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  1. Klipsch synergy sub 10 subwoofer

    I still utilize one in my 2.1 system in my office at work. It's certainly not the greatest performer, but for the $100 I paid for it from Newegg is does a nice job. Plus I always liked the design styling of the synergy subs which mates well with my Klipsch XB-10s. As far as how it will perform with your RP series depends mostly on the size of your room. But I can guarantee that it would be in your best interest to save/budget for an upgrade down the line as it will certainly be the weakest link in your system.
  2. FS: Klipsch Ref IV RF-82 and Ref IV RC-62

    Nice looking speakers for a nice price. GLWS!
  3. Klipsch G-17 as Desk Rig

    Jumped for a G-17 on Amazon Warehouse deals for $70 to utilize in my office at work. Very pleased with the styling and performance so far.
  4. Walnut KG4 plus center for $100 (Fort Wayne, IN)

    Bought a set of KG4s at a garage sale for $30 once. Great sounding little speaker, definitely worth the $100 asking price here.
  5. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

    Weekend bump
  6. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

    Price Drop to $3000
  7. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

    I hate Craigslist, and would much rather sell this to a reasonable human being on the forum. I have had so many individuals express interest via Craigslist all to make bogus offers/arguments. I don't care if you can buy a brand new 75" Samsung for $3000. I have had that argument 10 times over the last week. This is not the same TV. I am confident you cannot find this TV for less than $4000 anywhere else in the country. Sorry I'm complaining.
  8. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

  9. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

    Thank you, I posted on AVS
  10. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

  11. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

  12. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

    to the top
  13. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

  14. FS: Samsung Flagship UN78KS9800 ($3000)

    You're not thaaaatttt far
  15. Monoprice Tube Amp HELP!

    I haven't tried RCA yet but connected via Bluetooth from my phone instead of my computer and it sounds much better now. Surprised there would be that drastic of a difference.