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  1. Heinz, To me, your photo looks like 7 plys with the additional 2 veneer plys. Bruce
  2. 'Man of Miracles' was recorded in the studio in South Pekin, Ill, where my friends and I recorded. They borrowed my JBL4311s to check the mixes, as the studio was using some EV monitors they weren't familiar with. Some online things list the studio as Paragon, but the studio was Golden Voice. Molly and the gang are putting out more material. This has been out less than a week.
  3. Well, I sure wasn't the one paying for it either. IIRC, each package we had was about $20K. That would be for a camera, two magazines and two battery packs and a charger. They recorded the audio on magstripe film (one edge sprockets and the other edge a magnetic stripe). They had a crystal osc. to control the speed, so you could use a seperate audio recorder, but we didn't do that. The reflex model could be purchased with a video port attachment, and also could be purchased in a super16 format, for widescreen projections.
  4. I can only imagine the rush that was. Maybe we'll meet up some day and you can tell. JJ, the cameras we used were CP-16 (Cinema Products), designed mostly for news work. At the station in Memphis, our chief photographer had a CP-16R, with reflex viewfinder. They had crystal contolled motors, 2 mic inputs. Perfect for news work. Our cameras had 9.5-57 Angeniuex lenses. I didn't like the short 57, but having the wider 9.5 was nice for cramped offices.
  5. @Dave1291 How much sid that bag weigh with all your gear?My 16mm camera with a 400 ft foll of 16mm film was only 17-18 lbs. When the first video gear came out, the recorder was about 30 and the camera another 20 or so. I couldn't deal with the weight.
  6. Not the newest of each, and not in the same room. I had a pair of the original LS ('89s) when I heard the then current Cornwalls at Klipsch HQ in Indianapolis. I used a pair of 2A3 monoblocks on my LS. I sold thise to Deang. I later found a pair of beter LS with all the wrong parts, but finally got them filled up. I gave those to my older son, who is enjoying them. For me, all horn systems rule, especially in dynamics and sensitivity. The Corns, at the tme, just didn't do it for me. However, lots of folks love them. Of course, that's fine if they are enjoying the music.
  7. You can also use ALT codes for different accent chacters. Usually holding down the ALT key while tying 1-3 numbers. Phones don't have the ctrl or alt keys, though.
  8. Beautiful! I should have said mine is an FM2n. I spent about 10 years shooting 16mm film for tv news and documentary work. I always wanted to carry a 35mm amera around with me for stills when the timing was right, but we were on the move too much to bother with it. I got the Nikon in the early '90s, after I had ended up in IT. It was a move from a Pentax Spotmatic I got used in the early '70s. My older son @Invidiosulus still has it.
  9. I would take the AL5 in a heartbeat over the Cornwall. To me, the horn loaded bass wins hands down. As an aside, I adjust the mids on my original LS, pulling the level down a few db. Night and day difference. Whether low level listening, jazz, acoustic music or loud rock, they didn't have the chainsaw to the forehead sound. Plus, I love the aesthetic of the La Scala cabinet. The Cornwall just looks like a big box. The AL5 is much improved.
  10. We used to buy 5 gallon buckets of whole grains and grind it to make our own flour > bread. Josh @Invidiosulus was the one who did most of the work on the hand cranked grinder. I would get home from work and half the bread was already gone.
  11. I won't be using this one, though...
  12. Ok, I've decided to shoot some film. Gonna have to think about the shots so I don't waste too much money. I had to get a battery for the meter on my FM2. I had taken it out a few years ago so it wouldn't end up leaking in the camera. This will be fun.
  13. I know I still have rca patch cables I got in the '70s...
  14. Kevin, Is your garage that you are converting a 2 car? Ours was converted to a family room by the original owner of our house, maybe 30 years ago. Since it was a 2 car garage with a couple steps up into the house, it has 9 1/2 ft ceilings. Your LS will sound great in a room that size. I've given my older son my LS and sold the huge MWS, but they were awesome in our room.
  15. Marvel


    How are haggis and bagpipes the same? Everyone cheers when you cut them apart.
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