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  1. Thanks as always Bill for the response. Dont have a computer other than a laptop a d dont really have a spot for a small stereo setup. And right now since I am in the main living room I cant do rear surrounds. I was almost thinking front heights but I dont much when it comes to anything other standard 5.1 or 7.1.
  2. So I picked up a pair of klipsch RB25's for a good price the other day thinking I could utilize them somehow. Anyway to use then with my current setup of: Klipsch RF7iii's Klipsch RC64iii Klipsch Rs502's Svs pb13 ultra. Denon x4400h Emotiva xpa3 for front stage Is it gonna throw everything off or where would you use them if at all? Thanks as always
  3. I apologize they will be side surrounds my bad. When I get into the basement I will do side and rear surrounds both.
  4. So option 1 is lower for sure maybe about a foot above ear level but behind ears about a foot. Option 2 is more like 2 and a half feet above ear level but is actually in front of the couch and ears by almost a foot. Option 3 is like 2 and a half feet above ear level but is like 2 and a half feet behind ears though.
  5. I would be ok with in walls but the upstairs is a temporary place till I finish the basement which looks like it might be pushed back 6 months or a year booooooooo. I did already buy the klipsch rp502s pair.
  6. Hey guys have the whole system set up except for putting the side surrounds on the wall. I will be mounting with the mount hole directly to the wall and no wall mounts. Where would the best placement be? I am thinking either just underneath in the middle of the clock and the picture or just in front of the clock and picture but to the side of them. Thoughts for best sound? But it is pretty much those 2 options as wife and mother in law wont let me move any other stuff around LOL. Thanks for the help as always
  7. Nobody huh. I thought maybe since I had seen a few posts of car audio someone would be interested.
  8. I have a few pieces left from stuff I bought around Christmas to upgrade my Prowler and decided to hold off for a while. I have a 1 brand new piece still to get rid of. I still have the receipt from Car Toys also. JL Audio vx700/5i- 5 channel HI RES amplifier $700 Retail is $1100 plus tax Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. I am located in Denver Colorado Thanks Ron
  9. Ok just ordered the rp502's in walnut from Cory. Wooooooohooooo cant wait and amazing price of course. Now I just need to find some wall mounts for them and I am good to go.
  10. I kinda figured I would end up with 2 sets of 502's but I figured i would get some opinions. Does the walnut veneer match well with the walnut wood of the rf7s and rc64 that is the question. Also what's a good wall mount for them so I can kinda angle them a bit?
  11. Ok got the fronts, center, sub, and amps setup and they sound amazing. For now while I have the system upstairs for a few months up to 6 months. So I am gonna do just a 5.1 setup and need side surrounds ot appears vs rear surrounds correct? I am looking at most likely looking between the RP600M's or the RP502's. Looks like they both come in walnut which is the same color on the towers and center I got. When I get the system in the finished basement I will do a 7.1 with atmos but for now the 5.1 what rears work best? Thanks as always
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