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  1. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/rocketfish-universal-wireless-rear-speaker-kit-black/8275528.p?skuId=8275528 Could give this a try. I've never used this, but have used the rocketfish wireless subwoofer kit and it works very well.
  2. No I ran them through the HDP-1800, however i didn't utilize the switch function. I think the fact that they were powered speakers in general coupled with the $2500 MSRP is why they never sold very well and discontinued quickly. That said, the styling and the performance is one of the best I have ever owned.
  3. For all 3 pairs I've owned they were left on at all times without any issues whatsoever. My Monster Power Center HDP-1800 has certain plug ins that turn off. You could look into something like that?
  4. I would be careful with this. Klipsch disabled it because it couldn't pass Quality Control. Therefore you could be running the risk of failure of the product if you enable the feature. Klipsch disabled it for a reason. I wouldn't want to find out why they did it personally.
  5. FS: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    wasn't planning on it but I'm willing hear what you have?
  6. FS: Klipsch XF-48s ($600 Shipped)

    Bumpity Bump Bump
  7. Bought - Klipsch Icon XL Series

    To pair with my XF-48s right!?
  8. In memory of Boxx

    Never had the pleasure of meeting him in person either, however we did some buy/sell transactions together and he was always great to work with. I would consider myself a regular here, I just don't post near as much as most of the other regulars. I am on the forum daily, sometimes several times, and read most of the threads and posts. I always enjoyed Boxx's posts. He definitely had a way with his words and never seemed to belittle anyone. Not that all of the other regulars do, however several tend to be a little more aggressive with their post as if they are marking their territory as rulers of the Klipsch Forum. Boxx was always kind, polite, and funny. His profile pic suited him very well.
  9. FS: Klipsch XF-48s ($600 Shipped)

    NYE Bump
  10. FS: Klipsch XF-48s ($600 Shipped)

    Bump for a great pair of speakers in great condition!
  11. Home theater seating...

    I picked this up at The Great Escape as part of a Black Friday Special ($1423 out the door, delivered, and installed) I needed 4 seats not 3 which are harder to find. The 2 recliners on the end are power and the 2 recliners in the middle are manual. I was only looking for manual recliners (primarily due to budget) but can tell you that the additional adjustability that the power seats offer comes in handy for comfort in prolonged viewing/listening sessions. I'm beyond thrilled for the price I paid. It looks like it can also be configured in a 3 seat option if that's what you want. https://www.shopthegreatescape.com/products/product_info/10670_SYDNEY
  12. FS: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    They must be. I wonder if I call Klipsch with the Serial # if they could confirm for me?
  13. FS: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    Hmmm now you have me second guessing. I’ve always thought they were expresso and know that’s how they were listed when I purchased. They look very dark but under bright light they do have a reddish tint. I’ve looked at the label but don’t see anywhere verifying the color.