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  1. How does as man decide now. Which one you like better?
  2. I have a Pioneer VSX-1121-K AVR that is dieing. It has the dreaded UE22 error. It will cost $400.00 + to repair. I will be looking to replace it with a new AVR. Problem is, I need Preamp outs and it is getting harder to find one with Pre amp outs for a decent price. Does any one know of a 300 - 500 dollar AVR with Pre outs? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday here, this should not be hard to do. I need at least Pre outs for L R SL SR Center and Sub. Any Ideas? Bill
  3. I have a set of Epic CF3 Version 1 to sell. They are the black model. I would sell them for $900.00 OBO or trade for guns. I am in Hammond, La. I will not ship. Local pickup only. They kick some serious a$$.
  4. snailtrax

    M1A rifle

    Looking to buy an M1a or M14 rifle. Would like an older model if possible. Bill
  5. I like Microsoft essentials. It's free
  6. My sister had a late 90's Lincoln Town Car. When in overdrive, it would shift in an out of overdrive, or so it seemed. Long story short, it was the torque converter not locking up properly. The fix was a new torque converter. Sometimes it felt like you were driving across a long cattle gap. Hold the brake pedal just enough to activate the brake lights. If the brake lights make it stop, it is the torque converter. The torque converter does not lock up when the brake lights are on. This helps the car slow down using engine braking. Bill
  7. Shoot me a photo or 2 to 985-507-6661 or bhayes14@charter.net
  8. I called. They told me discontinued. You oughta sell me your orphan. Bill
  9. I need one KLF or CF badge, emblem or logo. Looks like the one in the picture. Someone help a brother out. Bill
  10. Here are pictures of what I am looking for.
  11. I have Chorus II, Forte II, Quartets and some pro stuff. KP 250 and KP 320. I think the K-75, K-76, K-77, K-79 will work. They all appear to be the same. Bill
  12. If you have some Klipsch original phenolic tweeter diaphragms that you are not using, I would be interested in buying them from you. I am speaking mostly to those of you that have upgraded to titanium. If you have a pair or two or three to sell, PM me. Bill
  13. Beeker said: "If your impressed by stock chorus ii the clarity and thump my chorus ii's provide would be a step above or more." If I may ask, what mods have you performed on your Chorus II? Bill
  14. I'll take them. If I miss you this morning, I will get with you this evening after work. Consider them sold. Bill PM Me your Paypal address
  15. All I know about is the fuse, sorry. Bill
  16. One is a spare. Swap em and give it a try. Bill
  17. In the picture I supplied, right below the power plug socket, is a little door that has a fuse in it. Now this was over a year ago, but if I recall correctly, you had to use a small screwdriver to pry the little door open and there was the fuse. There might have been more than one version of this plate amp. Bill I supplied one more picture
  18. I know you said that you pulled the amp and checked all the wires on the inside and found nothing burned, I had one for a while and it died after I sold it. There is a fuse on the outside of the plate amp and if you did not know it was there, you might miss finding it. Did you check the fuse? If I remember correctly it is next to the power switch or the power cord plug socket. There was a spare fuse in the holder. Bill I atatched a picture of another amp, not Epik, but the fuse holder looked the same.
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