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  1. I have a 63" Sammy plasma, Yamaha 1040bd player and 3067 avr. I was pretty happy with that, but felt I could improve the piqture quality.

    I thought of buying a new tv, but then a friend of mine got a Oppo 105D and when I saw the difference that it made, I also wanted one! :) 


    With the Oppo in my system, I'm no longer thinking of buying a new tv. It made a huge difference.


    I had a poweramp connected to the 3067, and I wanted to test the volume regulation built into the Oppo connected directly to my power amp. That made a big difference.

    The dynamics and detail was much improved, but I felt I lost a bit of punch, oomph and fullness in the bass/ midbass. 


    I then tried connecting a Parasound pre amp, and to my surprise the punch, oomph and fullness was back in spades! Even more so than running it through the 3067. And this was with a modest Parasound 2100.


    I liked the way this was going, so I thought if I get an even better pre, things would improve even more.

    I contacted the maker of my poweramp and asked if he could build 6 channel version of his stereo pre amp. 


    It  took a few months before I recived it, but it was really worth it.


    So now I'm using my Oppo as the center of my almost analog system, and I couldn't be happier!  :)


    This maker of my amps is now building me a new analog output stage for the Oppo. I'm sold on Oppo, and really looking roward to this upgrade as well....


    I guess you could say that I'm chasing the dragon here, but hey, which serious hobbyist isn't?? :lol:



  2. Hi

    I had Crites upgrades with crossovers and titanium tweeter diaphragms in both Cornwall ii (also with Crites woofers) and Forte ii. They were an significant upgrade from stock.


    I am collecting parts now for an "all out" version of the stock Forte ii crossover. Much inspired from Set12, frequent on the Klipsch Korner pages over at Audiokarma.

    So far I have got new German beefy auto-formers, duelund cast copper caps for mids and Mundorf silver in oil for tweets.

    Still saving up for some beefy 8awg air coils from North Creek inductors... Dang these things are expensive!

    I'm really looking forward to completing these!



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  3. Greetings,
    I have a pair Klipsch Heresy 3 and bought a Klipsch Academy center. I was pleased with the performance and they blended together really well.
    I then bought a pair of Cornwalls 2, upgraded with Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms, cast woofers and crossovers. They were a significant upgrade from the Hersesy, sounding more open, and a lot more detailed and dynamic compared to the stock Heresy 3.
    The problem is they dont blend so good with the Academy. So my question is do you guy`s think upgrading the Academy with Crites titanium diaphragm and crossover would be worth it and hopefully blend in better with the Cornwalls?

  4. Hello.I am new to this forum, but I have a couple of questions I was hoping some of you guys could help me with.I have a friend who runs pro audio gear but he also is an hifi enthusiast like me.He is now using the Faital HF20AT and he sweares that this is the best comp driver he has ever heard.(He has used a lot of different drivers,including the HF200).So my plan was to build a set of Cornscalas using these HF20AT drivers,Fastlane Eliptrac horns and Crites cw1526c woofers.My question then is which crossover would you use?Can I use the stock Crites Cornscala type d crossover,or should I maybe use something like the ALK ES500 network?Any feedback would be highly appreciated.[:)]

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