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  1. My K- horns and belles can`t wait .
  2. Boy those are nice .
  3. H-D Rider


    Carl and Richie , Nothing like kicking a good man when he`s down . You know if he saw that he would be puking up blue smurfs. Busting ball`s is fine - but at least let the ball busted one be able to play too .
  4. But I believe he would like to have it done , I think they will recover your grills if you send them there . Duracrest Elk grove il .
  5. H-D Rider


    No Roger would have better judgement .
  6. H-D Rider


    I don`t know, That would be a question to ask the Captain .
  7. H-D Rider


    IT Look`s like - Cool hand luke, AKA Jimjimbo is in the cooler again . I`ll be sending him his ball and glove , look`s like it may be a long one . ( What we got here is a failure to communicate ) That`s all I`m sayin .
  8. If you send them to the place in elk grove Il . They will cover them , they make the cloth for klipsch .Can`t remember the name but someone will chime in .
  9. Talk to JimJimbo , His wife is a Master canner .
  10. H-D Rider

    Is it now OK?

    This politically correct society that we are living in is very tiring and damaging to all facets of our lives . No one can say anything with out fear of being Chastised , ridiculed or censored. let alone The erasing our history . I think every one needs to put on there big boy pants and suck it up .
  11. H-D Rider

    Is it now OK?

    Oh ffs now I`am Scottish .Whiskey for everyone .
  12. H-D Rider

    Is it now OK?

    FFS LADDIE, In an Irish way . Can`t we all just have a few pints and fight nice .
  13. Check out the Garage sale .........
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