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  1. It was at a practice session, not a regular game. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/george-floyd-death-liverpool-footballers-knee-200601182131537.html
  2. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    That's also how we messed up the centrifuges the Iran was using, too. Regular PCs don't have a back door, but as I learned in my security class when working for a guv'mint contractor, the best security is no physical access, which would include network connections.
  3. That's great! Do you have another preamp you could try with the two tube amps? I agree with John, too. Those curves look quite tolerable.
  4. Hmmm, that was about 12 years ago, too. I was also a bit younger... 😉
  5. There apparently was an issue with the powdered drink Tang causing gas problems with earlier astronauts. I'm sure you can read up on it.
  6. My wife in Jingdezhen, China, considered the porcelain capital of the world. They've been producing fine porcelain for over a thousand years.
  7. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    An NHC healthcare center in our area just identified 24 of its elderly as positive with the corona virus. Plus one staff member.
  8. We had a few copperheads, but they are pretty sluggish...
  9. Looks like the same thing is happening in Atlanta.
  10. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    You know this how? Have you worked on network security to know how it is done, what the protocols are to even begin to gain access?
  11. We had couple good size king snakes in our yard. They kept the mouse population in check. Farmer neighbor shot one of them... Really pissed me off, started having mice getting into the house.
  12. The amp hum issue is certanly fixable. The tubes4hifi designs and boards are good, although 125wpc is way more than those speakers need. The boominess of the CWIII's can be dealt with. Lots of people love them, for sure. The only time I've heard them I also thought they were boomy, and that was at the Klipsch hq. Still, tone everything down and it's a really nice system. Shouldn't take too much work. Bruce
  13. Rattlers are in parts of Wisconsin, too. More visible during dry years as the move to find water. They are more rare, though. Timber Rattlesnakes and Eastern Missasauga Rattlesnakes...
  14. Marvel

    YouTube Spinning

    Nice version of Neil Young's "Helpless":
  15. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    And the has been no evidence given that that is true. To me he is just stoking the fire and making this more political.
  16. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    The samples were recovered undamaged.
  17. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    We have no more than three in a room and always wear masks, etc. A lot of meetings using zoom, bluejeans, skype, facetime...
  18. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    I have been fortunate to be in my office/tech shop since this started. With most of the staff working from home or in the group residences, I've been able tto actualle catch up on some of our IT work, i.e., putting in some new cabling, installing switches, doing pc upgrades and rebuilds. We are letting some staff back in the main building, but there is limited attendance. My wife supervises at a group home, but it is a different location than her regular spot.
  19. And a MAC MC206 six channel amp (copy says it's a 5 channel MC2105), Thorens TD 125 mkII turntable, and some Polka speakers 🤪
  20. There's a pair of EV SP15 speakers and some JBL compression drivers that look to be mint
  21. You know it's not always a slippery slope... sometimes it's a cliff.
  22. The Brystons are nice amps. I normally use some 3.5 watt 2A3 amps on my La Scalas., but at the moment have disconnected the woofers and connected so Klipsch MWM bins with two 15 inch woofers in each. While I used the tube amps with them and they are quite ok, my larger Crown amps gives some very tight bass.
  23. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    Other than the bazzilion pop up ads on their site, it was a good article. By studying the genome sequence of SARS-CoV-2 and comparing it to other coronaviruses, scientists in China found it was 96 percent identical to RaTG13, which infects horseshoe bats. Bats are reservoirs of coronaviruses that often recombine, and carry 61 viruses known to infect humans. But RaTG13's spike protein which it uses to invade a host's cells is different to that of SARS-CoV-2, meaning it likely didn't spread directly from bats to people. One pre-print study (meaning it hasn't been peer reviewed) shared online on the website bioRxiv in March indicated that SARS-CoV-2 diverged from RaTG13 between 40 to 70 years ago. "The SARS-CoV-2 lineage is not a recent recombinant, at least not involving any of the bat or pangolin viruses sampled to date," the authors wrote. Professor David Robertson, of the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research and co-author of the bioRxiv study, told Newsweek: "We've shown that although relatively close in sequence space this still represents several decades of time."
  24. 🙄 Oh oh... I wasn't paying attention to how new they were (and he already listed the serial numbers... ). I must have fallen asleep at the keyboard.
  25. Nice! The black paint job looks great, too. I wish I had done more with the ones I had before getting rid of the cabinets. They were so heavy, though and at the time sounded terrible. I did use the aluminum horns and drivers as my tweeters on my La Scalas for a while. Lining up the driver with the mid was easy and the front of the horn was closer to the front of the LS cabinet. so I didn't notice much of a reflection off the top of the cab.
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