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  1. Hi this looks like an interesting design and the kit makes it so much easier to put things together . i don't like building from scratch much anymore ... i am very tempted to try it , the only thing i am wondering is if it might extend a little higher with a driver like the B&C 12PE32 ? i need to reach 700hz to xover to my mid horn. the 12PE32 might have a little less low end extension but that is what subs are for . does anybody have some experience / measurements with different drivers ? thanks malcolm
  2. hi i just read the whole thread over the weekend and i am impressed and inspired to build the q pies as soon as the snow melts here in wisconsin . i have some questions : i was wondering if it is possible to change the width to 16" to accommodate the gpa 515g drivers ? and was wondering how that driver would perform ? would the 16" width change the performance of the horn ? http://www.greatplainsaudio.com/downloads/515_G.pdf another driver that looks interesting is the b&c 15ndl76 , did anybody sim that one ? thanks for that great design. malcolm
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