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  1. Thank you. I have found a local place to listen to a few DAC and DAC/Amp combinations. They are expensive. Since my long term and priority is a nice home stereo system a, I want to decide how much improvement a good DAC will provide. I am using a MBP. I understand that the MBP actually has an optical connector built in the headphone jack and some DAC take advantage of this.
  2. Thank Justin, I will check out the amp although I will probably wait for a home system... I did not need noise cancellation or the isolation. I went with Grado SR325si.
  3. Push... Does anyone have an opinion... I am thinking that an amp is not required due to the relatively low 32 ohms.... I am trying to hold off buying something else so I am hoping these will be out very soon.
  4. I am a newbie, I am considering the M40s and would like to know if I need a headphone amp? For now MBP is what I would be using them for... I burn at the highest quality levels. Thank you.
  5. Amy, Very much appreciated.... I found a local vendor and they said within a month so the word must be out. Your customer service is still replying no estimated date. I would drive to Indy to try out and buy a pair. Can't wait... Without putting in an online order is there a way to be notified? Thank you..
  6. Does anyone know when these babies will be available? Any rumors..
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