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  1. I would like to ask a question those who know Heresy's and the RF63. Or more broadly the Heritage and Reference lines. I want to know if the RF63's have the slam and dynamics and punch which so far I have only heard in the Heresy's? You know what I mean, with the Heresy's you feel the drums in your room, or should I say, over your head it's been so addictive experience, I cannot give that up As I will never part with my RF7's either I wanted to know if the smaller drivers in the RF63's can do my 3rd pair Greetings from France!
  2. Thanks guys for taking the time to share your thoughts! I felt the "imperfect Cornwall" makes no justice to those speakers and it is almost unfortunate that because of their bigger brother they are not valued on their own qualities. Now I am only more curious, but looking at the gear you gyus accumulated I am sure you know how it feels and I think you would agree that OWNING FEW PAIRS OF KLIPSCH SPEAKERS SHOULD BE A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT !!! ))
  3. To break in mine took about 1 month, but most of it was during the first week. I cannot argue if it was a break in or placebo, but one of the two really happened for sure The Nad 375bee drives them to perfection my older Nad model however had harsh treble I had to give it away to a friend to match less sensitive speakers, tried also with my Marantz PM6004. Have not tried only my Sony amp and the HK, but the overall impression so far is that any decent amp will work well with the RF7 provided it can go as low as 2ohms (high current), has correct timing (musical) and has a high-resolution in the treble (smooth) Don't underestimate the importance of good cables, I use silver cables and I am very happy with them and keep them as short as possible (1 meter) .I know to many this sound like superstitions, but I cannot help it, my ears definitely feel the difference when I change to a cheapo cables which I bought thinking that I am making a deal But dont worry you have one of the best speakers known to men so ENJOY!
  4. Hello, wanted to know - are there any of you who consider the Heresy's their absolute favorite? Or at least an absolute must for their stereo music? I cannot audition them so I will apreciate your input and I guess it would help me make a decision too. I have never heard Heresy so far and I am very much intrigued by them. I know many of you prefer Cornwalls, but if you are fond of a tight and balanced sound woudn't then the H-3 be the better choice? No, I am not giving away my RF7's [] but at the same time I have always had few pairs of studio monitors around and I use them for casual listening and just for a different perspective of my music. Also many have complained by the lack of base, can this be compensated by a sub? Or does it really need to be? Since their impact comes from the agility and the speed of the bass, not its depth and don't you agree this approach has merits on itsown? So maybe to paraphrase the question to a more reasonable form - are the Heresy's only a restricted version of Cornwall or is there more into them? cheers and happy listening!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay2XfhFVhBc sorry for the popping sounds - appeared after the upload... I guess related to some conversion which too place on youtube server. hope it still gives an idea of the difference b/w the two sets of speakers.
  6. I truly think the RF-7 has the exact perfect bass at low and at high volume. And it is amazing how diverging opinions different people will have on the very same gear. I don't know your amplification sources and room conditions, but looking at the systems you have experienced I will not question it. And you happen, just like me to own the RF-7... How can we be so different ? I would say the RF-7 have all the bass that has to be there at all levels. The difference in sound b/w the two speakers will be humongous, 2 vs 3 way. different horns, everything. And to take one over the other based on low volume bass is the last consideration in the list. The RF-7 to me has always been different league compared to the rest of the Reference line and still I hear people comparing it to the RF-82 who actually prefer the RF-82. It is all sooo strange I wonder if SOMETHING is wrong here
  7. Not that unusual... my pair lacks bass too and there are other threads in the forum and on Internet where owners complain about that And BTW at many other occasions the conclusion was made that you need to add a sub-woofer to those speakers and so buy an amp with sub-woofer output. It is a shame that Dave asked in the forum and ended buying inappropriate gear. Dave, have you tried to search the forum? Hope you get that fixed soon!
  8. How do you compare them to your La Scala's ? Do you listen to both? Anazing stuff... enjoy them *all*!
  9. From my experience I have drawn few personal guidelines - The amp has to be powerful, even if the sensitivity is rated 101dB the big woofers need a lot of current. I would go for an amp that has plenty of current and can go as low as 2ohms and even 1ohm at peaks with a lot of dynamic potential. 150 Wpc looks OK to me. Dont forget the RF-7 is 1000Wpc dynamic power! I would prefer an A CLASS amp which has high S/N ratio to make sure no harsh sounds are delivered to the horns. The amplifier should have very good micro and macro dynamic because this is where in my opinion the RF7 excels. And last , congrats on the choice for RF-7, absolutely lovely, sweeeet speaker set which will get you anywhere in the universe of music you want!
  10. NAD C375 works very well, Astounding bass and crisp treble.
  11. Bi-wiring donesn't seem to make clear audiable difference to me when exact same pair of cables are used, hmmm, not 100% sure, but I even think it is slightly worse. But if I use different cables lets say for the upper and lower freq's it can change enough to be heard. Do I find it better - not really, I dont use it. BTW pay attention not to make some bad connection and damage your gear, always switch the amp off before experimenting with it and check everything twice before switching it back on.
  12. Hello everyone, thanks for the input! Yes, the RB81 do not play in the same league as the RF7... still I must say I am not unhappy with them anymore - let me show you why - So here's the last result In the YouTube video I have the Marantz PM6003 with "Loudness" button on for more bass and to get rid of the extra noise generated by it I replaced the silver cables which are too sensitive and conduct all the noise to the speakers by some old average quality copper cable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYJltcTIHEg The difference in bass is not audible with the microphone I used, but the "muddiness" in the mid-frequencies is still audible. In absolute terms the RB81 is not great, but only considering its price it is at least good if not very good choice. For some CD's and watching TV I actualy***prefer*** them to the RF-7 for the more relaxed sound they have.
  13. Hi there The Gang! Want to share an experience (rather bad) and have some feedback and opinions. My setup is ony 2 channel - as follows - Sony CD player 5400es and Marantz CD6000 NAD C375BEE RF7 Classic And I wanted to add another pair of smaller speakers for casual use (well... this was the excuse...) so without doing an audition I pushed the red-colored BUY button and now there a pair of RB81 (old version not MKII) in my living room too. In the beginging I had mixed feelings how the RB81 sound, but I decided to give it some time to break-in (and I learned that from the RF7 experiance I have). Now 3 days after I received them already I can say am *not* happy at all with them. The sound is muddy. The high, mid, and low spectrum are not good. There is very little of a bass in the sound...Only the dynamic is there, but without crisp sound it doesn't have an impact. Tried to change the amp - the NAD C350 is only worse (not good with Klipsch anyway) and the Marantz PM 6003 did not help either. They are both mediocre amps and largely inferior to the NAD C375BEE so this was only an act of despair Changed the cables.... which helped!... somewhat... Some bass apeared there but the muddy sound is still here with me. .... I dont use connectors btw - just bare wires.... Ok, so what do you think? Am I too used to the RF7 sound and have too high of expectations for the RB81 which is miles behind the RF7? Or have I missed something? It almost sounds to me as bad as if I had done something stupid with the connections, but I havent. When I connect both RF7 and the RB81 to the NAD375 the difference b/w the two is ... depressing Give me your opinion if you bother What to make out of that? What to think? Have a great time anyone and thank you for ... ALL
  14. usmcavenger, do you feel like saying few more word about the Pioneer Elite SC-57? How do you use it? What's the sound like? what are the pros and the cons? The NAD C375 is perfect for 2ch stereo, has refinement and rage at the same time in terms of sound quality I can say so far only positif comments. However it is rather expensive at 1250 EUR and big and heavy and runs very hot - to the point of making me question if everything is OK with it. At first I was a bit reluctant to mess with it after I saw the review of this amplifier in WhatHiFi, but soon I reliazed they must have their own commercial objectives and decided to ignore them and lucky I was! So happy with the NAD I am still currious about putting together nice multi-channel system and I wonder if the Pioneer support DSD over HDMI which will allow me to plug the Sony SCD XA5400 directly to it. Hmm.... But today it was one of those ***good*** days. I got a 2.5mm silver plated cable for my RF7 to replace a 4mm coper cable which I had for some time. A lot of people say the cable doesnt matter. It depends on the setup. But cable do DO MATTER, they actually matter more then anything else. For 40EUR (1% of the cost of the system and 4 meters of silver cable) the sound is totally different. The high freqs contain more detail, the bass is more accurate and the mids are splendid . The improvements in the middle frequencies are very importand to me since I was finding the 2way RF7 to lack some details there. Not anymore! what a wonderful experience this was! I have to replay all my music with the new cables cannot get enough of my RF7. RF7 MANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey, just upgraded the NAD C350 to NAD C375BEE. What a difference an amp makes!!! The old C350 is 12 years old if I remember well, it lacks the precision of the C375BEE and rated as 2x60W lacks the power of the bigger amp rated 2x150W. Everything is different between the two amps.. the bass is very controlled as I hoped it will be, the brightness in some poorly recored CD's disapearered (that I found to be an amazing improvement) and the mid-range tones are very neutral and clear which was rather expected result . The dramatic difference comes at low levels, basically I dont have to crank up the volume to get full sound. That is a fact. If the difference comes from the added power or higher dumping factor or better precision I dont know. The sources I use are one Marantz CD6000 and a Sony xa5400es CD/SACD. The new Sony has very clear sound and low distortion and outperforms the old 12 year model Marantz. The difference however is not that dramatic, especially if you take into account that the Marantz CD6000 was about 300USD and the Sony is 5x times that
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