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  1. Interesting looking speaker in the background, is that a modified La Scala?
  2. Surprised this is still available. GLWS.
  3. What mid and tweeters are they (I see they 15" woofer)? I have a 1958 shorthorn, it was almost $300 in 1958: The original shorthorn had Stevens Tru-sonic 103LX woofers in them and University midrange and tweeters
  4. Nice looking amp. I like my ampsandsound little ben.
  5. One of my favorites when comparing speakers:
  6. I have a pair in oak, prefer walnut. Nice speakers. Ambitious pricing on these though.
  7. Buy with confidence. Mark is great to deal with. GLWS
  8. How about injecting it? I heard that suggested somewhere...
  9. Wow, reading through this thread it sounds like you need a drink, I would suggest whiskey. Head to AXPONA (I guess next year, since it is COVID cancelled) and walk around and listen to the speakers. In many of the booths you will have a hard time finding a pair of speakers for this price, let alone speakers that sound as good. Does that mean that I will order a pair of La Scala AL5? No, I don't have that much money and will wait and pick up a pair in a few years (with that steep depreciation). If you just bought these and didn't like them OR you just paid this much and lost your job during these tough times and were looking at losing a ton of money on them because you had to sell them, then I sympathize. Do I think that the prices have increased a lot? Yes, I do. If these are the speakers you wanted and you are not returning them, because you like them. Then, I don't know why you are so angry. You should be happy that you could afford them and go sit down and enjoy them. (16 million children in the US struggle with hunger each year and that was before the pandemic). I found out today that my best friend died (not COVID) at a time when he likely won't get a proper funeral. So, I am going to go deal with some real problems, like grieving in isolation and seeing how I can help his family. He was a Klipsch fan and bought walnut khorns new in the 1980s, for a price that he thought was a lot at the time, but he still has/had them.
  10. Here is an au-417 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2535915426697358/
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