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  1. Marvel

    Powered wireless speakers?

    Ok, we gave the JBL to one of stepsons, but intend to get another. i've not heard any others, but we liked it. You can also use a wired connection on it ( 1/8 inch) and plug in a phone or tablet to charge. It may be worth checking out.
  2. Marvel

    Powered wireless speakers?

    @DizRotus Neil, are they meaning bluetooth or regular wireless so the can stream higher fidelity? We had a jbl Charge 3 that worked very well. My younger son had two of the Charge 2 model, and used them for muzic at his wedding reception. The JBL app lets you hook up multiple units and assign left/right to them. We could used ours for days without recharging, as well. Bruce
  3. Also, some have been members since 2001, 2002, so they have had a lot of time to post. ☺️ Bruce
  4. Marvel


    Replacing the selenium rectifier with the diode is a good thing, as the old rectifiers will fail. Your onboard DC voltage will be higher with the diode so bringing the line voltage down is good. BUT... take is to someone who knows tube equipment and at the very least, have them go through and check everything. I live where we have TVA power and 125 volts line voltage... my ST-70 power tranny ran hot all the time. When I did a rebuild, I replaced the power transformer with one from Triode Electronics. It still runs warm but not quite like the old one. Bruce
  5. Marvel

    Super MWM

    Very cool! I personally don't think you will need the reflectors for the low frequencies/long wavelengths involved. Looking forward to seeing pics of the build. Bruce
  6. Marvel

    Heresy troubleshooting

    I think those will look just fine with some of the black in the grain. I have some H IIs that my older son gave me and they are black. With black grills they tend to disappear in the room, but I've really thought about stripping off the paint or picking a veneer for them. I'm just too busy. Can't wait to see yours once they are finished. Bruce
  7. Marvel


    An acquaintance of mine has an Antminer Bitcoin S9 (I think that is the version). They pull a lot of current and generate a lot of heat, but you can make money with them, but right now the profit margin for doing that is very low for the trouble. We had one of our co-worked get it by accident (someone pulled a switcharoo with a credit card and it got shipped to her. It cost her nothing and the cc company got the charge off her card and sent a new card. She didn't want or need it, so she gave it away to my friend. He is waiting to see if the value goes back up before getting it running. Bruce
  8. Marvel

    Show us your great photography thread!

    I like the looks of the Z3 better...
  9. Marvel

    The MicroZOTL MZ3 is a one-watt Speaker Amp!

    It has a remote... It uses a digital interface for controls, volume settings and inputs ae save when you power off. (Gee, my pre does that... the switches are in the same position they were when I turned it off) The PS has 12VDC output... 😬
  10. Marvel

    How to Re-Veneer curved surfaces

    The problem part is he tops, as they are like a piece from a bowl, curved in both directions.
  11. Marvel

    The Three - out of the box and...

    Do you have any other source that you can provide to The Three? Bruce
  12. Marvel

    Heresy troubleshooting

    But.... Heresy speakers aren't really big. That's what happened after Bose and other companies started rewriting the laws of physics. Those look great and some BLO or Tung oil will look great on those. Bruce
  13. Marvel

    Type A Rebuild Input Needed

    A lot of folks on here have had the SKs and they have been fine, but that would also depend a lot on how well they were made. Some folks here have also poured excessive amounts of money into various Klipsch models, so it all depends on what you are happy with. Bruce
  14. Marvel

    La Scalas and time alignment?

    What did you say? 👂
  15. Marvel

    La Scalas and time alignment?

    I disagree with this. The critical difference is between the mid and tweeter and easily noticeable, but you ae now talking between the woofer and K-691, which is crossed at what... 400 or 450?. You driver on your K402 is back about where the mid horn drive would reside, so it's already back somewhat closer. Did you remove the upper cabinet? According to @Chris A , this would be a lot better. Bruce