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    FS: (3)Three Icon XL-23 Speakers -$300

    That’s a great deal for these speakers. GLWS!
  2. johnnydrama

    For sale XF48 and XB-10 Speakers

    @Rivernuggets Thanks for the heads up but I'm good right now. Still love these speakers and always will, but they are no match for my JBL Studio 590 setup that I replaced them with. That said, I still represent the Icon X line at work with a pair of XL-23s and XL-12s!
  3. johnnydrama

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    Nismo- What kind of Nismo do you own? Here is my 2011 Nismo Z. Sorry for high jacking the thread momentarily all!
  4. johnnydrama

    Belles in Cleveland!

    I thought Belles were larger than LaScalas?
  5. johnnydrama

    Klipsch at Work

    Was just interested in seeing what some of you have for setups in your "work offices." I can't remember who it was but I saw someone who had a nearfield Cornwall setup or something ridiculous. I don't have anything that obnoxious but I really enjoy both my G-17 at my computer and my Heresy's for more serious listening sessions. I also really miss my favorite nearfield setup of XL-12s and Ultimax 10 powered by a little 15 watt Dayton DTA-1. But I had to do away with that when I went to a triple monitor arrangement. Interested to see what some of you crazies have in your offices, even if it is a home office.
  6. johnnydrama

    SOLD: Klipsch Palladium P37F and P27C in Chicagoland

    very tempting.... only 2 hours away....
  7. Minty pair of Klipsch WS-24s. I switched to JBL Studio 530s for surrounds. No original boxes but I will have my Shipping Department custom package these for safe shipment (I run an AS9100 Aerospace Manufacturing company so they will be packaged safely, trust me). $300 Shipped Paypal Only
  8. johnnydrama

    SOLD: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    Me too so you could buy them and get them out of my storage room. It makes me sad every time I walk in there to see such beautiful speakers just sitting in a box with no home!
  9. johnnydrama

    My First Experience in a Dolby ATMOS Home Theater

    It's recorded on an iPhone X so the sound quality isn't that great but this is one of my favorite Dolby Atmos demos!
  10. johnnydrama

    My First Experience in a Dolby ATMOS Home Theater

    True however I did read an Atmos review a while back that stated that if your ceilings are 8 ft or less that the upward firing Atmos modules would disperse better than the ceiling mounted option. Makes sense if you think about it. My speakers are JBL Studio 590s. Was sad to get away from Klipsch. But these JBL horns are unbelievable and for the price I couldn’t pass them up.
  11. johnnydrama

    My First Experience in a Dolby ATMOS Home Theater

    I was skeptical about it going into it but I needed a new receiver anyways and had the extra speakers around to give it a shot. I was happily surprised once I installed ~1 year ago. My first 2 Atmos setups had upward firing speakers resting on the front towers which yielded good results. However now I have the Atmos speakers mounted directly above the seating positions and that took it to a whole other level. Most 4K discs have Dolby Atmos or DTS:X mixes now and several Blu-ray as well. But honestly my Marantz does a heck of a job upmixing Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD tracks to Atmos/DTS:X formats. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t let the lack of Atmos content prevent you from making the upgrade. I would consider my upgrade to Atmos one of my top 3 favorite system upgrades of all time. Going from one sub to two was also a significant upgrade IMO so it would be hard to choose between those 2. I have used my setup more in the last year than I had the previous 2-3 years. Just my opinion. Also if anyone is looking for some great demo content Dolby has an app on Xbox called Dolby Access that has nothing but Atmos content. Just an FYI! Great video @Youthmankeep em comin!
  12. I changed to a JBL Studio 590s and am parting ways with my 3rd beloved pair of Klipsch XF-48s. I always revert back to these and have a lot of love for these speakers. Perfect combination of style/sound and one of the most attractive speakers Klipsch has ever produced IMO. I have all of the original boxes and accessories that these speakers come with to ship these all safely to your home. Both speakers are in near mint condition with only some small nicks and scratches on the bases. Klipsch XF-48s: $600 Paypal Only.
  13. johnnydrama

    SOLD: Klipsch XF-48s ($500 + Shipping)

    Make me an offer. It's a shame for such a great pair of towers to just be wasting space in my storage room!
  14. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/rocketfish-universal-wireless-rear-speaker-kit-black/8275528.p?skuId=8275528 Could give this a try. I've never used this, but have used the rocketfish wireless subwoofer kit and it works very well.
  15. No I ran them through the HDP-1800, however i didn't utilize the switch function. I think the fact that they were powered speakers in general coupled with the $2500 MSRP is why they never sold very well and discontinued quickly. That said, the styling and the performance is one of the best I have ever owned.
  16. For all 3 pairs I've owned they were left on at all times without any issues whatsoever. My Monster Power Center HDP-1800 has certain plug ins that turn off. You could look into something like that?
  17. I would be careful with this. Klipsch disabled it because it couldn't pass Quality Control. Therefore you could be running the risk of failure of the product if you enable the feature. Klipsch disabled it for a reason. I wouldn't want to find out why they did it personally.
  18. johnnydrama

    SOLD: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    wasn't planning on it but I'm willing hear what you have?
  19. johnnydrama

    SOLD: Klipsch XF-48s ($500 + Shipping)

    Bumpity Bump Bump
  20. johnnydrama

    Bought - Klipsch Icon XL Series

    To pair with my XF-48s right!?
  21. johnnydrama

    In memory of Boxx

    Never had the pleasure of meeting him in person either, however we did some buy/sell transactions together and he was always great to work with. I would consider myself a regular here, I just don't post near as much as most of the other regulars. I am on the forum daily, sometimes several times, and read most of the threads and posts. I always enjoyed Boxx's posts. He definitely had a way with his words and never seemed to belittle anyone. Not that all of the other regulars do, however several tend to be a little more aggressive with their post as if they are marking their territory as rulers of the Klipsch Forum. Boxx was always kind, polite, and funny. His profile pic suited him very well.
  22. johnnydrama

    SOLD: Klipsch XF-48s ($500 + Shipping)

    NYE Bump