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  1. Check out the Garage sale .........
  2. Cornwalls on audiogon 1300.00 .
  3. Ryan , Thank you for meeting me half way - 2.5 hours and the nice deal . Guy`s don`t let the newbie handle fool you . Randy knows his stuff and is a standup guy . Thank`s again Ryan.
  4. I have also tried to call Klipsch parts in Indy , seven calls all said call back at normal business hours . I called at 11 am to 200 pm three days in a row . ?
  5. He`s Partying with Dennis Rodman on his super yacht .
  6. Happy Birthday Goat Farmer. 🐐
  7. I do some times in the garage , or on utube .
  8. Be Safe Justin , The best to you and your family .
  9. I can solder , so I will build the aa`s . I just don`t like Active - streaming - fly by wire throttles on cars or bikes , ear buds or plastic guns . But that`s just me .
  10. I Miss paul , I would listen every day at lunch . I miss Carson too .
  11. Great looking work ,Who Built them .
  12. Bone stock 1993 K - Horns . Near field - low volume . Room is 10x14 . A forum member suggested I go to the ak-4 `s . Another suggested AA`s Which is really The way I think I`am going , Better suited for my type of listening . I don`t have the Technical chops to go active - nor do I want the hassle . More of a plug and play guy with audio . Not to say I don`t mod or hot rod my stuff . I have a pair of Highly modded belles That I love and they sound Great . Thank`s for the Help and input .
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