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  1. I think this is the best cover of this song I have ever heard
  2. Mandolin Orange... This couple is always so tight.
  3. I never felt or acted that way...
  4. I think I'll try and stop by there building next week and find out what front end tube is being used.
  5. The APT50 driver is rated at 85watt rms with a 5k crossover, 45 watts with a 3.5k crossover
  6. The other son was a music major (composition) and certainly appreciates great sound reproduction. He did have some nice JBLs, courtesy of his brother. 😄 He got them while living in a dorm. I'll have to check and make sure he didn't slip up and get some Bose. I have some other plans for what I still have, perhaps he should get my HIIs.
  7. I remember what John wanted for the one pair of LS (He had two pair). Who made that mess? I kept thinking I would do them over... I found some solid copper nails, but never ordered them. A lot has happened since that day. BUT. that wasn't really the first time we heard La Scalas (or clones). We were in a church with DJK's brother, and had borrowed a set of clones Dennis had built. We used them for a conference for which I was running audio. They worked soooo well.
  8. Marvel


    About 280 pounds when loaded with K-43s. Mine just fit through the sliding glass doors.
  9. Well, with this you won't be able to do delays or adjust eq (unless adding other electronics). No phase adjustments, etc. But if it would work for you, why not try it. I think someone on here had posted about this before. I see these haven't made it to market yet.
  10. Closer to a wall or corner will definitely help the bass on La Scalas of any vintage/new model. Loved my LS with 2A3 amps, and nothing beats fully horn loaded speakers.
  11. The other pics in the link shows it as a stereo amp. Hardwired Dynaco circuit.
  12. As this has become a little derailed,,,, The La Scalas were never harsh (maybe when I got my first set, but they had AL crossovers). The first set from '89 looked beautiful and sounded great once I replaced the crossovers. While I awaited parts and built the DHA2 crossovers, I had a pair of ALK universals on loan from @JohnA (I think they were universals). They sounded fine, even at lower volumes. I know they weren't Al's extreme slope design. The DHA2 crossovers were designed by John. Time and circumstances lead me to sell the '89s. I kept the crossovers as the new owner put in some of Deans models. When I found some beater LS (the cabinets were about all I got), I slowly acquired parts and set them up, again with the DHA2 crossovers, almost new K-33s, K-400 mid horns with EV 1828 drivers (Klipsch also used those for a while, and the Eminence APT150 tweeter (an APT50 driver on a 100x50 horn). It all sounds great at any level in any room they've been in, powered by everything from 3.5 watt SET amps, 35 watt Crown and 300 watt Crown.
  13. The Selenium drivers have more output. The Eminence drivers are the original ones made in Poland, which Bob C. said were smoother than the Eminence made drivers. I like them much better than the K-77, but part of that is probably due to the horn on the Eminence.
  14. I'm going to ask Travis (or another mod) to create a new thread and move all this extra stuff from here. I'll just say -- I love La Scalas. They've worked great in any room I've placed them (both pair). I didn't get rid of them because they didn't work in the spaces... it was financial or needed the room.
  15. I'm fortunate to have a pair, plain black with no aluminum trim or anything. I just delivered my LaScalas to my older son today, but I've still to get cables wired and setup with the digital crossover. @dtel built some MWM singles out of oak ply. They look really nice. I have his drawing if you need it or can take measurements off mine.
  16. This will wake you up! I believe Molly plays more notes in one song than I've played in my whole life. A new release...
  17. Are those the bases that you have stripped? It's possible the cabinets are matching... They sometimes painted them (cabs a risers) to cover flaws.
  18. Actually, you did it the other way, as drives were so slow. At boot up you would create a drive in memory and copy the program into that. Memory access was way faster than drive access.
  19. My newest PC is an thrown away Dell workstation. I have $100 invested in it.Two 6 core xeons (24 threads) and 64G of RAM. Can't hear it run and it overkill for what I do. My eprsonal opinion is that unless you are making money with a computer, there's no reason to chase down that rabbit hole. BUT, enjoy you new computer.
  20. I used 2A3 amps with mine for a long time. Plenty of volume, plenty of bass (great trannies on the amps). I had the mids pulled down a few db, which to me balanced out the range. Mine sounded great no matter what room they were in. Originally in a13x22 foot room, then slightly smaller, then 20x22. Even used them in a banquet hall, 1800 sq/ft with 20 ft ceilings (used a 300wpc Crown for that). Awesome, with the best sound our organization has had.
  21. I found that dropping the mids few few dB that they are more balanced and good at any volume, but perhaps 70-80 dB are really, really good.
  22. Welcome to the forums! Those look pretty good. I have a pair of Heresy IIs. Slightly newer than yours. They are satin black. My older son gave them to me over 15 years ago. I love them! They are currently replacing a pIr of beater LA Scalas I am delivering to the same son. I have extra parts and speakers in the room at the moment (little to big speakers...)
  23. I know that Gil had built of set of the Speakerlab SKhorns, which, although not exact copies of the Klipschorn, were/are very good if built correctly (or perhaps overbuilt in Gil's case). He is always a gentleman. Prayers for a good recovery!
  24. His apple pie isn't too sweet, much better than I expected. He had some 120 proof... 🤯 The bourbon was pretty good.
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