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  1. to the top
  2. You're not thaaaatttt far
  3. I haven't tried RCA yet but connected via Bluetooth from my phone instead of my computer and it sounds much better now. Surprised there would be that drastic of a difference.
  4. While I agree $129 is cheap for a tube amp, I love my Dayton Audio desktop DTA-1 which is ~$30 and it sounds great in near field listening at a computer. Therefore I expected much more out of this amp. I believe the poor sound is more due to the Bluetooth connection however. I'm anxious to try via RCA.
  5. That has to be the case because is the most underwhelming thing I have ever heard. I'm going to connect a device via RCA and give it a shot however I bought the device for the convenience of Bluetooth so not sure I will keep it.
  6. So I disconnected the left channel and started playing music via Bluetooth through the right channel only. After a few minutes i connected the left channel speaker wire and it appears to be playing fine now and does not buzz if I stop playing the music. Definitely a different sound than I am used to. Not sure how much of it is due to the tubes or the Bluetooth connection from my computer. I don't know how to describe it other than it almost sounds Mono as opposed to Stereo?
  7. Hey Guys so I bought this Monoprice tube amp off of Amazon: When I power the amp on the Left Channel Speaker just buzzes, very loudly, despite the volume knob being turned all the way down. I've double and triple checked all of my wire connections. Is there any other checks, tubes seated properly, etc ? Or is the Amp more than likely defective? I was really excited to give this a shot in my office at work.
  8. I bought this beauty a couple of weeks ago but have decided to part ways and return back to my 65". This was Samsung's Flagship in 2016 and was just recently replaced by their new line-up. The TV retailed for $10k and sold for $7999. It's a beauty and has an unbelievable picture. This was a floor display model and I bought the TV at a heavy discount. No trades, just cash for local pick-up. I'm not in a hurry to sell so the price is firm at this time. Cheapest I can find this TV in the country right now is $5900. I'm also including a Samsung UBD-K8500 4k Blu-ray player with the TV. Local pick-up only. $3500 Visit this link for more details:
  9. Yea I had to get it. Felt like it was a once in a lifetime type deal that I couldn't walk away from. Definitely leaning that way. Just haven't been watching/utilizing the home theater setup much lately.
  10. I've always preferred a Plasmas PQ. There was a PN65F8500 in Ft. Wayne for $1200 back in December but I just couldn't swing it around Christmas time. Can't usually find them for less than $3k. The PQ on this set is pretty amazing, and the 4k at 78" is beneficial.
  11. Nope, was no longer in the budget.... Wanna trade? I'd love to have your 65" Sammy Plasma.