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  1. Gary, that looks nice. My intent is to glue and fill and sand my beater LS, do a roundover bit on the edges and paint with black duratex. The area around the k-400 mid horn will get veneered.
  2. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    They've not tested everyone, only ones (staff or clients) who had any symptoms. I don't know the number tested, but was told they all were negative. Testing has not been widely available in Chattanooga, but there are places to get it done, without a referral or symptoms. Not sure I could go to one of the testing spots as I am a Georgia resident. Our agency has worked closely with the Tennessee Dept. of Health as well as our county health. One of our doctors has held a few webinars on the subject, with thousands of direst support professionals signing in.
  3. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    As my wife and I both work at a facility which cares for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have been working the whole time. our main center has been closed, except for a few staff who must be on premises to do their work. I work in IT, and with no one else around the building could catch up on projects and help to make sure those now working from home could function. We serve approx. 1200 clients, some who live in group homes (under two different state programs) and some who are in their own homes (living with a parent or relative. We have approximately 800 staff. The only ones tested (staff or clients) are ones who have had some symptoms. Those tested have been negative. Clients have basically been sheltering in place. If any of them were to get Covid-19, it would probably be devastating, as the all have various health issues. My wife and I both have been very careful, change clothes and shower when we get home every day, use masks and gloves, don't go out unless necessary. Water bill is a little higher, since we are doing a lot more laundry. We both have shoes that can go through the wash, too, but we've always removed our shoes anyway when entering our house. That comes from my wife's Asian background.
  4. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    I'm sure they added more suger to make up for it...
  5. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    This isn't meant to be political, but the truth is that most migrant farm workers/laborers are Latino/Hispanic immigrants (legal and illegal). With the current policies, a lot of food crops will rot in the fields because there is no one to work. Meat processing plants are some of the most dangerous places to work. It's going to get worse in some places before it gets better. A lot of our food supply in the US is handled the same way all our cheap work from China has been done.
  6. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    Car accident... This is the opposite of what happened during the AIDS crisis... deaths were reported as heart failure, etc., because that is what they died from, as a person's body began to shut down. Thee was also the stigma of dying from it, when anyone could actually get it, so the underlying cause was not mentioned.
  7. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    There will be a light up charge on them... I'm sure you can handle it.
  8. The first song is great... lots of fun. I've heard Old Town Road enough...
  9. Marvel

    Network issues

    Wanna bet?
  10. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    Our Lowe's has freezers and reefers in stock.
  11. Randy, I have my tweeters on a baffle on top of the cabinets so I can move them to adjust. I also used them on my previous pair of LS, which were some beautiful '89 models. I can't tell the difference with the mids mounted from the front, but the tweeter/mid alignment was very noticeable. Bruce
  12. It would actually help between the mid and tweeter, they would be closer together.
  13. I agree, Roger, but a passive crossover won't be able to compensate for the time discrepancy between the woofer and mid.
  14. It's already so far off on a Klipschorn, I don't think I would worry about it. If he we using an active setup it would be a piece of cake...
  15. And 3/4 inch further in front of the woofer...
  16. It would make it a longer path for the mids if you moved it forward. I front mounted my k400 horns on my la scalas. I will rout a piece for the front that will make them look flush.
  17. The program has changed in the last 40 plus years. And he still only got an undergraduate degree. Then again, I don't have a Master's either. 😉
  18. I wouldn't open the borders either...
  19. Only the graduate school, not the undergrad.
  20. I believe if you research this, you will find he has an undergraduate degree in finance/real estate from the University of Pennsylvania, and not close to the top.
  21. It's image... He started expensive businesses which failed, at which time he lost a lot of money. Now just his own, but other peopls money as well. Plus the people who were hurt when they lost their jobs. Perhaps he really has no conscience.
  22. Marvel


    It was in Middleton, on the West side. There's one in Milwaukie: http://morelmke.com/
  23. This is laughable. He’s such a loser that he can “farm” out his name. What kind of insanity is that? Where is Psychology Today when you need them? Too darn funny. When all you have is your image, that's what you do, "farm" out your name.
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