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  1. Should be ok, ans quite a number here have had the K510 on La Scalas crossed the same as a KHorn.
  2. Marvel

    I-phone 6s

    They are suppose to wipe ALL data and images, but they aren't like a DOD wipe where you write ones and zeros over the drive multiple times (along with other manipulations).
  3. Beautiful system! I really like Dianna Krall, too. Watched a great Youtube of her on a show hosted by Elton John, where he sat and interviewed DK and played different music. She played one song in two totally different styles... She played one of EJ's songs,which they did as a duet, vey nice.
  4. With all due respect... what is your problem dude? I knew Dennis (may he rest in peace), and know Dean. Neither has made money off of me, and both have bent over backward to help folks out.
  5. Marvel


    Hi Keith, welcome to the forums. Looking at the manual, if you only have a single sub out on your Onkyo, you can plug it into the rca for the left/lfe input on the sub. It should work fine this way. Some would use a Y adapter, but it isn't necessary. Bruce
  6. Thinking of Westcoastdrums on the loss of his grandmother. The first song in this set on NPR, Golden Embers... Andrew Marlin wrote it about the loss of his mother when he was 18.
  7. I've never told anyone they were bad. I've never said the Klipsch engineering staff didn't know what they were doing. I'm not much into flooby dust either. You mean it's not now?
  8. It may have been the caps in mine, and I just didn't like the sound, but I built new crossovers (designed by another member on here. And not someone in the crossover business).
  9. I believe it was more people looking for something to put in their LS instead of the AL, strictly because they didn't like them.
  10. Thoughts and prayers for you and the rest of the family.
  11. I use to get Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend. has a chocolaty bit that wasn't mentioned on the cans, but in fact there is a 0.1 % bit of chocolate in it. I hate fru fru coffees, but really like this. https://trungnguyenus.com/collections/original-taste/products/ground-coffee-premium-blend-425-grams-1
  12. The steeper slopes pretty much require a greater listening distance before there is a cohesive sound. I also think (my opinion) the LS sounds more cohesive because of the way the horn is constucted. The khorn and LS each have a bifurcated horn, but the LS, coming to a point, sounds more like a single horn.
  13. Just a thought... I help support a little over 400 PCs, about 70 percent are linux. Using usb drives to move some things around has been iffy, but I formatted a usb with rufus (windows only), but let it make it an ms-dos disk/drive. It's worked better than other formats. Originally I tried it to be able to do a bios update on a laptop, actually on a laptop that would initiate the update from the bios itself.
  14. Only good for a two way... And he isn't asking for a digital solution.
  15. They got blown a lot after high powered SS amps came around.
  16. Very true! You can also get them with just the two screws on top, and a square pin that would go through the cabinet and you solder the wire onto the pin. It's only 1/2 inch on the one I found, but you could feed the wire through two holes and solder, then screw down the barrier strip. I never paid attention to my original LS and the beater pair was done a different way.
  17. I thought they were like the one pictured, with rge wire coming thoigh a hole and attached to one side of the barrier strip. The hole is sealed with caulk. The wires to the crossover connect to the other terminals. That's how the wires come out of the MWMs I have.
  18. I managed to unload the MWMs by myself and got them into the house with no help. They are a little over 280 pounds each. My helper had something come up and couldn't get to the house. It could have easily gone wrong, but it turned out fine. I'm only half their weight. 🤫
  19. Glad it's all sorted out. I've always moved the audio gear and instruments myself. the last to get packed and the first to set up, so we had music to pack and unpack by. It has become harder as the speakers have become larger.... 🙄
  20. Yes, more of... don't play those notes together, it sounds dreadful. Makes sense to me.
  21. There is nothing I can find in any Church documents (Catholic or Anglican) banning the use. Maybe it was the Presbyterians and other reformers.
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