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  1. Oh great, now let's get racist about it! He didn't put a smiley face after, so he must mean it! That is how stupid this all sounds to me. The comment was deleted and an apology made, accept it or not. However, have some respect for the OP and the other people that signed into this thread trying to help the OP. Let's end the ranting. I am tired of the email updates for this thread, since they no longer have substance. I love the help and information I have gotten from this forum, but maybe now it is time to take a break. I think I will go watch some Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, someone that realizes there is plenty of blame in Washington to go around. Also, that we can't take things too seriously. BTW, I would identify myself as a Democrat as well, and no offense was taken or even considered.
  2. He never contacted me, so I'm not sure...
  3. Yes, please claim "political asylum" and start another thread. Let me know if my Iowa contact gets back to you.
  4. Hurry! http://allentown.craigslist.org/ele/3754944603.html No affiliation.
  5. RC-64, best price I have seen is $500 (black), there is a cherry one in Chicago list at $717, down from $800 a week or two ago.
  6. I sold my black pair of RF-83 in the Chicago area for $1400, it took a while though. Fair amount of interest, but one was still waiting for his tax refund, another his wife squashed the sale, another his car needed repairs, etc. The eventual buyer listened for about a minute and handed me the money. I can email the guy that was waiting for his tax refund. He called me the day after my speakers sold. He lives in Iowa and works shift, so you might have to meet in the middle. You might be able to meet at my house to audition, it would be close to the middle (60585 zip). Best of luck on the sale.
  7. Wow, generous and prompt. Please send me your mailing address so I can reimburse you for the shipping. I will post photos when it arrives. Thank you!
  8. Now $717, it started at $800, so I would make him an offer if you are interested. No affiliation.
  9. Two Klipsch Cornwall I speakers. Original owner. Very Good conditions; minor discoloration on top of cabinets. Sequential serial numbers manufactured in March of 1985 http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/3748884875.html No affiliation.
  10. I spoke with Earl (rbrown0678) and provided shipping information. Thank you for the generous offer!
  11. For Sale: a pair of gigantic klipsch Cornwall speakers in birch trim. The newest iterations of these sell for $3000, so these offer a significant value. They really blast. $600 OBO call or text 253-548-5982 http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/for/3746968932.html No affiliation. Hurry!
  12. Sorry, not the seller. The seller is in The Fort Wayne, IN area.
  13. Resolved. The speakers are sold. I didn't get them, but found a great local deal. Thank you for checking.
  14. Hand made one at a time in Hope Arkansas. Capable of extreme out put and very low distortion. These speakers sound amazing just hooked up to an ordinary home receiver. You will not be able to purchase a better sounding loud speaker for the price. These speakers are still made today and sell for $3,500 per speaker brand new! I am selling these to start making room for a new baby who is on the way! My loss is your gain. These speakers have the coveted AA crossover and are true Klipsch quality! I am asking $1,200 and these are rare to find in the Midwest so I will not entertain low ball offers! Call to hear these babies cry! 260-431-6474 http://fortwayne.craigslist.org/ele/3743644164.html No affiliation.
  15. I have has these for a couple of years and bought them with no grills. I refinished the front panels to fill in holes and they look like factory fronts. Who would want to cover up these beautiful drivers anyways. My next step was to reveneer the sides with oak veneer but I have lost interest and just want to sell them as they are now. I listen to other horn loudspeakers and no longer want these. They do sound fantastic and are very efficient...research these and you can better understand their strengths. all parts in these are perfect and they function as they should. call 315-523-3774...thanks http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/3700828759.html No affiliation.
  16. Klipsch Speakers Rare And Hard To Find 1990 Also Yamaha Speakers Must pick up in St. Cloud. We are moving http://stcloud.craigslist.org/ele/3743470107.html No affiliation. Look like KG4, possibly quartet.
  17. From the provided link: The following components are used. Pair of Faital Pro HF200 (or HF140) Drivers $550.00 Pair of M2380 (or Faital Pro LTH142 Tractrix) horns $130.00 Pair of midrange horn/driver support brackets and pair of 1.4 inch gaskets $14.00 Pair of CW1526CF woofers $275.00 Pair of CS500 2-way crossovers $200.00 (This is the original on a 6 X 10 cedar board which is meant to mount inside the cabinet and have input wires going from the input terminals on the back of the cabinet to the crossover.) Pair of NEW STYLE Cornscala Crossovers $230.00 Total for internal parts $1169.00 or $1199.00 with the NEW STYLE crossovers.
  18. From CL posting: I have a perfect condition set of 1978 oiled walnut belles, they are mint and must be sold due to a tax debt. Grilles are perfect and no scratches or chips anywhere on the cabinets. I must sell these by the end of the week, I could not get my camera to load pic but I assure you they are perfect so pic is irrelevant if you are willing to come look at them, will throw in the monster cable as well....I can be reached at 815-441-2571 cell and leave a message if I dont answer.......I paid 2700 for them two years ago and they were priced as such because of their condition. they sound awesome. Speakers are located at 9813 pierce street come take a look http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/ele/3730308407.html No Affiliation.
  19. Oak quartet is my guess. The wood on the cabinet looks thicker than the KG series. The dimensions are without base and with the grill off. Great find.
  20. I have only heard the KLF-30s. Moray James is the CF series person arounds here.
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