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  1. You guys are right, it does seem that these would sell in short order at $700-800. In fact, doubly right in that I wish I hadn't upgraded them. I thought I'd be keeping them for a million years, but of course "life is what happens when you are busy making other plans". So, I am trying to get that money back but if I don't - I'll lower the price by $100 every six weeks or so until they are gone. At that point, I'll get out another set of Klipsch (I'll have to bring them down from the farm in northern Iowa). I have a beat set of ForteII's and a beautiful set of KP-201's. Both have the same Crites upgrades, damm!t. <sad face>
  2. Advertised at $275.00 when I hesitated he started yelling (screaming actually) that he was completely "non-negotiable" and would accept "not a penny less" than $250.00. Then stormed off into the back room, etc. You kind of had to be there to get the full effect. Maybe the price will go down, I doubt I'd take them at any price however. For another $100 or so, I can find much better Heresies, as they generally go for around $400 in these parts when all is said and done. And truth be told, I just don't need them anyway, just had to check them out-I wouldn't display this particular set in a root cellar. Agreed on your points - this pair is too beat up (IMO) for the price. And you are correct, we do see nice H1's and H2's here in the midwest for generally around $400. The guy's attitude is just icing on the cake... no sale.
  3. Edited first post to lower the price - now at $1000 (still high by some standards, I know. I'll keep dropping the price every 5-6 weeks until they sell). I don't foresee removing the Crites upgrades and re-installing OEM, I just don't see the point, as I'd then be trying to sell those upgrades separately, I'd like to sell it all at once.
  4. Nice deal on those. Are they going to be used for 2-ch or HT or both?
  5. Ding! I'm so surprised that no one has jumped on this - they are normally a hot item. But of course, we're in IOWA, which is pretty dead IMO, when it comes to audio. I think it's a good deal at $300 - you see Academy's going for that, and the C7 is a step above the Academy. GLWS
  6. Forgot to show the pic with the bad corner...
  7. I'm always late to the party - but I'm used to it. I'm also thinning the herd, so to speak. More accurately, I just don't have enough room for everything and have finally decided what I'm going to keep. So that means everything else has to go. Shaun, maybe you've already got your academy, and mine is the wrong color, but just in case... Two back corners have been "banged" and one is clearly 'smooshed". I've just tested and all drivers work. Veneer has a couple of scratches. Grills are in excellent to perfect shape. Since I have my ChorusII's priced a little high (I really like them, too much bias on my part leads to high price, but I'm sticking with it!) - so, I'll let this go for $200 which seems to be about 2\3 the going rate. Located in Des Moines, Ia. Whoop!
  8. I think the $575 is a good price, considering the slight damage. I'm currently selling a set for quite a bit more and I don't even have the original boxes! And mine have a couple of chips in the veneer, Crites Crossovers and Ti Tweets. So, I think you got a good deal.
  9. True, the comparison isn't a great tactic, but might work for locals here. The guy selling the HII's for $1K has alot of equipment listed that he's quite proud of and it seems he's got the time to sit on stuff for several years. I'm not in a hurry either but I do want to get them sold before the end of the year. I have a few other Klipsch I need to drag out and get listed. I think I'm only going to keep the modified KLF-20's and the walnut KP-201's. Thanks for the comments!
  10. Hiyas Peoples: I've come to the point of needing to sell some of my Klipsch speakers. LOL, meaning I know which ones I really want to keep, so now I know which ones to sell. For Sale: (text copied from my CL ad) Klipsch ChorusII Speakers - serial 045497976 and 045497979 I bought them used a number of years ago, and then upgraded them. New Klipsch Passives in the back The veneer is "Walnut Oil" - very nice, IMO. Selling Price is $1000 (I had previously priced them to high, due to me getting my Crites XO prices wrong). New Crites XO http://www.critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html http://www.critesspeakers.com/prices_-_new_crossovers.html New Crites Titanium diaphrams in the tweeters. http://www.critesspeakers.com/klipsch_tweeters.html The cabinets do show some wear but are still very attractive. I'm selling because these are just too large for my small room. They are still hooked up, so obviously you can hear and test. Bring your own CD, that would be best. I still have the original diaphragms and crossovers, so those will go with the speakers, and they are undamaged, they worked fine when removed. I do not have boxes, bummer. Lots of pics to show every flaw I can find, and the camera flash make them look worse than they look in real life, IMO. If you don't believe me, try it on your own equipment. OH, and there is a hairy, white cat in the house! I hit my limit on the photos, if you want more, let me know. Contact me with questions.
  11. I saw those as well and would have jumped on them, but I already have a set! They didn't last long. There's been some good deals here in\around Des Moines lately, which isn't normal. Right now some Wharfedale W90's, new caps\pads for $450.
  12. These kind of threads are fun to look at on a slow Sunday morning. Nice to see other people rooms and setups.
  13. I used dynamat. I cannot claim it made an audible difference, as I made quite a few other mods at the same time (k-52 and k-79-k). Of course, after all the mods, the speakers are much improved but cannot quantify the dynamat effect. Since I had the speakers apart, I couldn't see that the dynamat would do any harm and I certainly did have the "honky-ness" at louder volumes.
  14. I have an Ipad2 that I use the bluetooth out to this~ http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=320-353 Into the aux input of vintage (or now t-amp) amps. Works fairly well- not perfect, but pretty good. No wires! Range of about 20 feet I think.
  15. Hi ad is fine, read it again, slowly this time.
  16. I agree with the higher price seen for Cornwalls. I live next door in Iowa and in years of watching, I have yet to see a set of cornwalls for less than $800. Heresy's are listed (I have no idea if they've sold) for between 400 and 800. Yes, 800.
  17. I'm not sure this is exactly what you're talking about, but my Marantz UD5005 will output DSD via HDMI. But maybe you're talking about a data file. EDIT: turns out the Marantz won't play DSD thru it's USB\Network inputs, only from a SACD disc? Man, that's limited. Good thing I don't use that feature, no DSD files\discs here.
  18. Actually, you can ask Google. But, I didn't get a result from "warm sound". Here is the result from "Audio" http://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=Audio&year_start=1800&year_end=2000&corpus=15&smoothing=3&share=
  19. I've been keeping up with this thread, I've read all the posts. The last half-dozen are by far the best, IMO. Good detail about bee-havior, insight into causes and accurate conclusion as to the cause of lack of response. Well done.[8-|]
  20. OK, now I can't stop seeing green. Looking in the local furniture section for some Mission style recliners and I find this... http://desmoines.craigslist.org/fuo/3754255157.html
  21. Question: I changed out the diaphrams in my KLF-20's to Crites Ti. Then came across a set of Forte II's with a bad HF diaphram - I took one of the old diaphrams from the KLF-20 and stuck it that bad tweeter, and it worked. Now, I have a set of Chorus II that I want to put a set of Crites Ti's into - this is the K-79-K. Can I take those diaphrams from the Chorus II K-79-K, and put them in the K-75-K of the Forte II's? Looks like they'll fit. EDIT: Based on info found on Crites website, looks like all those diaphrams are interchangable. Whoop!
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