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  1. Sorry to piggyback on Jefe’s thread, but if either of the two offers above are still available — I’m looking for a pair of AA as well
  2. I remember reading about your crossover change that allowed the academy to blend a bit better with larger heritage models. I've been downsampling 5.1 audio with my Oppo to watch movies using my Klipschorns, and have been toying with the idea to throw my old Heresys along the back wall and build a horn-loaded sub. Then arises the center channel choice. My Khorns have false corners attached to the back and are along a wall that is just shy of 10ft long. This equates to not much room for a center channel. From everything I've read, people seem ultimately dissapointed when trying an Academy between Khorns, but if this does in fact have the custom crossover -- I'd love to try it out. Let me know if it's still for sale. Thanks!
  3. I agree. I recently acquired Khorns and have been using an HH Scott 222D that is stock. I can't even imagine how it would sound after it has been re-capped and/or updated. From everything I have read about matching tubes and Khorns the consensus is that EL84 and EL34 push pull circuits sound very good, while the 300B, 845, and 2a3 single ended triode circuits sound amazing. I have seen integrated SET amps from Cary as well as the lauded Jeff Korneff or George Wright designs sell on other audio classified sites for between 1000 to 1500.
  4. Does this come with the PSU or just the wall wart power adapter? Thanks, Nat
  5. The cabinets don't seem bad at all, only one ring stain on the top. Not to mention both badges are intact -- very nice. Thanks for the offer youthman, let me mull over it for another day and I'll pm you.
  6. I'm about 3 hours from Lakeland, and I've been seriously contemplating these -- hoping someone from the forums beats me to the punch. I'm surprised these are still available. I wonder if the seller would meet me halfway... P.S. thanks youthman for keeping the alert section well stocked with crazy deals!
  7. Sent you a pm about the LaScala, as well as an unrelated question about the TD-125 listed in your signature.
  8. In the meantime....Here's a photo of unloading the Khorns from the trailer. [<)]
  9. Thanks everyone for the excellent input. It turns out all they needed were some new fuses. Everything else is in tip top shape. I'm working on getting them in the house -- I don't have enough corners in the right places for proper placement and I'm going to build some backs for the bass bins out 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. This will be a project for next week and I will make sure to take some photos and post them up here. Thanks again for helping me troubleshoot and tackle the problem. Turned out much easier than I expected.
  10. That is very reassuring. Thanks for your input and I will post an update once I get them home.
  11. I recently got the deal of a lifetime on a pair of Klipschorns through an estate auction. According to the serial #'s I think they are from 1986 and have the crossovers that require connections to be soldered in place. Well, according to the auction house one speaker works fine while the other only has bass output with no mids or highs. From the detailed photos they provided it is obvious the speakers were kept inside as there is no rust or other damage. So I'm hoping this is an issue with the crossover and not the drivers. I am relatively new to Klipsch with my only experience being Heresy II's that I upgraded to Crites crossovers. Can anyone shed light on the subject or point me in the direction of getting everything working again? I don't currently have the speakers in my possession, but I will be picking them up sometime this week. Also, does anyone know of a place that will look at Khorns in Florida? I will be picking them up in the Tampa, St. Pete area and carting them back to the West Palm Beach area. Thanks in advance for any insights you may have for this Klipschorn newbie.
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