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  1. I've loved them ever since I borrowed some LS clones built by DJK for P.A. use, in the early '80s. I finally got a real pair around 2006. Simply amazing speakers.
  2. Nice looking dogs. This one belonged to my guitar playing buddy, in the early '70s. His tail could almost knock you down. Bushrod, named after Bushrod Johnson:
  3. A ported woofer actually decreases excursion as it nears the tuning point. below the tuning point it will increase. The problem is group delay increases as you near the tuning frequency.
  4. There was a time when a speaker the size of a Heresy was also considered a bookshelf speaker. My JBL 4311s are almost the same size and they weren't meant to be on the floor.
  5. Playin' those Mosrite guitars... didn't need any stinkin' Fenders (except for the amps).
  6. Torx is a trademark... the 'star' isn't, but the same bits fit.
  7. I've had a Fluke 77 (original) since '91. Other than not doing capacitance or inductance it has served me well. It is strictly a VOM. Never an issue with it. I used to do repairs on industrial knitting machines, which meant work on 3 phase motor controllers. The a stint at a government contractor, before 19 yrs in IT, repairing various equipment. Alway worked perfectly for that and all my hooby stuff. That being said, a $30-50 DVM would probably work just as well.
  8. I thought you used a hand truck under the front, with carpet/blanket between the front and hand truck. Put a strap around it and away you go. While one pulls up the steps, another is helping lift from below.
  9. In case it was overlooked, the PRV WG45 is listed by PRV as an exponential horn.
  10. I second that... I know that most Ace stores usually have a lot of that kind of stuff.
  11. I've had two different pairs on LS, was always fine without subs. I did, for a while have a pair of MWM cabinets also in the room with the second pair. But they are huge... and cleanest bass I've heard. Love the LS, very clean and tight sound.
  12. A high school friend of mine played a Harmony Sovereign, until we both picked up our Martin D-28s. They were (and still are if you can find them), pretty nice guitars. Also has a rather flat bottom. (I got this pic off the web)
  13. So... here's the Eko 12 string. Probably around '66. I think my brother scanned this old print, and it is rather low res. Notice the madras plaid sport coat... And one I posted elsewhere before... a couple years later up in Platteville, WI, playing a friends Guild D-40.
  14. That's a nice looking guitar, and not an odd body shape at all.
  15. Two singles would really be enough for a room.
  16. Is there a sequence across the back of the tops?
  17. Not having a pair of these to try, just a thought. Unless you have a turntable, I would try a 3.5mm to rca cable and plug in to the line/phono connection. Make sure to switch to the line input on the R-41PN panel. See if that will work and keep as the default.
  18. And it's more than just Michael https://critesspeakers.com/who-we-are.html
  19. I have some drivers I picked up and used for a while... needing to get them put away safe. I had a perfect size box (wife ordered new shoes... ). I stuck some foam blocks in. made a lottle shelf out of more cardboard. They aren't going to wiggle around and will easily go on a shelf. Knocked it out after lunch.
  20. Having done most of my first 30 years of driving in the upper midwest, the were some times where what John did could make sense. Had plenty of places where if you stopped, you weren't going to get started again. Drivers in this area around Chattanooga have become noticeably crazier over the past 2 years. Crazier and more dangerous .
  21. My wife has a 12 hr shift... 8-8 today. I'm driving... We have had steady rain overnight and it's supposed to be snow when I pick her up tonight. She's done well learning to drive over the past 10 years but driving in bad weather makes her nervous.
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