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  1. JBL Studio 590s

    Yea consumer audio obviously isn't JBL's primary focus. Don't blame them quite honestly, super competitive, low margin business. I'm sure they do quite well in the large venue realm being the largest speaker manufacturer in the world.
  2. Atmos for non Atmos content

    post processing is the proper technical term. Upmix is layman. I'm a layman.
  3. JBL Studio 590s

    I have no idea. I have seen or heard nothing regarding details of the new line.
  4. JBL Studio 590s

    That's correct. The entire JBL Studio 5 series has been discontinued. Supposedly JBL is getting ready to release a newer line of speakers. I was told that by the gentleman at SoundDistributors anyways.
  5. Atmos for non Atmos content

    I believe all the Atmos enabled receivers have an upmix option when fed regular dolby digital or dts content will upmix to dolby surround and/or dts:neural X. At least that is what they are called on my Marantz SR-5010. It works well and sounds good. Also, I have noticed substantially more Atmos content being released on Netflix lately. Just an FYI.
  6. JBL Studio 590s

    I don't believe so. They have always been $1000-$1299 each. However since sometime around summer 2016 they have been blowing them out through multiple avenues for $450-$550 each. They look awesome in person. Pictures don't do justice.
  7. JBL Studio 590 - CT

    Awesome speaker for an unbelievable price. If you are thinking RF-7s... give these a long look first!
  8. JBL Studio 590s

    did you use another 590 as the center? Or their rinky dink 520? Which honestly was the only reservation I had about going with the 590s. The 520 seems like a very weak offering for a speaker that large. So far I am very happy with the phantom center.
  9. JBL Studio 590s

    Do you currently have them in a stereo arrangement as well?
  10. JBL Studio 590s

    Same for me as well, I'm not typically a brand loyalist but most audio products I buy are indeed Klipsch. That said, a JBL set is what actually peeked my interest in home audio and I have owned a couple different speakers of theirs so I am never afraid to go with JBL either. I am picking up a pair of 530s in Indy this Friday for $200. They have a couple of issues, but nothing too significant and it allowed me to negotiate a great price.
  11. JBL Studio 590s

    The sale keeps rotating every couple of weeks between Newegg, JBL direct, and Harman Audio eBay so I’m sure this won’t be the last time they go on sale. Just keep your eyes open. They are also selling the 580s for $750/pair if you think 590s are too large for your application.
  12. JBL Studio 590s

    I did a similar arrangement on a pair of KG4s I refurbed several years ago and thought it turned out well. Also incorporated the PWK pie badges I acquired from you as well. These will match our living room décor very well. Therefore wife will let me keep them as a replacement to our Polk Soundbar.