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  1. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    The Chinese can build whatever quality you want, but the cost will go up.
  2. The Lynx Aurora 8 would certainly work, but also would definitely need a computer and software to set up the crossover slopes and delays/compensation. It's what I was going to do as well, although the MiniDSP or other more expensive options would be a LOT easier and probably get a good outcome more quickly and with less work.
  3. Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland Up to 600 feet to the ocean below...
  4. Maybe he doesn't want to deal with the crazy folks here... Hope he is just taking a break.
  5. china in China... Nanchang to be exact.
  6. NICE! Bet it cost more that the original before Sir Paul made them famous. That is beautiful!
  7. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    This boat is floating on real water... just wish I had taken the pic.
  8. I played with a group in Memphis in the early '70s. The bass player had one of the original Hofner violin basses. He had pulled all the frets out, run through one of the small Ampeg bass amps that you flipped the amp over to the inside to move it around. He got some amazing tone out of it. Even with the fret lines still there, he almost never looked at the neck. And, yes, Leo put frets on the bass so us knumbskull guitarists could play it and halfway be in tune. You should see someone pick up my lap steel and go "Now what?" The Precision was also a LOT easier to get into a car to move around.
  9. Took this in Macau... three tiny islands and 8 churches.
  10. Love that pic! I wish I would have had some filters when I took this from the Peak. Plus, it was a small pocket camera.
  11. One after the other makes me suspicious...
  12. Leo Fender created the "PRECISON" bass, named that because of the frets, so there could, indeed be an in pitch bass.
  13. Marvel


    There are a lot of things wrong with that photo. Holding the obviously unplugged soldering iron, no antistatic mat or wrist strap. Not much to use that on from the top of that motherboard. You also wouldn't usually be using that kind of iron on a board like that. I'm sure there are more things...
  14. Correct, the 2019 taxes don't need to be done yet to receive the stimulus check.
  15. We had auto deposit on refunds for the past few years, so our went in electronically. It was made as a separate deposit from my SS. I haven't done our 2019 taxes yet either.
  16. We got ours the middle of April
  17. I guess that's why I won't mind retiring to the Philippines. 😉
  18. Probably, but both teams did a flyover in New York. At around 8 minutes you can see how close they got...
  19. You would need to add a zero to those to get close to our humidity. Ours is right at 82% this a.m. A beautiful sunny day that is supposed to hit 70. We had 85 earlier in the week... the heat felt great.
  20. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    Never met anyone from China who wanted to learn Japanese. Not much love between the two. They mostly all want to learn English.
  21. Nope, no green thumb here. The plant has managed to survive inspite of us owning the property.
  22. He was ok... When his old band practiced in my garage they didn't even have a p.a. system.
  23. Last time I had a suger cube was... oh wait... Never mind.
  24. Had these (only took pic of one blossom) show up in the yard of our current house. I think the original owner of the house planted this clematis in the early 1960s. Best I've come up with is they are Belle of Woking.
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