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  1. I already have a home theater that I am very satisfied with. I have an office above my garage and would like to install a kick *** computer sound system. I have a Sonica Theater 9-1 sounc card but cannot locate a speaker/amp configuration to go along with it.
  2. Cost analysis has already been done. I'm not talking about an entirely new system but an upgrade to the Pro Media 5.1 system. Obviously someone has done the research.
  3. Yeah...something that compares to Creative's S750's Home Theater has merged with computer sound systems but Klipsch has move in the opposite direction. Am I the only one that sees the market for such a system from Klipsch?
  4. Why has Klipsch not responded to Creative's S750 speaker system? Although I have a Sonic Theater 9.1 card I could use a kick but 5.1 system that compares to Creative's S750. As speaker systems evolve in the direction of more power due to the integration with home theater systems Klipsch has moved in the opposite direction. Every speaker in my home is a Klipsch speaker including the Pro Media 5.1's. If Klipsch continues to ignore this market I will have to move on to the Creative S750's.
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