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  1. referencing the above post.....http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/creative-sound-solutions/65257-new-trio12-apr15.html
  2. If you end up shipping I would like to be considered, 78414
  3. Any chance you want to Ship by freight?
  4. Just a thought, when I got my rw12d from Newegg, I was pretty disappointed by the port noise as well. I did some searching on the forums, and found that a common problem with these subs is that the ports become loose inside. If you take your hand, and stick it in the port, you can feel the port wiggling around. I took my port and pushed it back in until it seated, and the output was waaaay different. The port noise all but went away, and the sub sounded ten times better. I don't know if your subs have this problem or not, but the only time I heard port noise with this sub was when the port was not in the right place. They are not comparable to the higher end subs, but mine does the job for me for now.
  5. I have a SC-1222-K, from newegg, and absolutely love it. I moved up from an older yamaha, and the difference in sound quality is amazing. It made everything out of my chorus II's sound cleaner and more distinct. I have it set up on my home network, and it works flawlessly with my 6 terabyte NAS, streaming music. I'm very happy with my purchase. I didn not have the greatest receiver before, and I'm just getting a decent HT set up, so I cant comment on the HT experience, but with music, and 3.1 for movies, it's great
  6. a set of walnut horns in Houston for 2000 http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/3778029899.html
  7. I just recently upgraded. For years I was running a middle of the road Yamaha A/v receiver out to my Crites upgraded (networks and tweets) Chorus II. I thought it souned pretty good. I tried a emotiva amp at one point, but it didn't really add anything to the sound. I just figured it sounded good. I recently bought the new egg special for the Pioneer sc-1222k The difference in sound quality (to my ears) is nothing short of spectacular. I was astounded how much clarity and detail that added to my speakers. While the speakers were imaging before, the whole sound field opened up with the new receiver. The class d3 amps (to me) are something special. So I am running a Pioneer sc-1222 into two upgraded (Crites networks and tweets) Chorus IIs . I also have a RW12D sub that I am while not "happy" with, sounds okay for now. My favorite color is fuscia....I just like the way it sounds, don't even know what it looks like.
  8. Man you guys are awesome. I really appreciate all the time and help you guys have given me in helping me try to get an academy. I believe I'm set, I don't have one in hand, just yet, but I think it's figured out.
  9. Value of the sub today is probably 100 bucks, but I like "old" things. I enjoyed this sub musically, HT is a little lacking. I don't know what I will do yet. Might fix the v1B and buy another sub. I have Chorus II's and looking for an academy currently on the garage sale section. I saw you have the same setup, what subs do you recommend?
  10. Thanks I will do that H The V1B is DVC, In your opinion would I be better off fixing the old one, or getting a rw12 off newegg. Which one do you think would perform better. Also what's your opinion of the dayton amps..are they decent, good, great?
  11. Yeah I checked out that one, but it's local pick up only in indy...so that leaves me out. How can I tell whether I have oiled or clear?
  12. Hello everyone. I don't know if this is the proper forum for this or not. I have an M&K V1B sub that I absolutely love.The amp went out in it, and I was looking for advice at decent amps to replace it with. I would also look at getting a new speaker if need be. I would love to repair this sub, it seems like such a good build originally, and I like the idea of updating it. Am I out of my mind, or should I just buy a new sub.
  13. Ship to 78414, sorry for not including that
  14. Hello I am looking to buy an oak academy to use for a center for my chorus II's. They have the crites boards, and crites tweets. If you have any other suggestions for a good match for a center on these speakers, let me know.
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