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  1. Sad weekend on the homefront - we made the difficult decision to pass the Cornwalls on to a new loving family. The Model 19's are staying with us [Y] I feel fortunate that I was able to do a direct A to B (real-time) comparrison between these two wonderful speakers. The Altec's just seem to be a better fit with our current system...
  2. The speakers in the corners behind the 19's are my Tannoy SRM-12B's that were donated to me.
  3. Powered by Bottlehead Paramount 2A3 monoblocks w/ Bottlehead Foreplay PreAmp...
  4. The grills were pretty beat up - I have some speaker cloth on the way to construct new ones...oiled oak cabs with natural brown cloth should look original. These M19's will eventually end up in my basement listen room...just have to finish the basement []
  5. My wife use to complain about the size of my Cornwalls in our living room - I told her it was a compromise between sound quality and size. Yesterday she went to work and came home to a surprise - my new (1976) Altec 19's temporarily setup. Here's a pic she took of my Son and I enjoying our victory. Now she wants the Cornwalls back [] Ha!
  6. Different strokes for different folks I guess...Thanks for sharing your opinions George. Thanks to everyone else for posting up pics!
  7. Hi Everyone, I've searched the forum, as well as google images for pictures depicting Cornwalls setup in a living room / family room / media room / listening room etc... I have a few decent shots, but would benifit from a few more. I am embarassed to say that my cornwalls are stored away in our spare bedroom right now. My wife thinks they are too big and will "look out of place" if setup in our mainfloor family room. It is a decent size room about 22ft x 16ft with a nice woodburning stove, and dry bar - the only thing missing are the Cornwalls. The original plan was to finish the basement and have my setup down there, however, I have now come to find out the basement must also be deemed "child friendly"... No tube amps out in the open, no Cornwalls 3 ft away from the wall etc... My wife has agreed that if I can show her some pictures of how people have *tastefully* integrated Cornwalls into their living areas, she will at least consider the option. With that said, if there's anyone out there willing to help out a fellow Cornwall enthusiast - please post up a picture of your Cornwalls in action! Many Thanks in Advance! Adam.
  8. Hi All, Just wondering if there is anyone with an opinion on which to choose - the 2A3 or 300B configuration? I am in the process of building up Bottlehead Paramount monoblocks and have the choice between either config. I currently have a Scott 299D amp. I will be running the Paramounts with a Bottlehead Foreplay III (Preamp) into my 1976 Cornwalls. Will the Cornwalls be sensitive enough for the lower WPC with the 2A3's...? Cheers!
  9. Hi Everyone, I've spent the evening searching, however I've come up dry... I'm very new to the Klipsch/Cornwall world and am trying to sort out my new (to me) 1976 Cornwalls. The lable on the rear of the speakers is missing all information except "Tested". Is there a way to tell whether the veneer (cherry?) is finished in oil or lacquer? When you look close, you can almost make out pores in the wood. The finish is somewhat "tacky" to the touch if you gently run a finger over them. They very easily leave fingerprints which do not wipe (easily) away with a dry microfiber cloth. A damp cloth is required. I have included a picture of the label - I am thinking they may have been re-finished by the staining on the label? I cannot see them coming from the factory looking like this. They are 35 years old mind you - so the staining could be anything... I am trying to get some info front the previous owner but thought I would post here as well... Pics: Cheers!
  10. Rebuild kit on the way from Bob! I also checked with Soniccraft - they were more expensive for the same caps/shipping to Canada and don't include the mounts and tie downs... Quick response from Bob via email and he even shipped them same day!
  11. "Storage" has come to mean my entire 2-Channel setup being stuffed into the spare bedroom...brought the Sherwood and Thorens - couldn't let the Cronwalls go alone! Still available to listen but not as "roomy' as I would like... Hope it is not taboo to ask, but is there any advantage to the "Type B New Crossover Kit" in comparisson to the "Rebuild Kit" for the Type "B" Klipsch Cornwalls via critespeakers.com? My crossovers appear to be in good working order - caps are the only things I would change...I am very comfortable soldering and/or assembling etc... Do the inductors/coils/xfmrs degrade over time and necessitate change? Any info would be most appreciated. cheers!
  12. Thanks everyone for the info - I am absolutly amazed by these speakers. Currently driving them with my re-capped 25WPC Sherwood S-5500 (7591 tubes) via Tung-Sol 12AX7 RIAA w/ Thorens turntable with great results. I will be putting in an order for the Sonicaps, however, will defer modification until I have auditioned them as-is for sometime... On a side note - it has been made clear to me by my 'better-half' that the Cornwalls are "a little too large for our living room". There's nothing like having the Cornwalls in storage to motivate one to finish the basement! cheers!
  13. Landed some 1976 Cornwalls locally and couldn't be happier! Sequential serial numbers - 7P932 / 7P933 in great shape, and sound incredible. I opened them up to find the correct drivers K77 / K55V / K33B. Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the wiring? I know the terminal plugs on the backs have been replaced for gold connectors, but I also seem to have solid copper wiring to the mid and high... is this factory installed? In addition - I can only assume the caulk on the horns is the rope caulk mod? Any info would be most appreciated. Hope the pics work out - first time posting in this forum... cheers!
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