listed, according to the seller, this is the only set of this condition, color in the country! Whoop! A steal at $1800 http://fortdodge.craigslist.org/ele/5425762544.html
  16. When Klipsch come up for sale around here, the sellers really do ask top dollar and more. Not sure if it's because they are not common in this area or what. Not sure if they sold, but there's been a set of H1's for sale for $1K - hard to tell if they really sold tho, or were just pulled from CL.
  17. No Affil - Looks to be a decent deal, but I'm a poor judge, never having owned LaS's. http://desmoines.craigslist.org/ele/5425625261.html
  18. Typically on every trail ride you'll often see bigger rigs looking just like your second video, with them mostly going slow and otherwise struggling to make it up some stupid hill or whatever by either gassing it or teetering in a white knuckle effort to not flip. Take that same stuff and a RZR will usually make it look like absolute cake walk, its just not even challenging, its almost humorous. I've had plenty of full size rigs including an actual rock crawler. You should ride a RZR sometime if you think they're less comfortable. The 1000's have 16" of wheel travel, stock, due to long travel shocks with a huge remote reservoir. The end result is that you can hit a significant ditch going way faster than you think you'd survive by hitting, and you just hear a "thunk thunk" and some high pitched sounds from the shock valves letting oil through, and that's it, you can't hardly even feel it, it's the weirdest thing. A typical truck/jeep going off road has to putt around in low gear and even then every little rock jarrs the entire rig. It's a completely different experience. Four wheelers are a different story, especially swingarm models. The back and forth motion will just wear you out. Still more capable on most everything except extreme rocks and burying it in the mud than a full sized rig. Sounds like you know your stuff, and I'm thinking that since I haven't ridden in a RZR, then I shouldn't be speaking so boldly. You are correct, my rig is a slow-go thru obstacles.
  19. This first video is right after the initial build of the rig. Second video is from 9 or ten years later - guess how many parts I've broken in the meantime (regular wheeling every year in between). Basically NONE. Sorry about the crappy video - the camera fell out and got ran over one time, never the same since. And it's actual worn out film. EDIT: I don't mean to mislead - I have PLENTY of video of me being stuck or flooded out - had to get pulled back to camp only once tho! Second video:
  20. And this is exactly where I thought this would go. The truck and trailer to haul your rigs is a great idea. I have to admit, I also now haul my off-road rig on a trailer, bought a cheap ($4k) Yukon as my tow rig. So, you see where I'm coming from on the transportation aspect. Cheap tow rig + cheap car hauler is minimum another $5k and could easily be way higher. Dude, I roll like you do, and you are correct in all your points except trying to say the RAZR's are superior to full sized rigs. The RAZRs excel in certain areas, while full sized rigs excel in others. IMO, the full sized rigs are more useful, more comfortable and just can do more things than a RAZR. Maybe this is a result of younger vs. older levels of excitement?
  21. Nope. How are you going to drive from home to the off-roading ground in your RAZR? You don't. How do you stay warm and comfy when OA temps are below freezing? You don't. How do you carry a couple or ppl or three kids on a trail ride? You don't. How do you drive it to the grocery store for fun, or at the event? You don't. You are correct about the cost of a "pimped out Rubi" - too damn high for wheelin', thus my earlier comment. I'm sure not saying RAZR's aren't a fun ride, they are. Very cool. But they do not replace a full size rig with all capabilities they have.
  22. Ha! I sort of agree with my friend here, but in a kinder and gentler way. I would question more what is your purpose in wanting the Rubicon? The reason being, you are choosing between a Jeep and a truck. I think of the jeep more as a toy unless you live in a rural area where 4 wheel-drive is needed. I think of a truck more as a work or transport of goods type of vehicle, although both descriptions are decidedly narrow. I live in West Virginia where we have lots of both. I'm with these guys. Believe me, I've been down this "road". If you want an off-road vehicle to thrash around with in the woods and off-road, then a Rubicon is a great choice (if you have the $$). If you really aren't interested in off-roading in a serious way - skip the Rubicon. My avatar is an '85 Toyota 4runner and I have more than $10k, less than $15k into. It is obviously more capable (but not as comfortable) as a $40K Rubicon. And when I total it, blow the engine, crash it bad - won't feel too bad. Easy to rebuild.
  23. Yep. It's called "Houston," a cesspool surround by a swamp that is between us and the rest of the world. Apologies to those who like it, but I am a country boy who has been forced to live in places like DFW, Singapore, Houston, etc all my life. Texarkana is a place in the heart for me, and the Regional Music Heritage Center a dream. Further, I'll be about the same distance from Hope and Rodney Newton's farm as I am from downtown Houston...MUCH better neighbors! Dave I see no reason to apologize, I lived in Texas for awhile, back in the 80's. Houston wasn't any better then either, LOL. Good luck on it all, and hope nothing is lost in the move! K-horns won't be lost, we know that....
  24. Thanks you guys, that's what I needed. The down under Klipsch is good too.
  25. Whew, I know this info used to be here - but now can't find specs on the kp201's. Basically, I have a nice set of KP201's in walnut, in what I think is a HII configuration. However, I've read here recently that there is a KP201II with upgraded parts and I'd like to compare all the specs. I've found the thread talking about how the website is working on getting the specs back but looks like it's been quite awhile, surely those specs are available elsewhere? Surely! EDIT: I did previously search for kp201 but came up empty - I thought maybe website was missing some old posts as well as specs. But then went back and searched KP201 and got all the old kp201 posts - so I think I can find what I was looking for. Thanks!
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