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  1. I've only been reading a while, but was offered something that seems like a great deal, but i'm enough of a newbie where it sounds crazy. I have 2 ev sx500's (horn and 15's, passive, biampable) running on one crown k2. I'm building a box for 2 alpine 1542d's ( dual 4 ohm voice coil, 750 rms 2000 peak) subs. now the question I was offer another crown k2 for the same price as 2 xti 2000's with rack and cords (650) where should i go. I move these arround, but don't care about weight at all. Some places they go are smokey so i lean towards the k2 for the lack of fan. I've never biamped before, but the ability to do that with the two xti 2000s is alluring. Is my love of the k2 blinding me to a great deal with the 2 xti 2000s? thank you for any help
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