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  1. As if they don't weigh enough already.
  2. The JBL 2384 horn is only $125... I know the k-402 is probably (ok, we're on the Klipsch forums) the better horn, but he already has the JBL horns on the other cabinets. They will match up the mids and up... all the way around. It's a logical step in my book.
  3. I have two books in hand, written by my longtime guitar playing buddy, and really need to get the third book, which is the first of a now finished trilogy by my daughter.
  4. Have you tried the JBL 2374 horn on top of the KPT-904 cabinets. They aren't very expensive without the driver, and would make a good match across all the tops. Of course, they do use a 1.5 inch throat driver.
  5. I have a pair of Heresy IIs, from the late '80s I think. The labels were gone when I got them, but I found dated inspection stickers on the inside. They were a gift from my older son. They are black lacquer and sound great. Currently not hooked up to anything, but will soon put them back in play in the living room. Or use them as the mains for the TV when I move the LaScalas to my son's house (The MWMs are for music only, but that could change).
  6. Or there are more and they are enjoying them and listening to music and not on the forums much...
  7. The arqen.com site has a lot of great material. I assume you will be putting some other furniture in the room and raising up the horns. Four floors up, without an elevator?
  8. Just off the top of my head, I think most of the older 2 in. throat drivers would need to be set up as 3-way systems. TADs being an exception...
  9. I certainly understand that... Would you leave the amps up in the front? Did you make the large QRDs?
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