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  1. That's me. If I can't get them set up properly, it will be another set of speakers that I'm not completely happy with. They wouldn't get used and it would just aggravate me. I'd rather get my set of H2's set up properly, add a sub and enjoy. I even thought about getting for "the future" - my mother has a nice large house (with corners) and when she passes, that house will be mine. But it's so hard to predict the future....
  2. Congrats! Sounds like they were loved... and a good deal. I bailed. Lacking proper corners. Trying to get rid of speakers, LOL.... not buy more!
  3. Sorry, not much. A delicate situation. I only know they are older than 1997
  4. And that is Medium Oak? Yes, I think it is.
  5. I'm not familiar enough the corner horns to know what year\crossover these are. Can you guys guess from one photo? Maybe ballpark?
  6. Yes, it's the cache on the "diff computer". refresh your cookies (try F5) if you know how. GLWS, I'm also selling a set of W\O CHII's.
  7. Cool, Walnut ChorusII - I'll be looking forward to pics, as I have a set also. Just interested in comparing veneer.
  8. You can disable all that stuff - I did. And don't use their cloud storage with a MS login in a Win10 PC. http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/bitwise/2015/08/windows_10_privacy_problems_here_s_how_bad_they_are_and_how_to_plug_them.html
  9. 3 hours from me.... Nah, I don't need the mess - I bet they also have the loose baffles. Come to think of it, LOL, I have one KLF30 crossover that I found in one of a set of KLF20's that I purchased.
  10. Mine KLF-C7 is above. In my setup, this sounded better than below. Probably had something to do with the concrete floor.
  11. I can only say that a good friend of mine was dying. Without going into details, this man didn't have money and wanted to try to minimize the financial impact to his family\friends with funeral costs. So, he donated his body to Des Moines Medical University. Physical done, papers signed, he got his card. Oh the day of his death, we (hospice and myself) called the University and told them that my friend had passed and was ready to be picked up. The University said~ they didn't want his body anymore - he didn't "fit their needs". Believe me, there was a conversation in which I asked alot of questions but the bottom line is they weren't obligated to follow thru with the "contract". So, on the worst day possible, we find we have to make all the funeral arrangements. It wasn't easy, it wasn't pleasant and it certainly wasn't cheap. It was quite a kick in the teeth. Moral of the story - if you think the body is donated (and maybe this is just Iowa) - be prepared to have the body rejected. All that being said, I'm hoping things go as well as possible for you and your mother.
  12. Sweet - that's some great looking Oak right there, I like the grain. GLWS
  13. That's a darn fair price - GLWS. A few more pictures might help people on the fence.
  14. Congrats and celebrations! Nice nice nice, I'm jealous.
  15. I'm 99% sure the Marantz 6300 is a two speed. LOL at the Cornwall 11's.
  16. Des Moines, Ia - as usual, I can assist if needed for a forum member who isn't local. NoAffil http://desmoines.craigslist.org/ele/5141297788.html Same guy who had various, very nice condition items on CL here all the time. He typically wants top dollar, but I can't complain about that. http://desmoines.craigslist.org/search/ela?query=3147
  17. I adore the walnut. I wish wish wish my KLF-20s were walnut rather than medium oak. Bah! Nearly all of the grain on this walnut veneer is beautiful. Dang. Sadly, the KLF series didn't come in walnut, it only came in black, light oak, medium oak, and mahogany. BTW, the mahogany looks awesome, I have a pair of mahogany KLF-30s in the family room. Gah, mahogany would be sweet! I'm gonna have to google image search that.... Yeah, that would match my room\amp so much better. I didn't even know they came in Mahogany. My KLF's - I just wanted to take a pic to show how poorly oak and Walnut work together - now I see the two strips of veneer on the KLF's are different shades of color! Bah. I just need to keep the lights turned down.
  18. I think what you say is correct. I'm being hopeful. But when it comes to brass tacks, I'm gonna have to keep lowering the price until they sell. And if I break out the Crites, I'll be shooting for 50% on that.
  19. I adore the walnut. I wish wish wish my KLF-20s were walnut rather than medium oak. Bah! Nearly all of the grain on this walnut veneer is beautiful. Dang.
  20. That's good info for me! I'll keep that in mind, it will only take less than an hour to put them back to stock.
  21. Thanks man. I'm in the same boat - hurt my back badly with the last speaker move. What a drag. But I have no wife, LOL, can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  22. I eat alot of fruit and GRAINS and breads - I weighed 125 lbs when I was 16. I'm now 54 and I weigh 125 lbs. I do not believe Grains\breads are bad for you (subjective). Probably a moderation factor there. Too much of anything is not good. Don't get me wrong, I like what you say and it's a good thing.
  23. On the good side, you can buy 6 ears of corn for $1.00 in the local grocery store. Oven-roasted corn... What a healthy, delicious bargain! Good, fresh corn on the cob is so sweet, it doesn't need all the extra butter, salt, pepper, etc. Put the ears of corn, husk and all, in the oven and bake at 325 F for 45 minutes. It's well worth the wait. Corn used to produce corn syrup and animal feed constitutes about 95% (this data a few years old) of total corn production. Only about 5% is the "sweet corn" that humans can eat. Sorry, your post has nothing to do with my post. (not trying to be "mean", just trying to clarify).
  24. It's my opinion that the gov't subsidy of corn syrup directly contributes to the obesity and diabetes crisis we are seeing in the US. And it's particularly bad here in Iowa. When I make a trip to just about anywhere, when i get back, I'm struck by how many people are just too damn fat. It used to be just adults were fat. Now it's the kids too. I've live in Iowa nearly all of my life, and make no mistake - the farm bureau rules. Clean water? - forget it. Clean air? - sometimes.
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