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  1. I no longer have the MWMs... 😉 Going to build some minipunches... and everything will be fine. Nothing beat the MWMs, though.
  2. Justin, when you did the first minipunch with the two ports, what length did you use? Those are looking great!
  3. I get it... I actually tried the Walgreens site last week, as the CVS that we've been to multiple times (job requirement), had no empty slots. I gave up on it. The CVS site was simpler. I find most large company websites to be awful anyway.
  4. Agree with the CVS, used them often this past year. The closest Physicians Care does walk in testing here, but you may have a long wait.
  5. We're 4hrs apart. Wish we were closer.
  6. ### Travis. You can delete this if you want... [Response to Bruce: I won't lock or delete the thread if I don't have to, I will just boot out those who violate the specific rules for this thread, which is it's fine to discuss the emotional and mental impact of the latest surge, either due to people at work being positive, losing staff, family who are positive. That's it, nothing else. Violators get a warning (usually), then they are banned from the thread] Our company, which cares for folks with developmental and inetellectual disabilites, had done pretty well over the past two years, but now having trouble. The end of last week, we had 43 people test positive for Covid, a mix of staff and clients. A couple are in the hospital. Since most are in our group homes (anywhere from 2-10 inividuals), they can be kept isolated, but it makes it harder for staff, as they can't move around. And we are down about 20-30% on staff, mostly due to low pay. My wife manages a house with two individuals, and two staff other than herself. One was out for two weeks (tested positive), so they were doing 12hrs on, 12 off. Back to full staff, but it was rough for a while (the staff who was positive hasn't been vaccinated- so far not required). We have family in Ireland who has tested positive... they're isolated at home. Feeling like flu so far. Wife and I are fine... just rambling a bit.
  7. Ah, a '74 Guild F-30R... the other is a '91 Taylor 812c.
  8. Presence is midrange, brilliance is the high end, tweeters.
  9. Yes, a capacitor lead was broken and needed replacing. Haven't heard results of new cap yet, though.
  10. So... I had the speakers in the pic below... the wife never complained about them. However, they've been replaced with a pair of Heresy IIs. They are really nice, but there is no comparison to the previous speakers. I'm headed for something larger again, but not as big as the MWM bass cabinets.
  11. It's the way the lights hits it in the photo. They don't look like that to the naked eye.
  12. Neither set of your current speakers block the windows... The Dynaudio speakers are high quality but you like the Forte. For me, the Forte look nicer, like they belong in the room. What do the Dynaudios do for you that the Fortes don't? If the Fortes are better, draw you in to the music more, work for the tv audio, the answer is clear. Sell the Dynaudios and move the Fortes more to the corners. Nice, comfy looking room.
  13. I believe it was 1 1/2" EMT. A friend of mine had built a few sets of chimes to sell, and had the correct lengths to use so they sounded somewhat melodic. They weren't pretty, being galvanized steel tubing, but they sounded ok. Only four in a set, and I think the longest piece was close to three feet. We had a metal clapper for it, and it was LOUD if there was much of a breeze. We currently have a set of aluminum chimes, also big, that sound really nice. Can't recall exactly, but I think they are in a pentatonic scale. They came from Hobby Lobby...
  14. I miss the Duke! I've got Mark's modded Crown D-45 "The Duke".
  15. 10 hours one way and the weather not so good. I think I'll have to skip this, but could be a great deal for someone closer.
  16. This is so true. It's nice having all the space back, though.
  17. Seeing the two versions side by side actually makes the new one look smaller than in the first Klipsch video renderings. Much more impressive seeing a real one in a picture.
  18. While I work on something new, my La Scalas have gone to my older son and the MWMs have gone to Indiana. I'm left with my Heresy IIs. They just don't draw you in like the big horns do.
  19. The miniDSP HD models have more headroom and are quieter. I would certain not hesitate if they would fit your budget.
  20. Agent Orange has been a huge problem for those in country during the war and now well recognized. @DizRotus Neil, what age are we talking about? Bruce
  21. Neil, a lot of the work our company does is aging and dementia. I'll ask our lead doctor tomorrow. He's got the credentials and connections: Rick Rader, MD, FAAIDD, FAADM, DHL (hon) Director, Habilitation Center, Orange Grove Center Member, National Council on Disability President, American Association on Health and Disability Board, American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Executive Committee, Friends of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Medical Advisory Committee, Special Olympics International Emeritus Advisor, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, US Dept of Health and Human Services Editor-in-chief, Exceptional Parent Magazine Member, National Academy of Practice in Medicine National Medical Advisor, National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals
  22. Gosh, that's at least 55 years old, maybe a lot more. Here's one of the original labels, from the '40s.
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