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    The Last Reply Wins

    Sounds like a fun place to live!
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    This looks like a 1972 6H30. Don't think you are going to find another one this early anytime soon. Nice tube
  3. paul79

    Pioneer Series 20 M-25 Amp

    I have never seen one of these. About the only Pioneer I haven't seen, but it is a 40 year old Class A Solid State amp. Recapping is a minimum to make reliable. These may even get hot enough to wear out the output devices. Not uncommon at all to see this in Class A stuff.
  4. paul79

    Which Tubes do you run in VRD's & why ?

    joessporster, any time you are ready Here is my take on my favorites in the VRD's: CBS 7318 (12AU7) - nice all the time and for all music. It just does the job with tone and composure. Valvo Long Plate 12AU7 (ring getter, various D getter with and without foil strip) - the most resolution without any brightness. The different versions have slightly different sound, but all pretty close. This is my preferred tube in the 12AU7 slot currently. Image focus is spooky and huge! This is the Audiophile 12AU7. It does everything better than the Telefunken, and with no brightness at all. Valvo E80CC (12AU7 Sub but be careful. The heater current is much higher, although plenty safe in the VRD's) This tube makes images huge. More forward, but everything is in the room. Very cool sounding tube to roll in occasionally. The 10M Mullard 12AX7 - Big, warm, slamming, focused, tons of drive. This is THE tube to put here, and yes, it is MUCH better than a standard Mullard that looks just like it. I don't know why, but it is. Sylvania Triple Mica Grey Plate 5751 (12AX7 Sub) - My second favorite, deeper soundstage, very quiet, nice focus and detail. A delicate/intimate sounding tube. Black plate version is about the same, just less warmth.
  5. paul79

    SOLD - NOS 5AR4/GZ34 Rare Mullard Blackburn

    The boxes alone are worth $25. These should have been gone instantly. If I didn't have my pile of these...... These are forever tubes! One and done.
  6. This is the best kind of feedback here. Thanks very much. Glad you are enjoying the receiver hcnelly!
  7. Someone should grab this one. Built like a tank and one of the best integrateds on the planet.
  8. paul79

    Reconfigured Layout...

    Yes, that is a very good DAC for sure. You have a couple options, but they are going to be considerably more money. A Chord DAVE would be a nice upgrade. A Totaldac would also be a nice upgrade. Shoot me a PM if you want to talk about it. Paul
  9. paul79

    Reconfigured Layout...

    Looks nice man. Also looks like you are ready for a nice DAC on the right there... Holler at me. I might have something.
  10. Pretty new to posting here, but am a long time lurker Name is Paul and I do vintage restoration work on solid state gear, but I listen to tubes.... Don't tell anyone I'm sure some of you know me, but for those that don't, I'm awesome. My system consists of: Bel Canto DAC3.5VB MKII, VBS1 supply, REFLINK, 2009 Mac Mini with SSD and outboard Hynes supply, Snow Leopard, and Amarra Symphony version 4319. Ya, it takes all that for digital to sound good... And it does! Amps are the VRD Monos of course, with resistor/cap upgrade and Jupiter Copper Flat Stacked coupling caps. Speakers are not Klipsch Joseph Audio Perspective's (very recent purchase). Tasteful, minimal room treatments. Last but not least, the NBS. I chose the standard version without the MC phono amp. I went with Jupiter Flat Stacked coupling caps in the pre as well. I have tried several preamps and none of them matched the direct output of the DAC. Not even close. Each time I put a pre in the mix, I lost allot of transparency, or gained here, lost there. No free lunch so to speak..... Then Craig came out with his NBS. After absolutely falling in love with the VRD's, and the price being right, I figured I'd get in on the first batch. Now that it is here, it is here to stay. After inserting the pre, I lost not one little bit of transparency. I actually gained from inserting the NBS, with all the same goodness I got from the DAC direct, with tighter more focused bass. How did he do that? Well, it is a preamp based on the K.I.S.S. principal. Therein lies its beauty my friends. From what I can tell, it does not get much simpler than this preamp. Add to that high quality parts throughout, extreme overkill in all the right places, single ended pure class A operation, no feedback, no phase inverting, and well.... You get the idea. It works, and works extremely well. I also have to mention just how quiet this preamp is. It is a virtual black hole for noise being dead quiet. At idle, there is no noise from the speakers at all! That part Craig will have to tell you about as I am quite sure it took some doing to get this part down... The sound: Here is the easy part of the review. This pre introduces no tonal character, or "color" at all. No extra sibilance for all you worry warts, nothing taken away from transparency, no noise. The only difference I noted from my comparison to the DAC's direct output was tighter more focused bass that comes at you, like live music, and not non-directional so to speak. That and the functionality of a full featured preamp. Win Win... This review is for the line-stage as I do not have my TT hooked up yet. I have all the stuff, just nowhere to put it yet. Sorry about that. You'll have to wait for someone else's review of the phono stage, or check back here from time to time for my update on that. I'll also be taking more pictures for you guys and try to capture what this thing looks like. It is absolutely tough looking and so well turned out. I have not seen a pic yet that does it justice vs. pulling it out of the box and being awestruck at the fit and finish! If you are looking for a preamp that adds more flesh to the music, more color, and all those other things a preamp should not do IMO, pass this one by. If you want what the artists intended for you to hear, and to hear your source for all that it is worth, this is the one to get. I have not heard better at any price. Ya, I've heard a few... To be honest, I didn't expect this thing to match the DAC's direct output in transparency. The Bel Canto is implemented well in that regard, and has been un-beaten by everything else I have tried. The NBS actually bettered it in one single way sonically, and took nothing from the rest. Nothing! This is the best praise I can possibly convey for my tastes in equipment and music, with one reference in mind.... Live music. All this with a cheap ol Sovtek 6H30. For all you guys thinking of buying a super high dollar vintage 6H30 tube for your NBS, I say don't bother. It might be different, but can't be better IMO. The only thing I will recommend is the Jupiter Flat Stacked Coupling caps. They made a profound improvement to the VRD's, so I would expect they perform great in the NBS also. No comparisons for you there. My pre came loaded with the Jupiters. This thing rocks. I don't like it. I love it. Get one before Craig raises the price closer to what this thing is worth. I really enjoy Craig and his sarcasm. We have become great buddy's with a many prods and pokes at each other. However, Craig knows that I tell it like it is, and this review is..... No . He is very in tune to what a modern tube system should sound like. This pre with the VRD's equals completely transparent links. When I bought the amps I felt good about not having to buy any more. The preamp is the same story. It does nothing but justice to the amps and operates at the same very high level. I'm sure I repeated myself here and there. Get past it. I am not a reviewer, just a very enthusiastic music listener, lover of the arts that get us there, and I'm trying to get the word out.
  11. Looking for a nice one of these to round out my Accuphase set. Let me know if you are willing to part with one. Thanks Paul
  12. paul79

    WTB: Accuphase P-250 or P-20 Amplifier

    Ya I seen it, but with near $400 shipping from Japan!!
  13. Congrats to you both. Well, take that how you want to Breakdown7. Living up to your handle with this sale. But Schu has some great amps now, and they are still in the family! Congrats Schu! Look forward to your evaluation/comparison.
  14. paul79

    WTB: Accuphase P-250 or P-20 Amplifier

    I passed on the P-266 in above conversation. He is offering a very nice piece for a very reasonable price though! So..... Have at it gentlemen. It's an Accuphase!! Still looking for the P-250 though. A P-20 would do nicely as well.
  15. paul79

    WTB: Accuphase P-250 or P-20 Amplifier

    Ya brians7. Pm sent
  16. paul79

    WTB: Accuphase P-250 or P-20 Amplifier

    Ya, it is Dick.....
  17. paul79

    Marantz 2330 B bass issue with Hersey Speakers

    I wouldn't cut your teeth on a 2330B! Not a good plan. It is a combination of issues, I am quite sure. The main in jacks on the back get dirty. The speaker relays get dirty (power cycle brings it back, or crank it up to get it on are the symptoms associated with a dirty relay typically). The controls get dirty.
  18. paul79

    Leeds Radio NYC- tube dealer

    That guy has the good stuff, and not just tubes
  19. paul79

    Marantz 2330 B bass issue with Hersey Speakers

    Is the loudness feature off? Speakers too close to the wall? Room loading issue? I have yet to hear a vintage original receiver produce more bass than it should unless the bass is turned up or the loudness is engaged. The K-Horns sounding ok is the kicker here.... Make sure the loudness is off and turn the tone controls off as well.
  20. paul79

    imaging ?

    Right. My system images with everything I play, but better recordings melt everything away, and leave the music. Great imaging is achieved when all is tonally right, speakers properly placed, your butt properly placed, and you have taken steps to remove room problems. At least that is how I believe it to be accomplished. The biggest offender is bass. If that is wrong, your brain knows it is wrong, and gets confused. This is a form of fatigue. Your brain having to work too hard to make sense of something it, if even you do not realize, it cannot make sense of. IMHO. Can I enjoy music without great imaging? Sure, when I am working, tinkering, cleaning, etc. When I sit in front of my HiFi though, I want to be taken somewhere, or I want to bring them into my room, recording dependent. These are my goals.
  21. paul79

    imaging ?

    I am kind of a nut when it comes to this. I feel I have achieved this goal with my system. My speakers, walls, all disappear, recording dependent of course.
  22. paul79

    Solid State Recap???

    2 down 2 to go. Been a pleasure working with Rich. These amps actually sound quite good when up to snuff. Thanks to all here for hooking us up.
  23. Sold $1800 Now $1600 shipped CONUS. Check or MO at this price. If you want to PayPal, you get the fee. Comes with all pictured on the turntable, and is complete with original box/packing. Also included, because it is such a beautiful marriage that I cannot separate, the HANA EH Cartridge. It has been expertly aligned and set up by someone that has been setting up VPI Tables for over 20 years, and is completely locked in. Just assemble, and it is done, ready to go, no second guessing. I would guess, since I am primarily digital for convenience, the Cart has less than 50 hours on it, if that. More like 50 albums played on it. This is an HOMC Cart that also works extremely well with standard 47K loaded MM phono stages. Plenty of output for this, and is how I ran it in my system. Sound is pretty much neutral, extremely open and dementional, with tons of magic, and big. Very natural yet plenty resolving. Very low noise floor, sound staging at its finest, lots of energy to images, and disappears in the system. Everything is perfect. Nothing to divulge other than that. The thing is Art in every sense.
  24. paul79

    FS: VPI Scout (the original) SOLD

    This table with your NBS Phono is as good as it gets. Your SX-1250 also has a killer phono stage. You probably shouldn't listen to that 1250 with it