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  1. I had no idea Quartets were worth more than the Forte II's.
  2. Geez those prices are more than Forte II's with walnut veneer.
  3. I have had two pairs of Chorus II's and currently have Forte II's. In my case, it came down to the listening room. In my last house with a bigger listening room, the Chorus II's sounded magnificent. My only complaint is speaker placement is a ***** for the Chorus II's. There is a lot of playing around with the speakers to find that magic spot in one's listening room. When I downsized and tried the Chorus II's in my new listening room, I wasn't satisfied. Luckily, there were a pair of walnut Forte II's in great condition that I bought super cheap so I had a chance to do a head-to-head. The Forte II's sounded better and I have been very happy ever since. I am not saying one speaker is better than the other, it can come down to your environment and also the amp one is using.
  4. I thought this was the boobs, butts and beer thread. My bad!!!
  5. Looks like some weird spooge spots on the midrange horn.
  6. Looking to purchase a pair of ADS L710 speakers. Hopefully someone has a pair in the Chicagoland area.
  7. These have come up nearby. The surrounds look weired. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1892148141078105/
  8. I have a Marantz 2325 that hooked up with a '79 Cornwall. It sounded a little harsh but matched perfectly with the Chorus II's I used to have that I regret selling.
  9. Thanks for the link and it looks like a good deal but a little too far of a drive for me.
  10. As soon as you posted the link, the ad was changed to sold. Only the heresy's remain.
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