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  1. I have 7 very nice speakers for sale< KLH and Klipsch 2-KLF 20, 200 Watt tower speakers-- pretty large, (Klipsch) 1-KSW 10 Sub- Woofer (Klipsch) 2-KLH Model 183A towers 5-200 watt capable 2- KLH Model 35 smaller front speakers 1-KLH center channel speaker Great speaker system. I just don't use them anymore very much worth this price http://tulsa.craigslist.org/ele/3737397683.html No affiliation.
  2. Klipsch Tower Speakers CF3 V-1 Philadelphia Have a set of Klipsch CF3 Version 1, 6" ports, Floor speakers that have had little use They were in a house and had to move out and they were put in storage where they just sat. They really sound great with a good receiver or can be used with an amp or without, either way they kick and rattle windows. No need for a sub because they sound great without amp. They are solid cherry and weigh around 100 pounds or more with spiked feet there are minor scratches but in great shape. Really have no use for them anymore and want to free up some space so I can remodel. . Serious inquires only thanks. E-Mail me and I will get back to you. Surround sound Speakers, Klipsch Klipsch Oak center channel speaker. Minor scratches and in need a good cleaning but they are in great shape and sound great. The rear are in same shape just black and where stored Dust cover for center speaker included AMPLIFIERS HARMAN KARDON SIGNATURE SERIES PA2200 I have a set of HARMAN KARDON SIGNATURE SERIES PA2200 STEREO AMPLIFIERS that go with set, Other than being scratched they are in great working order. Specifications Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms (200 watts bridged mono), Current capability: 80A Frequency response: 10Hz to 100 kHz, Damping factor: 100, Signal to noise ratio: 118dB, Input sensitivity: 0.8V. Dimensions: 443 x 137 x 372mm All 5 speakers and 2 Amps for$850 or a new set of MichelinLTX/M/S Size 31x10.5x15R Can be bought for$716.00 http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/for/3736537154.html No affiliation. Light on details about the other speakers (center and surrounds), but sounds like a good deal.
  3. If he is an audio contractor doing an install, then maybe he didn't get a big downpayment. Either way, $4000 is less than I could buy them for new. For those interested, I would make sure that he kept the boxes, it doesn't state that he has the boxes.
  4. Good luck with the purchase. The KLF-C7 doesn't have a grill, but $200 is a good price from what I have seen. The modified KLF-10 looks interesting. However, I can't fit in my setup the KLF-C7 one the shelf below my TV, so the "KLF-C10" would be out of the question.
  5. First off, good luck with the purchase. I have bought more than I like to admit off of CL (let's just say around 2 tons of Klipsch gear). Most of my gear was less than local. Thus far, everything is has been functional and in the as described condition, except for the story below (good story, but a bit off topic for my response). Also, I made most of my driving runs in a Prius, so my driving costs were considerably lower. So, if I wanted the speakers and they were 4 hours from me (I have driven a lot further), I didn't think twice. Talk to the person, to gauge your confort level with them. Ask for additional pictures of the "major condition issues", unless the deal is too good and you know it will be gone if you wait, then get in the car. Once you have decided you want them, contact the seller and explain that you are driving a distance, that you are ready to get in the car, and that you need to make sure they will be there when you arrive. Regarding selling price, when contacting a seller, I have never tried to talk them down in price, unless they include OBO in the posting. The posted price should be a number that if the speakers (or other items) are as described, you are willing to pay it (generally for me, the price was good enough that minor cosmetic issues were not a big concern). They only time I paid less (other than the story below), was when they admitted dinging the subwoofer cabinet trying to bring it downstairs. Sellers perspective. I have sold a lot of stereo gear on CL as well. I have never been in a hurry to sell the speakers that I have listed, so the price has generally been firm, unless they were buying more than one set. I have always done my research and known the value before posting, not all people do. I have had the out of town people contact me and tell me that it will cost them $$$ to travel to pick it up. This is not the sellers fault or problem. Generally, the out of town people that have contacted me are less likely to show up or at least tend to postpone the appointments more. I am just saying it is a gamble for the seller too. The exception, the person said they were listed as walnut Belles in good condition for $300, I was half way into the 5 hours when he sent me the pictures. They were La Scalas, not Belles (I already had 2 pair of La Scalas). I was half way there and had taken the day off work, so I continued on. It ended up being a highschool kid selling them. The La Scalas were outside under a tarp and looked pretty bad. He had pulled a crossover board and the tweeter out, so I counldn't even try them out. I told him they were not as described and they were in worse condition. I am not the handiest person in the world, so I told him I would pass, he dropped the price to $75, so we loaded them up. I reconnected things up, wiped off the cabinets, and cleaned out bass bins. They sound great and don't look to bad either (I close my eyes and I can't hear the difference.
  6. Good price. Link below. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Cornwall-II-Speaker-Pair-Black-3-Way-/251256589817?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item3a800f4df9
  7. for sale RC-64 Center Speaker very good condition 312-945-6172 http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/3721718213.html No affiliation.
  8. Someone posted on the Pittsburg CL a while back, that they were able to buy Klipsch at cost, 60% off list. They were looking to make a deal.
  9. La Scala II Floorstanding Speakers handmade in the US in Hope, Ark. manufacturing facility. Fully horn-loaded, 3-way system with a folded-horn 15" woofer, 2" midrange and 1" tweeter compression drivers Capable of extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and astonishing dynamic range. normal price $3,500.00 ea. These were ordered for a customer and they changed thier mind. So now youa can buy them at DEALER COST. $4000.00 for pair save $3000.00 dollars PICK UP ONLY All paper work and warrnty ready. high-quality Cherry cabinet http://jxn.craigslist.org/ele/3732698286.html No affiliation.
  10. You could see if he is willing to ship the KLF-C7. Here is something similar to what Moray James is suggesting: http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/ele/3722401148.html
  11. Have you checked out these: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/eld/3691410533.html http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/3733616280.html If you had a big budget: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/3697847758.html
  12. Here is a KLF-C7: Klipsch KLF C7 - $200 (Ballwin MO) http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/3717639800.html
  13. Take a free sign and walk next door and put out whatever doesn't fit.
  14. Stereo components rarely used, all in excellent working condition. Yamaha RXV-750 Cinema DSP A/V digital receiver incl. remote ($150). Klipsch Forte floor standing speakers incl. speaker wire ($450). Sony CDP-C70 5 CD player incl. remote ($20). Stereo cabinet ($30). Can also call @ 734-776-2504. http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/ele/3730583755.html No affiliation.
  15. $300 obo, Entertainment Center, selling the whole system, moving and can not keep. Pioneer VSX-406 100 watt Audio/Video stereo receiver, (full surround capable, just don't have all the speakers), with CD changer, dual cassette, 2 KLH speakers (hi fidelity diaphragms hi-mid-bass full acoustic suspension), 2 older Klipsch Heresy speakers, (hi and midrange horns and woofer full suspension, LOUD and crisp), 2 huge Magnavox speakers (bass reflex), Sony 27" diagonal Trinitron KV-27XBR10 (great picture with simulated surround from built in cabinet speakers, multiple input - output jacks), Sears DVD player, and a working last time I used it RCA 3 head high fidelity VCR. Also included: Scandinavian modern style blond wood and frosted glass entertainment center. $300 obo, must take all. My hours are limited and can show on Sundays and evenings only. In midtown Memphis, serious inquiries only please. And cash only, I am not a retailer. To walk away with my real stuff, plan to leave real money. http://memphis.craigslist.org/ele/3730018508.html No affiliations.
  16. Klipschorns in Chicago for $1200 came and went quickly yesterday.
  17. I spoke with him last week. He is a nice guy. They all come with the slant risers. He was waiting on someone to stop by, but emailed me yesterday that they were still available. He was going to check on shipping them to me. I bought a bunch of stuff this weekend and last though, so I am probably good for a while. I would love the HIII, but is someone else here wanted them all.
  18. I think it is a good price for the quartets, especially with extras. Also, I don't often see the quartets come up very often.
  19. Not my gear, but there is tons of stuff there, literally. I don't know what his pricing is like though. Take a look at CL posting for more photos.
  20. These are in better shape: http://flint.craigslist.org/ele/3706797107.html http://smd.craigslist.org/ele/3701455263.html I missed out on a pair in WI that were listed for $900 a week ago. I called him and someone was there picking them up for $600.
  21. I have a huge collection of vintage and newer Audio / Video & Recording Studio Equipment (some have remote control and owners manuals) and an 83" Rolling Equipment Rack for sale. Not looking to sell it all together, I will piece it out one item at a time or make deals on multiple items. The collection includes: Yamaha Receivers, CD players and Changers, Cassette players, Sony Receivers, Speakers, CD players and Changers, DAT recorders, Cassette players, Denon Receiver, Broadcast VCR's, Tascam Pro Cassette Recorder/Players, Tascam DAT Recorders, Alesis Masterlink Disc Recorder, NAD Amplifiers and Pre Amp's, Adcom Amplifiers and Pre Amp's, Carver Pre Amp, Acurus Pre Amp, Garrard Receiver, Vintage Klipsch Speakers, JBL Studio Monitors, Yamaha Studio Monitors, Boston Acoustic Speakers, KEF Speakers and much more. Everythings been hooked up and tested. This is all top notch equipment, not junk so don't waste my time with low ball offers. http://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/3726266527.html No affiliation. It looks like either Chorus II or Forte II on the background of some of the photos.
  22. Klipsch Floor Speakers Quartet Rear Firing Speakers QRT Oak Oil #19 Grill Yamaha Amp/Stereo Receiver RX-350 Yamaha Compact Disc Player CDX-450 Monster Speaker Cables $350.00 Takes All http://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/3727447965.html No affiliation.
  23. Glad you snagged them. I picked up deals last weekend (Cornwall II and academy) and today (La Scala, Theil CS 2.2, PS Audio gear preamps and amp, dynalab tuners, McIntosh amp and CD, etc.), I think I am good for a while. The coffers are low and the basement is full. Look forward to photos.
  24. Pair of Klipsch Belles ca. 1990, operating / sounding as new, very clean condition (not perfect but very presentable / living-room worthy). If you're reading this you probably already know what these are - one of the hardest Klipsch "classic" designs to find. Personally find these preferable to K-horns. $2000 obo. Possible partial trades considered. Located in midtown / NW OKC - please put "not a spammer" somewhere in your email to ensure a reply. Out of towners welcome but you must be able to pick up! Can provide more pics on request. http://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/3723097161.html No affiliation.
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