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  1. Florida is the happenin' place for deals https://reverb.com/item/46803079-klipsch-la-scala-industrial-flat-black-with-white-trim
  2. I've crept up to 145... and it's time to have some supper.
  3. You know it's good when you are to the point where all you have to do is dust off your system. My wife is working until 10 tonight, so I have been trying to get some wires hidden and things cleaned up and put away.
  4. Was going to add... we picked up this set a few years ago during the "The World's Longest Yard Sale". There's still a lot of this Fire King Jadeite out there, but every time we use it I'm hoping we don't break or chip it.
  5. Almost 70 here today... overcast, but no rain. Supposed to be mid 70s next week, but rainy. 😬
  6. Marvel

    Merry Christmas

    And to you as well!
  7. Marvel


    That's ok... the three wise men were pretty late in giving their presents... It set a precedent.
  8. I think I have some kodak gold 200 in my nikon. I should finish it and send it off for processing.
  9. I'm thinking this took a while to do...
  10. There's still some old stuff around here. Accidents happen, though, and it gets broken.
  11. I'm glad you posted the Chief's words. I found posts stating the opposite.
  12. http://www.zxpc.us/product-p/333537431240.htm It's a 2 inch throat horn
  13. And I found the info that the K-69A was/is an unmodified BMD750. At the time, you had to spend significantly more money to do better ( like TADs). CORRECTION: The K-69 is the unmodified PAudio BMD750.
  14. Well duh... I already mentioned those. As I posted above, djk said the series II was definitely better than the originals.
  15. I'd have to check to be sure but don't think they're more than 3 inches? They are a modified P.Audio BMD750 not sure how different. I am always confused about this. I thought the K-69a is a PAudio BMD750. Whatever, I have a pair of the BMD750 drivers, and they are right about 2 3/4 inches deep.
  16. Marvel

    Check in

    I guess no more wine, eh? That's great fini!
  17. They are awful, but when you mix on something and are used to it, you know how to make something sound correct on the radio, blah blah blah...
  18. @Invidiosulus My son did this one year...
  19. Would be nice to see the old response graph. 4db higher sensitivity on the newer one, sheesh.
  20. Makes you wonder about bypass caps. I'm trying to research this regarding ac circuits (audio). A smaller cap value will fully charge before a larger cap value. Maybe this is the idea behind battery biasing the caps in your crossover.
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