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  1. He had some bourbon, a little sharp, this is an apple pie, which I thought would be too sweet, but over ice it's pretty good. Since it did't cost me anything, it makes it even better. He doesn't make much, the police know where he lives (which is in town... a small town, but still...)
  2. My LS are very lovely sounding, but I used a 3rd party crossover design and pulled the mids down some. The tweeters are Eminence APT50s on an Eminence 150 horn, mounted on baffles placed on the tops so they could be moved to the backs so they could be time aligned. Very nice at any volume.
  3. 80 proof honey? Not quite... but it's not bad for home made. A friend gave me a jar tonight.
  4. well, not quite... but moved out of the way. They are going to older son on Friday, so the Heresy IIs are in their place with the MWMs as place holders until I get some cables wired up and the digital crossover wired up. The HIIs sound amazingly good for their size.
  5. sooo...what comes in a jar like this?
  6. I couldn't/can't get the link from my phone. Usually works... but it's Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic doing Bridge over Troubled Waters. Easy to make fun of him, but he really had pipes...
  7. Decided to start this. Written by my best friend of over 50 years. It to him years to research the book. Quite fascinating read, even if he wasn't my best friend. The cover wasn't picked by hime, unfortunately, as it has nothing to do with the book.
  8. Dave, Emile had looked at the JBL 1.5 in. horns, which are good horns. They can be had for about $125. Going from the 1.4 in. driver would be a small transition.
  9. Look at this Radian... that graph looks pretty smooth. The berylium is about $500 or so more per driver... most of theirs come in 8 or 16 ohms. https://usspeaker.com/radian 745pb-1.htm
  10. Depending on where you want to cross... look at the Faital or Radian 1.4 inch drivers. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard for @Dave Ato make a plate adapter to make the transition to 1.5. Probably wouldn't have to be very thick, it's a small change.
  11. A five hour drive would be a short trip for me. I think Schu is only selling because he got the Jubilees.
  12. I'll let Dean give the info, but I had built a different crossover (designed by another member here), and it has a swamping resistor. I used a pair of 2A3 monoblocks to power the LS. Sounded great. Oops... Bruce not Brice
  13. Wow... posted yesterday on YT...
  14. Eh...? I don't know anything about those drivers. I DO have 3619s in my crossovers, can't even remember how I used them, although I am using EV 1828 drivers, with 8 ohm diaphragms. They are all going away next week, though, as I'm giving them to my older son. I have a digital crossover, other horns and 2 inch drivers to get set up. I still have to get some XLRs and cable to wire everything up, so it will be a while. I'm just a loon...
  15. If you only have 4 channels of amplification and you still need the tweeter, it makes sense. The LS midrange won't exactly work in a two way.
  16. Nor should you! If you haven't seen it, you should watch the movie "Coco", a Pixar/Disney film. Hilarious and respectful...
  17. 10 watts Class A out of a single 300B would be ideal for a compression driver tweeter.
  18. It's a polyswitch, used to protect the tweeter from overvoltage. You can remove it if you want... just don't overdo it on the power.
  19. Neither could your ears, in either woofer. 😁
  20. I'm not waxing poetic about anything. I have some K69As sitting here, some 2 inch throat horns, amps and digital crossover. Just waiting until I get the LS moved off to my son's in a week (and they don't have K55s in them, either, but some EV 1828s... another small throat driver). I do need to get some XLRs and other cable, but it won't be long. It's all good.
  21. I think the concern is that the opening is smaller than the horn mouth.
  22. They sound so good with the K-43s... I hate to think of switching them out.
  23. The black really does, after awhile, make them less noticeable. Always a plus to have an understanding wife, too.
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