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  1. Bought a set of KG4s at a garage sale for $30 once. Great sounding little speaker, definitely worth the $100 asking price here.
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  3. Price Drop to $3000
  4. I hate Craigslist, and would much rather sell this to a reasonable human being on the forum. I have had so many individuals express interest via Craigslist all to make bogus offers/arguments. I don't care if you can buy a brand new 75" Samsung for $3000. I have had that argument 10 times over the last week. This is not the same TV. I am confident you cannot find this TV for less than $4000 anywhere else in the country. Sorry I'm complaining.
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  6. Thank you, I posted on AVS
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  11. You're not thaaaatttt far
  12. I haven't tried RCA yet but connected via Bluetooth from my phone instead of my computer and it sounds much better now. Surprised there would be that drastic of a difference.
  13. While I agree $129 is cheap for a tube amp, I love my Dayton Audio desktop DTA-1 which is ~$30 and it sounds great in near field listening at a computer. Therefore I expected much more out of this amp. I believe the poor sound is more due to the Bluetooth connection however. I'm anxious to try via RCA.
  14. That has to be the case because is the most underwhelming thing I have ever heard. I'm going to connect a device via RCA and give it a shot however I bought the device for the convenience of Bluetooth so not sure I will keep it.
  15. So I disconnected the left channel and started playing music via Bluetooth through the right channel only. After a few minutes i connected the left channel speaker wire and it appears to be playing fine now and does not buzz if I stop playing the music. Definitely a different sound than I am used to. Not sure how much of it is due to the tubes or the Bluetooth connection from my computer. I don't know how to describe it other than it almost sounds Mono as opposed to Stereo?