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  1. Mullards! I like the 10M 12AX7 as they seem to have better focus and extension than a standard Mullard 12AX7, and still give that beautiful midrange, but they can be a premium now days. For 12AU7, I prefer the long plate Valvo, or the short plate RT 12AU7WA. This one: https://upscaleaudio.com/collections/preamp-tubes/products/radiotechnique-12au7
  2. No problems for me buying here. I will say though, if you have a want to buy add, you very likely will get scammers sharing online photos of what you are looking for, and try to get you to use a website dedicated to taking your money. Be careful of this.
  3. I'm blushing..... Thanks very much guys. Be happy to help, but be ready for a long wait. Covid has created a massive spike in my workload.
  4. I can get a 1050 close to a 1250 sonically if 125wpc is good enough for you and your speakers. The obvious improvements in the 1250 are dual mono, more power, better tuner. The 1050 sounds great though, after a proper restoration. However, if you know you are going to end up with a 1250 and sell the 1050, might be best to wait and restore a 1250.
  5. 1971 is now also gone. Same game!
  6. Early bird got the earliest one. 3 left. Same game, buy the rest for a small discount, or $125 each shipped.
  7. Bump. Great tubes in your NBS and any Juicy Music!
  8. Here are 4 of these from the early 70's! Super rare, test way higher than any Sovtek/EH version of this tube. All have been run tested in my NOS Valves NBS preamp with no problems at all. I bought them as NOS, but I can't say they are. They do test very high and are quiet tubes. I never used the ones I have here for sale, only tested. Matching is not super tight, but the sound was perfect and balanced through the preamp. Tested with a TV-7 tube tester, as a 6DJ8, increased the bias, and used the E range. Works well for this tube. All tubes are same print style and construction as the pictured tube. Nice print on all. $125 shipped each CONUS. You may take your pick or buy all 4 for a slight discount. First PM first served, etc. ALL SOLD!
  9. Nobody answered in all this time, and I am sorry for not seeing this sooner. It is a rather special integrated in that it is all FET based in the line, phono sections and direct coupled (FET input) amplifier. Makes for a rather special sound. This one is the same as the 600 Supreme, but with a very pretty grey face with white etched lettering. Pretty rare in this form and a very excellent amplifier. I hope you grabbed one, and after proper restoration, very tough to beat.
  10. Sounds like a fun place to live!
  11. This looks like a 1972 6H30. Don't think you are going to find another one this early anytime soon. Nice tube
  12. I have never seen one of these. About the only Pioneer I haven't seen, but it is a 40 year old Class A Solid State amp. Recapping is a minimum to make reliable. These may even get hot enough to wear out the output devices. Not uncommon at all to see this in Class A stuff.
  13. joessporster, any time you are ready Here is my take on my favorites in the VRD's: CBS 7318 (12AU7) - nice all the time and for all music. It just does the job with tone and composure. Valvo Long Plate 12AU7 (ring getter, various D getter with and without foil strip) - the most resolution without any brightness. The different versions have slightly different sound, but all pretty close. This is my preferred tube in the 12AU7 slot currently. Image focus is spooky and huge! This is the Audiophile 12AU7. It does everything better than the Telefunken, and with no brightness at all. Valvo E80CC (12AU7 Sub but be careful. The heater current is much higher, although plenty safe in the VRD's) This tube makes images huge. More forward, but everything is in the room. Very cool sounding tube to roll in occasionally. The 10M Mullard 12AX7 - Big, warm, slamming, focused, tons of drive. This is THE tube to put here, and yes, it is MUCH better than a standard Mullard that looks just like it. I don't know why, but it is. Sylvania Triple Mica Grey Plate 5751 (12AX7 Sub) - My second favorite, deeper soundstage, very quiet, nice focus and detail. A delicate/intimate sounding tube. Black plate version is about the same, just less warmth.
  14. The boxes alone are worth $25. These should have been gone instantly. If I didn't have my pile of these...... These are forever tubes! One and done.
  15. This is the best kind of feedback here. Thanks very much. Glad you are enjoying the receiver hcnelly!
  16. Someone should grab this one. Built like a tank and one of the best integrateds on the planet.
  17. Yes, that is a very good DAC for sure. You have a couple options, but they are going to be considerably more money. A Chord DAVE would be a nice upgrade. A Totaldac would also be a nice upgrade. Shoot me a PM if you want to talk about it. Paul
  18. Looks nice man. Also looks like you are ready for a nice DAC on the right there... Holler at me. I might have something.
  19. Ya I seen it, but with near $400 shipping from Japan!!
  20. Congrats to you both. Well, take that how you want to Breakdown7. Living up to your handle with this sale. But Schu has some great amps now, and they are still in the family! Congrats Schu! Look forward to your evaluation/comparison.
  21. I passed on the P-266 in above conversation. He is offering a very nice piece for a very reasonable price though! So..... Have at it gentlemen. It's an Accuphase!! Still looking for the P-250 though. A P-20 would do nicely as well.
  22. Looking for a nice one of these to round out my Accuphase set. Let me know if you are willing to part with one. Thanks Paul
  23. I wouldn't cut your teeth on a 2330B! Not a good plan. It is a combination of issues, I am quite sure. The main in jacks on the back get dirty. The speaker relays get dirty (power cycle brings it back, or crank it up to get it on are the symptoms associated with a dirty relay typically). The controls get dirty.
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