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  1. The way those are mounted in the cabinet with the two woofers in the post above, they would be very close already. I asked Roy about that one time, putting the tractrix horn in a DR cabinet, since the tractrix horn is pretty shallow.
  2. I often use Minwax Fast Drying poly (oil based), and they recommend mineral spirits or paint thinner. Never had a problem with it and have done it for years. Or you can use boiled linseed oil... the organic poly.
  3. And you are speaking of amplifiers for generating music, not reproducing music...
  4. I actually never got the chance to try it, because I hadn't fi ished getting the LS bottoms back together. However, they are finally done, and I have a pair of the K-69 drivers (actually PAudio BM-D750), on some jbl/selenium hm4750 horns I got from Bob Crites. I have them padded down so the levels match pretth close. They make the K-400 horns sound like kazoos. If anyone has a chance to get thr Klipsch k510, don't pass them up. I know they would be a huge improvement.
  5. He 'may' have let John borrow it but it spent some time at my house...
  6. Yours are much neater than mine underneath. Here's a link to my thread on getting them fixed. I didn't take a pic after the tech finished working on them.
  7. Steve, my last electric was a Godin LP90 and had the best intonation and feel. I bought it used for $350. Was a great guitar but I just didn't need it. One of my favorites was a Gibson ES-140 like the one shown below (it's not mine). Only paid $100 for it including the brown case with pink lining. The body is about the size of an LP but a hollowbody. About a 3/4 scale neck. I would love one of the new Taylor Grand Pacific 717 or 517 round shoulder models.
  8. My wife has two son and two grandsons who live in Caloocan, Metro Manila, but we also spent time in Culion, at the north of end of Palawan.
  9. So... I just turned 70. This past Christmas we were in the Philippines, ... got a harcut while we were there.
  10. Thin the first coat of poly with mineral spirits. It will penetrate and seal more. Bruce
  11. They got into financial difficulty over family issues...
  12. I just remember Dennis saying they had a frying bacon sound at higher volumes, and he used to do PA work and it was LOUD to the nth degree. He attributed that to the slot, and it is a long slot in those horns.
  13. Would you think that, given the volume one listens to in the home, at close distance, the throat has little chance of being overloaded? Bruce
  14. C1 (10uF) is the first cap connected between pin 8 of you rectifier and L1, and C4 (47uF) is part of the AC/hum balance circuit. I would get with on of the tube guys thee in Panama City and see if they could look it over for other damaged parts. Can you post a good pic of the whole underside of the amp? Mine was built as a kit and wasn't the tidiest of jobs. Hopefully yours follows the layout more clearly so it will be easier for a tech to go through. Bruce
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