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  1. I have a 63 inch Samsung plasma 3d tv behind the curtain...

    I was never quite satisfied with the picture quality of this tv. But it took a giant leap up in quality when I connected the Oppo BDP105D compared to my previous Yamaha A1020 player.

  2. This is an overview over my small cabin in my backyard.

    I made everything myself and I put in quite a few hours. When I started, it was never the plan to bring my av-gear out there, but when my wife suggested it, I made some mods and it actually works ok.

    But because it is so small, the sound is very physical. When I crank it, you can physically feel it. I can feel my hair moving and remotes, phones etc start dancing on the table. Big grins!

  3. One of my 15 inch wide THTLP'S under the bench.

    Loaded with Eminence LAB 12.

    Really pleased with these. I have tried several other subwoofers, and none had the SQ of these horn loaded subs.

    Especially on acoustic music, they bring another layer of realism. The sense of speed and control is addictive.

    And the spl-reserves on hand is just ridiculous, one of these beat the living crap out of the SVS Ultra 13 I had previously.

  4. The electronics. Oppo BDP 105D fed analog into the MI 16 pre amp.

    The pre amp is custom built with 6 channels.

    I have to set the crossover, distance and level in the player.

    These amps are really something special.

    2*80 W in pure class A, giant psu (400.000 qF caps and 2*750 VA transformers), no caps in series with the signal path in either pre or power.

    Oh, and yes; ZERO feedback of course!

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